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Smiling Autumn

The Scripture of the Maiden and the Mask
Once, there was a maiden...
Who ran the streets with tears on her eyes.
Spurned by her loves, in a day, all of her life became ashes.
And all she wanted was to get away.
Then she bumped into a man, and the man wore a mask.
He asked her, “What’s wrong? There’s no need to cry! Jump! Dance! Life is serenity!”
“Get out of my way!” She said, and tried to strike him.
And he danced as she did, evading her strikes, and touching her like a lover.
And on every touch, she relaxed, and her inhibitions washed away.
He took her hand, and begun to dance, together with the world.
Dancing, they walked the streets, and all around, they all danced, they all sang.
He jumped buildings, he walked into the royal palace, he walked into a church, and danced over the altars.
And none could stop them, because everyone around danced too.
“I love you.” He told her, and earnest.
“I love you too!” She told him, in rapture!
In the end, she had lost all her tears.
In the end, they came to a balcony, and he embraced her.
An embrace that brought her the ultimate fulfillment.
“The curtain is about to fall.” He said, sadly.
When asked, she told him how that was the most fun she’d ever had.
“But,” she asked, “Why do you wear a mask?”
“Why don’t you?” He asked back.
“Why would I?”
“Because life is a play, and you need a mask. Without a mask, the curtain falls, and you die. But if you have a Mask, you are immortal. You forget what your feelings when the play ends, and you cannot die, because it was just that. A play.” He nodded sadly. “I suppose I will miss this role.”
And then, the man threw her from the balcony.
“The curtain fell.” Said the maiden, before Saturn smiled upon her.
And the man’s mask, discarded, struck her brow where the Zenith mark still shone.

Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Nature: Gallant (Gain Willpower upon accomplishing something particularly impressive)
Concept: Immortal Lord of Masks
Anima Banner: Mysterious hues of blue, starting with the lightest and finishing dark, amost green, as it comes to his face.





Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Appearance 3, Charisma 4, Manipulation 5
Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 4


Ride **
Craft(Clothing and Stage Props) **** (Masks +2), Dodge ***, Linguistics ***, Performance *****, Socialize *****
Presence **, Melee *
Lore ***, Occult **, Steath *, Larceny ****
Athletics **, Awareness **, Bureaucracy **, Martial Arts *****, Medicine **


Compassion: *
Conviction: *****
Temperance: ****
Valor: **

Essence: 5
Willpower: 10
Personal Essence Pool: 20
Peripheral Essence Pool: 42
Commited Essence: (Artifacts) 6 (Charm Commitment) 19, + 5 for Fugue, +10 for You and Yours Stance
Usual Pools: Peripheral 36, Personal before Battles 1

Health Levels:


  • Awareness
    • Prior Warning
    • Expected Pain
  • Craft
    • World-Shaping Artistic Vision (When dressed for the Occasion) x1
  • Larceny
    • Name Pilfering Practices
  • Linguistics
    • Favorable Inflection Procedure
  • Melee
    • Impeding the Flow
  • Socialize
    • Stern Essence Replenishment
    • Shun the Smiling Lady
    • Cash and Murder Games
    • Life Without Compunction
    • You and Yours Stance
    • Hot-Eyed Snake Whispering
    • Wanting and Fearing Prayer
  • Performance
    • Perfection in Life
    • Defense of Shining Joy
    • Song of Spirit Persuasion
    • Faultless Ceremony
    • Heart-Brightening Presentation Style

Martial Arts

  • Treading-On-Diamonds Style
    • Celestial Cadence Mantra
    • Silver Conjunction Palm
    • Constraint of Celestial Plan
    • Auspicious Ember Movement
    • Starlight Fugue Fascination
    • Treading-On-Diamonds Form
    • Star-Kindler's Torch
    • Astrometric Supplication Mantra
  • Bitter Flower Style
    • Spring Strike
    • Summer Strike
    • Autumn Strike
    • Mango Flower Gesture
    • Trampled Flower Heart Movement
    • White Jasmine Flower Fist
    • Jasmine Incense Movement
    • Offended Inflorescence Stance
    • Rose-Flower Fist
    • Rose-Among-Irises Defense
    • White Chrysanthemum-Branch Gesture
    • Branch-Cutting Gardener Defense
    • Unassailably Germinating Stance
    • Bitter Flower Form
    • Wilted Petals Drifting Understanding


Artifact ******

Infinite Sorrow
Commitment 6
Flowing around each of his arms are long scarves of the lightest viridian, covered with renderings of white Belladonnas that seem to be made of the palest orichalcum and the lightest endings-tinged starmetal. They flow on their own, never touching the arms and never touching the ground, never seeming to begin and never seeming to end. Whenever one looks at Infinite Sorrow, one is lost in infinite petals, which seem to call for every sorrowful moment in one’s life. Whenever one looks at the grace with which their owner carries himself, they can think of nothing more beautiful, and yet feel the sorrow of knowing his dance will end, his mask will end, his life will end. But as it lasts, it turns this sorrow into grace. For there is a lesson written in Infinite Sorrow, which only the heartless can read: Pain makes things beautiful.

Infinite Sorrow is a pair of scarves, which can be worn separately, halving their bonus. Each requires the commitment of 3 motes. Its owner greatly increases his grace and the ability to bring pain with smiles, receiving 4 dice to his Manipulation. His grace is such that movement is effortless, and thus he adds +6 to his initiative rating. When his emotions show, they bring great sorrow, turning a number of dice equal to his channelled virtue into automatic damage successes when he strikes a foe, whose bruised flesh sprouts flowers that indicate their relationship. The scarves increase his range, moving almost like whips or tentacles, giving him a 10 yards reach while unarmed, which may specifically be used for clinches. One has a penalty trying to strike the chosen who wears the scarves equal to one's own Compassion, even if he brings such pain. One cannot help but to understand why he is doing this, in some part of one's soul, and love him for it.

And finally, there is a secret to its Sorrow – each petal was made with a tear of lost dreams, each one collected by Autumn at the behest of his manipulative sifu. A life of sorrow brought by his powers, woven with Bitterness into Flowers. As long as this artifact remains attunned, charms of the Bitter Flower Style cost 3 motes less to activate, to a minimum of 1.

Infinite Sorrow has space for two Hearthstones, one in each scarf.

Manse ********

Gem of the Smiling Veil

Manse ••••
Trigger: Wearing a Mask.

This malachite stone takes the shape of an egg-sized drama mask, smiling wickedly. As long as its user is attunned to it, he understands the truth about masks. By placing them over his face, he accepts their role so well it supercedes anything else. His prowess comes from his ability to sell his role – it becomes more important to all observers, and to himself, than his actual grace. As long as he stays masked, the character must use his Manipulation in place of his Dexterity; His Charisma in place of his Strength; And his Appearance in place of his Stamina.

Gem of the Falling Curtain

Manse ••••
Trigger: A Deathblow.

This Carnelian stone takes the form of a broken mask, and seems to glow with a dark light. If one presses it close to one’s ear, the cheering of an audience after a grand performance. When the wearer of this stone is struck a killing blow – one that takes takes him below incapacitated – then his Mask shatters, with a loud cheering from an audience. The curtain falls, but the actor lives on after his character is no more! The mask-shattering attack deals no damage and no ill effects. The character has the option of spending a willpower to channel a temporary virtue dot and appear anywhere within his Essence in miles that would befit the spent virtue and his real, and not his masked, persona, without any of the clothing or props that were part of the masquerade. The clothing and mask simply fall to the ground in front of the attacker: he killed the role, and its ashes lay at his feet.

Salary ****

Smiling Autumn is a bastard. He plays his games on Heaven, redefining the way those around him work, excusing his own acts with an unseen smile. He plays hardball politics, and makes it clear he is there to win. As in any office, such ambition and ruthlessness gives him resources... and plenty of resentment.

Sifu ***

Cassandra Seven Roses is a bitch. If one wishes to understand Smiling Autumn, look no further than to his Sifu, the petite Chosen of Secrets of white hair and viridian eyes, with such a rose smile that is too sweet to touch and yet as malevolent as the darkest shadows of the Ebon Dragon. Mistress of the Celestial Treading-on-Diamonds, Bitter Flower and Vermillion Spider, as well as of the Sidereal Crimson Ambuscade of Roses Style, she is also an advanced student of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation. For her, life is a game, and love is a play. Few things are more terrifying, or more alluring, than her sweet smile.

Ally ***

Shalrina, Daymio of Faces
Shalrina is his companion and partner-in-crime.

Connections *****

Cerulean Lute ***

Realm Socialites **

Many Masks in the Sky

  • The Lovers ****
  • The Musician ***
  • The Mask ***
  • The Sorcerer **

Masks of War

Base Initiative: 13
Soak: 1L / 3B
Dodge: 19 (24 with Auspicious Ember Movement)
Dancing! Spd 19 Acc 15 Dmg 4B/L Defense 16 Rate 5

Wings of Broken Love
Charms: Impeding the Flow, Silver Conjunction Palm, Mango-Flower Gesture, Summer Strike

Grand Blood Petal Entrance
Charms: Impeding the Flow, Celestial Cadence Mantra, Silver Conjunction Palm, Rose-Among-Irises Defense


Experience Total 56
Experience Spent 40
Experience Left 16

Celestial Martial Arts 40