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Financier's Masterful Eye is pretty good divination. A Solar bureaucrat can come up with his own plans and evaluate them on the spot, and apparently can even do so to consider assets he doesn't even actually control ("if I use the 1st and 17th Legions of the Realm together, how powerful are they?"). An alternate version might give the Solar a good read on what balance of greed/ambition/vice, actual expertise, and real-world knowledge have contributed to a given plan, and require experience with the assets being discussed. -- BillGarrett

So are you saying the charm is, as written, a good thing, or a bad thing? While I like the secondary idea you mentioned (and will probably incorporate it into another charm), I'm trying to get a feel for how 'fair' 'legal' and 'in-schtick' it is, so clarification is helpful. - GregLink
It's good if you want Solars to be able to do those things - that is, to pit armies against each other in their heads and evaluate a winner with near-perfect accuracy, without risking anything and without having actual control over those armies. I would not allow such a thing in my game - that depth of foretelling would be Sidereal turf. I WOULD let Solars make analyses of things they had a hand in, or knew enough about, but the Charm as written can grant an awful lot of objective fact for a low-grade Charm. -- BillGarrett

Tasty Stuff, very in-theme with the solars. I've got a Character who was a Mortal Dynast before exalting, I think she'll be picking these charms up somewhere along the way =) BrigandRansom

Also, I could see a charm which gives the blessings of the unconquered sun to a beauracratic action, adding essence successes to a given beauracracy roll. Or is that too Sidereal? ~ BrigandRansom , who still wants some commentary on his scratchpad of a userpage