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Dashing Sorcerer

He approaches the party, at first, invisible under the cover of the night.

All that gives him away, is the sunlight in the wings of his mount. Of the demonic wasp he rides, crusing the night, as he approaches the unsuspecting Dynastic party. Clad in a vest of shimmering night-black water, hands on its pockets, he watches. Watches with eyes the green of hell's sun, under a mask of pure blackness.

He gets closer. The crowd at the party begins to look up, clearing. The wasp begins to buzz.

He tightens his jade-covered hand around the waist of the woman of silver fire on his hand. He grins, and so does the mask. The unnatural, demonic wasp comes to the ground. Now they can all see, inside the dark vest, his crimson clothes. behind the dark mask, a long, long crimson hair, like flowing blood, down to his waist.

All watch. All but one.

Only one man dares to take a step foward, towards the sorcerer. The sunlight wings close. The party silences. Slowly, methodically, with not a care in the word, the sorcerer steps down from the wasp, staring at the man. The man stares back at the sorcerer. Dragons of Air and Fire, one could expect the air to become a sirocco in any moment.

... and what happens is not too far from that.

The man, the fire aspect, walks towards the sorcerer. He clenches his fist. "Dai... you... you... how dare you... why... why..." He comes too close. Too close to the demonic flame, to the demonic wasp, to the sorcerer. Close enough... "... why are you always that much of a showoff?!?" ... to receive a hug!

"Taaaaiiii!" The sorceror, Daithi, hugs his friend affectionately as the mask slides from his face, to show a handsome young man, grinning like a hellion. A bottle is handled to the fire aspect, while he lets go of the pillar of silver flame that for all was a woman. "Here's the gift, man! Authentic V'neef wine! You have absolutely no idea who I had to sleep with to get you that! But.. you call this a party?!? You are going to become mostly-monogamous tomorrow, Tai! You need to kiss your freedom goodbye with style!" And with that, he spread his arms, and summer winds caressed so many in the room, whispering soft and warm. The beautiful wasp begun to sing in a voice too beautiful for words. The pillar danced, entrancing all around.

The Heptagram's Hellion, the Nightdragon, the Summer Whisper, the Sweet Wind, Tepet Daithi was in his element, umatched.

Aspect: Air
Nature : Gallant
Concept: Ladykiller
Anima Power: May spend 5 motes to make himself light as a feather, doubling his jumping distance and taking no damage from falls.
Anima Banner: As Daithi spends peripheral essence, he is surrounded by warm, warm airs like those of a summer night... they coil around him, appearing to whisper of passions.... and as they appear, they seem to bring a little bit of night with them in their flare. And then... the dragon appears. It is the color of storm clouds at night, roaring with thunder, crackling with fiery lighting, a great red mane in its dark form. It is all the fury few will ever see on Dai's lithe frame and easy smile...


Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Charisma 5 Manipulation 3 Appearance 4
Perception 2 Intelligence 3 Wits 4


Air (Aspect)
Linguistics 3, Lore 3, Occult 3, Thrown 3
Awareness 3, Endurance 2, Martial Arts 1
Athletics 1, Dodge 3, Presence 5(Seduction +2), Socialize 4, Melee 1
Archery 1, Performance 5, Ride 3

Languages: High Realm, Old Realm, Skytongue, Riverspeak


Essence: 3
Willpower: 10
Personal Essence Pool: 16
Peripheral Essence Pool: 35
Commited: 13

Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 1, Valor 4
Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap


  • Occult
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Thrown
    • Seeking Thrown Technique
    • Whirlwind Shield Form
  • Performance
    • Memorable Performance Technique
    • Talented Improvisation
  • Presence
    • Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde
  • Socialize
    • Loquacious Courtier Technique
  • Linguistics
    • Language-Learning Ritual
    • Wind-Carried Words Technique


  • Emerald Circle
    • Demon of the First Circle
    • Disguise of the New Face


Artifact ***

  • Flowing Dragon Aegis ( Artifact *** )
    • Commitment 5

Twisting and spinning in serpantine grace, the little dragon swims through the air around Daithi or curls around his hand like a decorative gauntlet when at rest. As natural as it's movements are, the dragon itself looks throughly artifical. It's body composed of overlaping segmented plates of black jade, edged in moonsilver. Hidden between the black and silver plates, glimpsed only when the dragon stretches itself outward, perfect polished orbs of green jade roll in the spaces between the segments and form the joints on it's stunted arms and legs.

The Dragon flows around him, never going a yard away from him, circling his body in a protective manner and thus makes him harder to hit - it is as resistant, being made of the Five Magical Materials, after all, and as such, it acts as a shield, giving a difficulty of 3 to hit its owner. At its owner's mental command, it sprouts wings - four of them, each and every one a very sharp losangular crystal, like many sharp dragonfly wings. Daithi can them pluck them from the Dragon, using them as throwing knives with Accuracy +1 and Damage +4L and Rate 4, although it can sprout more wings indefinatly. Finally, it can be hit on a disarm attempt, and the owner rolls Charisma+Essence to try and retain it. Due to their link, the owner may always channel compassion to prevent this disarm attempt.

  • Jade Collar of Dawn's Cleasing Light ( Artifact ** )
    • Commitment 1

The collar is black and red jade. It washes him with water, purifies him with warmth. He is always like touching warm water, perfumed fire.

  • Black Jade Armor ( Artifact ** )
    • Commitment 3
    • Soak 7L / 10B

Daithi's armor is a night-black flowing vest. It seems like fabric, shimmers like a dark ocean under the moonlight. It reaches down, covering the front and back of his legs, nearly encasing him in shadows when he wishes it to, as it, in rare occasions, covers his face with a mask of shadows, dark roses linked to it cascading down his hair. His hands are usually on the vest's pockets, and although it is dark, it is nothing if not clear it is supernatural, and that power and essence hide on its depths...

Breeding ***

He is technically the well-bred son of Tepet Lisaris and V'neef Anyanka, but depending on who asks, they will deny it. He had never been good at much, aside from being beautiful, and few would ever think he would Exalt. He was picked on, and looked down on... until the day he Exalted. He was then, a great promise, and the pride of his family... for about a year, until they realised he was still the same good-for-nothing boy. Sure, the most picked boy on the primary school became a seductive bastard, but that was hardly good news for the family, at all. He was too scandalous for politics, too frail for the army, and too heretic for religion. In an effort to get the boy useful somehow, they shipped him to the Heptagram, wishing that he would, at least, have an use as a sorcerer... but the constant rumors of all he did, of Heptagram's Hellion, of the fact he probably only graduated by taking all the female faculty to bed... hardly helped. Despite his parents, he is a black sheep on his family, and decided to dress accordingly. His breeding, at least, allows him to show himself off... very much.

Resources **

Summoning Demons pay off! Who doesn't want to know their fears? To erase the consequences of a sexual assalt, conceive an impossible child or to get an aerial courier? When one is shameless about his ability, one can get quite a milleage... especially when one can fit in perfectly in Dynastic parties, to know just the right people who would need help... (Originally ***, one dot lost while wooing a servant girl on Nexus as part of their clever plan to clean the Guild casino, on Nexus)

Reputation **

Best in his class on the Heptagram, knowing less spells, but using his one and only one... creatively. A sorcerer who does not hide an ounce of what he is, a dashing man and a great party person... Daithi has managed to make no one notice how much of a complete slacker he is so far, by virtue of his own lazyness to even hide his abilities. So far, it has worked wonders.

Manse *

Stone of Elemental Soothing

Manse •
Trigger: Anima Flare.

This stone is a clear white, with lines the color of azure within. When one looks, one sees the shape of a dragon in the azure line, shackled and slumbering, happily. While a Dragon-Blooded bears this stone, his elemental anima is even more pronounced, the winds reaching twice as far and twice as high, the light visible twice as far, the iconic anima appearing at the 11-15 level of anima banner. However, it deals no damage to anything around him, the essence spread out so as to become harmless.

Gem of One Thousand Heavenly Perfumes

Manse • 
Trigger: None.

This oblong stone is colored a translucent lavender, and exudes a mild perfume. When attuned, it causes the bearer's sweat to take on a delightful herbal scent, ensuring that he always smells pleasant. Mechanically, this adds one die to any social roll having to do with first impressions or friendly interaction. It also confounds any powers which rely on scent to determine the character's mood or emotions unless the observer makes an Intelligence + Awareness roll at difficulty 3.

A Warm Night's Wind

Base Initiative: 6
Soak: 9L / 14B (Night Coat 7L / 10B; Collar of Dawn 1L / 2B)
Dodge: 13
Dragon's Wings Spd 9 Acc 7 Dmg 6L Range 50

Path of the Gallant

Experience Total: 130

Favored Charms - 30
Unfavored Charms - 24

Presence +2 - 12
Performance +2 - 12
Socialize +2 - 8

Willpower +1 - 18
Charisma +2 - 28

Experience Left: 0