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Seven Leaf Sorrow

Showdown at the Autumn Lotus is a story of Leaf cutting loose.

The Night Lotus Walker

Caste: Dawn
Concept: Beautiful Bastard Teacher
Nature: Gallant ( Gain Willpower whenever you do a particularly impressive deed )

  • Abilities:
    • Inherent Excellence: Every Motion Kata. Warriors without peer, the Ascending Suns need no tiresome training to perform complex Essence-fueled maneuvers -- they naturally master the knack of flowing from one supernatural motion to the next. A Dawn Caste Solar may reflexively spend 1 Willpower to allow them to use two Charms in one turn. They may not use a Combo on a turn in which they use this power.
    • Supreme Power: Master of the Spoils of War. All weapons and armor are as one to the Children of the Dawn -- worthy tools and rightful property. A Dawn Caste Solar may reflexively spend the attunement cost of a weapon or piece of armor he is touching, plus 2 motes, to immediately attune that item to him for the scene. The item in question may not be attuned to anybody else. He need not pay the double attunement cost for items of a magical material other than orichalcum, and he gains the special benefits of such magical materials as if he were the appropriate Exalt type. For the remainder of the scene, the item is considered his for all effects that reference ownership.
    • Divine Privilege: Tiger-Generals of Heaven's Armies. The Swords of Heaven are the appointed and rightful leaders of the armies of Creation; Heaven's immemorial laws of conscription prevent their soldiers from lacking vigor in their service. When a Dawn Caste Solar leads an army into battle, ancient martial pacts prevent any Creation-tied creatures in his army from routing, slacking, or surrendering. To properly fulfill his responsibility as a general, the Dawn Caste must be a known Dawn Caste Solar in sole command of the army, in direct combat with his enemies, in control of his faculties and aware of his surroundings -- as long as these conditions are true, his soldiers will fight to the last man.
  • Banner: A midnight-blue Lotus dotted with many burning, fiery stars. As Sorrow approaches its blossom, dark lotus petals begin to fall about him, finally blossoming as a resplendent lotus when he becomes iconic...



The fame of the Night Lotus walker spread wide, and it has not only negative consequences – Leaf gets many who seek to study under him. At any given time he has around twenty or thirty students walking with him. Some come to him for the honor – noble and plebian alike. And even though he teaches with harshness and seeming like an uncaring poseur... he does teach. And in all lessons, there is one that stands out. ‘Think for yourself. Be great. Make your own legend’ Some of those are mere vangrants... some of those were given to him to be taken away and not be heard of again( with a suitable bribe, of course! ), however, a select few were given to him to soon be returned with signs of their improvement – they are Leaf’s actual source of decent income, and also a resource that has to be protected, and that demands constant attention – else the Night Lotus Walker accrue even more enemies than he currently has...


The bodies of fallen Immaculates on his past. The blood of dead gods on his hands. A crime syndicate lies burnt on his wake. A dojo destroyed in his pride. Seven Leaf Sorrow did not go through his Exalted life quietly... and those who survived the trail of fire he leaves on his wake are many, and they do not forgive, and do not forget.

Known Anathema

The symbol of a Sword of Heaven is always visible in his forehead. The bodies of fallen Immaculates on his past. Living in the Scavenger Lands, he has made no effort to conceal himself... and it shows. Many attempts have been made on his life... and a few almost suceeded. One awarded him scars that even his Exalted station will not shake off. One awarded him an apprentice – and he looked for a bodyguard before any others could have been made. She keeps him safe, for the time being... but too many know of him. The Wyld Hunt knows of the exploits of Seven Leaf Sorrows –the Sidereal and Dragons have met the Night Lotus Walker. None of them are happy. They know of his modus operandi, but not where he is – and although he is not their utmost priority, he is a greater priority than most – and it will not be long until they catch up to him...

Permanent Caste Mark

The moment of Leaf’s Exaltation was... fierce. In anger, hatred, a moment of broken epiphanies and burning faith. A moment where an Exalted shard touched a spirit that called for essence despite its inability to hold or channel it. A moment that etched the symbol of Dawn in his brow forever.

Reduced Limit

The moment of Leaf’s Exaltation was... fierce. In anger, hatred, a moment of broken epiphanies and burning faith. A moment where an Exalted shard touched a spirit that called for essence despite its inability to hold or channel it. His body and spirit burned them, forever marked by such a violent Exaltation – and it left scars on Leaf’s ability to contain the mad essence that burns within...


Strength 6 *, Dexterity 6 *, Stamina 5 *
Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4 *
Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 4


Martial Arts 5 (Against other Martial Artists +3)

Endurance 5, Performance 4 (Teaching +3), Presence 2, Resistance 1, Survival 2

Lore 2 Occult 2, Medicine 1

Athletics 5 Dodge 5

Linguistics 4 (Caligraphy +1 Poetry +1)


Compassion: 2
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2
Valor: 4

Willpower: 7
Essence: 4

  • Personal Essence Pool: 19
  • Peripheral Essence Pool: 45
    • Artifact Commitment: 8
    • Basic Battle Commitment: 17
    • Free Total: 20

Virtue Flaw Foolhardly Contempt

Health Levels


  • Athletics
    • Increasing Strength Exercise
    • Graceful Crane Stance
    • Monkey Leap Technique
    • Thunderbolt Attack Prana
  • Dodge
    • Reed in the Wind
  • Endurance
    • Ox-Body Technique x2
  • Lore
    • Lore-Unearthing Method
    • Forgotten Secrets Technique
    • Savant Needs No Tutor Approach
  • Linguistics
    • Sagacious Reading of Intent
    • Poetic Expression Style
  • Medicine
    • Body-Mending Meditation

Martial Arts

  • Iris Bulb Understanding of Secular and Profane Brokerage
    • Walker-Among-Irises Perception
    • Iris-Bulb Discourse
  • Treading on Diamonds Style
    • Celestial Cadence Mantra
    • Silver Conjunction Palm
    • Constraint of Celestial Plan
    • Auspícious Ember Movement
    • Starlight Fugue Fascination
    • Treading-on-Diamonds Form
  • Bitter Flower Style
    • Spring Strike
    • Summer Strike
    • Mango Flower Gesture
    • Rose-Flower Fist
    • Rose-Among Irises Defense
    • White Chrysanthemum-Branch Gesture
    • Branch-Cutting Gardener Defense


Artifact *****

Lucent Harmony Risen
Orichalcum Perfected Kata Bracers
Commitment 8

:This set of bracers shine with the light of the morning sun – clear golden swirls over a surface of obsidian crystals, shining in fiery colors when touched by light. They extend to hand almost as gloves, but leaving the fingers open – on the back of each hand, there is a star, a perfect crystalline form that glows with life from within – if one looks at it, one might see essence flaring in an ordained state – the geomancy of the wearer’s soul, perfectly ordained for maximum efficacy. On each palm, there is an eye. Those eyes blink once every time a disturbance ripples through the tapestry, twice every time it is fixed, and thrice every time the consellations are brought to bear. However, when the wearer dons a Martial Arts Form, the eyes close – their attention is then centered within.
When the wearer activates a Martial Arts Form-Charm, it is enhanced as usual, a bonus equal to his Permanent Essence to Accuracy, Damage and Defense of all unarmed Martial Arts strikes. Similarly, the wearer may do Bashing or Lethal damage as he chooses, receives one extra success on all Martial Arts Attacks and inflicts an additional number of aggravated damage dice against creatures of darkness equal to his Permanent Essence, applied separately from the attack’s damage.
Despite being a Perfected Kata Bracer, it does not share the appearance of coiled prayer strips – in fact, one may not notice a single sutra of wisdom in its exquisite craftsmanship. However, once attuned, the Exalt can clearly see that the fiery lights in the obsidian crystal are the scriptures – which spiral endlessly within the many dimensions of the crystal, the burning script etching itself on the student’s mind like a harsh master. In it lies the mastery of all essence – the essence of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation.
These bracers contain not just the wisdom of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation style, but they carry the completed soul of an ancient Sidereal. A sifu master who devoted his life to the study and training of the martial arts and achieved a transcendental unity – it is said he realised the full extent of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form. And having done so, he achieved a state of perfected bliss, becoming one with Tapestry of Fate itself, and as his Exaltation pressed on, his essence was eventually woven into the bracers by a Solar. In doing so, he allowed the Sidereal’s ascension to a place where he witnesses what is, what has been, and what has yet to be before the threads of Fate spin out of the Loom.
Accessing the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation style is simply the first step in a long journey towards achieving the same perfection the Sidereal held in life. Though all the wisdom of the hidden Sidereal lay locked within these bracers, they cannot be touched until bearer completes certain tasks. Wearing the bracers gives the martial artist a keener awareness to the great flows of Essence in Creation and of the Tapestry. They become almost instantly aware of great shifts in the fabric of reality; not as they happen but before they do and feel a strong call towards places in Creation where the fabric stands ready to tear or change in major ways. Each time they answer the call and journey to one of these places and work to fix the flaw in the Tapestry, the wisdom of the Sidereal unlocks itself a little more and the inscriptions upon the bracers can shift to display the training arts for yet another style – using its wisdom, the wearer may train himself in them, or others, serving as a conduit to the Sutras of wisdom within. However, non-Sidereals may need help mastering any techniques they may not normally learn – the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation is on its fullest, the spirit of the bracers – others are not. However, they may freely learn and teach the Terrestrial and Celestial techniques contained within.

Manse ****

Stone of Bodily Perfection
Manse ••••
Trigger: None.
This crystalline sphere is flawlessly clear, and never becomes dirty or smudged. When attuned, it lends some of its perfection of form to its bearer's body. Her muscles firm up, her skin becomes smoother, her heart beats stronger, and her posture becomes more confident. Mechanically, the character adds one die to all Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, and Appearance rolls (the Appearance bonus does not apply if the character has a natural Appearance score of zero). The bonus die stacks with bonus dice from other sources, and does not count toward dice-pool caps, but is not considered to be part of the character's natural Ability score.
While under the stone's influence, the character not only feels and looks better; she also finds it easier to benefit from physical exercise. She receives a one-point discount whenever raising her Physical Attributes or Appearance with experience, but only if the Stone of Bodily Perfection remains attuned for the entire training period.

Manse ***

Stone of Ephemeral Palace
Manse •••
Trigger: Commitment of Essence.
This smoky hexagon is like a crystal cage with a image within, in mists of essence – the image of the Manse it belongs to. When charged with 10 motes of essence and placed in the middle of a smooth clearing of roughly the size of its original manse, it creates a duplicate of it in essence, mists, and the surrounding elements. For all intents and purposes, it is the Manse, including all objects within – or at least, misty replicas of all of its floors, walls, and furniture. It lasts as long as the Exalt commits motes to it – during this time, it offers the same benefits as a normal manse – including its essence regeneration. Depending on the elements around, it may make astonishing palaces of water, of sun and moonlight, of a rainbow’s light, of flower petals.

Resources ***

Seven Leaf Sorrow is not a wealthy man by any stretch of imagination, but of his apprentices, some paid a good deal for his tutelage – or their parents did, for their good education or for him to take them away both. That gives him enough money for the alcohol, most expenses, and to buy Gin gifts...

Reputation ***

The Night Lotus Walker is known and feared throughout the East, at least in the world of Martial Arts. The Immaculates known of him. He has fought the Immaculates at least once, and suceeded. He has tested his mettle against martial gods and dojos of the threshold. He is known as thus – as a rogue god of martial arts, a force that might get to any place, any time, and decide to meddle in local affairs – pehaps to challenge martial artists, pehaps to challenge gods, or maybe to fight the realm. And also, as the poet, a man whose words are so tender... his poems are known throughout the Threshold, declamed before kings and between lovers. He is known as an outstanding Martial Artist, an extremely puissant individual. In the great game of Creation, he is a Tower... one that shows serious signs of becoming a King.

Beautiful Bastard

Base Initiative: 10
Soak: 2L / 5B / 0A
Dodge: 11

  • A God’s Hands Spd 10 Acc 16 Dmg 10L Def 17 Rate 5
  • Diamond Chain Spd 14 Acc 15 Dmg 13L Def 17 Rate 3

Path of the War God

Experience Total: 170
Experience Spent: 169

Nonfavored Solar Charms 30
Favored Solar Charms 48

Celestial Martial Arts 40

Endurance +4 16
Athletics +3 15

Stamina +2 20