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Asura Ravi

The Glass Dragon

"Save Sarawasti, Save the World."

Name: Asura Ravi
Concept: Glass Savior, Glass Destroyer
Nature: Gallant (Whenever you accomplish an extraordinary deed)
Description: Asura Ravi is sight of heaven. His skin is of a perfect dark bronze in color, his short hair the color of the sun, golden bangs falling over his eyes… ah, his eyes. One, his left eye, is of a warm honey-brown color, the color of his mother’s eyes… and his right eye of crystalline, shimmering opal shot through with a diamond’s rainbow fire. The Father-Dragon’s Eye, the Dragon Eye of Endless Order. Tall and tanned, his muscular body is of a perfect symmetry, so accentuated by his heterochromatic eyes, his skin almost shining in the light like polished brass. And then, there is the jewelry. Like bracers around his forearms, rings around his arms and legs, a torque around his neck. There is something constricting about this jewelry, something claustrophobic… for it is. The Unlimited Mirror Gate, the Dragon’s seal, forever holding his body and soul in bondage to prevent the Dragon’s power from tearing it asunder.

Ravi tends to walk without a shirt and with elaborate-patterned pants of a variety of clear colors, but he tends to wear an overcoat or robes on occasion, especially to disguise himself. He treasures a rosary with the motif of a dragon at its end, wrapped around his left hand, and on his right hand, or around his waist, he has a chain of glass, as sturdy and balanced as if it was Chiaroscuro Glass, black, green, red and yellow mixing within it, dashes of color ending in almost unbreakable weights in the shape of dancing goddesses.

Fate Favor Heroes
Ravi has always been a Daredevil. He has openly flaunted fate and his own demise; he has openly flaunted tradition and his destiny, and survived. If he believes his motives are true, if he believes it can help others… then he will do anything, and everything. And, a bit of a show-off, one who always felt he had to stand up to his place and the adulation of others, he tends to always look for the hardest, most impressive methods of doing said thing! Whenever he takes a physical action whose difficulty is 3 or more, he may spend 1 willpower to double any bonus awarded by stunts.

Born to Rule
The Sword of Asura
Ravi is a king. He is a piece of Myriah, the glass dragon, keeper of one of the Triatna, and he walks as if all fate belonged to himself. A proud patriarch of the world, to be obeyed as he orders all around him. Ravi receives one extra dice on all social rolls dealing with those who acknowledge themselves to be beneath him in the social ladder.

Fate of Sarawasti
Sarawasti is, if anything, religious. They believe in the Glass Dragon. They believe in the Ascension. They believe in what is their Destiny. Between them and this destiny lies only one thing… Asura Ravi. As long as he remains away from the golden palaces, the Ascension cannot take place. And thus, Sarawasti hunts him with all they have, from their elite soldiers to their native gods to the strange crystal beings summoned by the Glass Angels, and even The Janissaries – an elite of creatures made by the Glass Angels, as strong as Terrestrial Exalted, humans augmented with the power of the Dragon Kings. And worst of all, his own cousins and siblings, the members of the great houses… as well as the Guild, which is after him for unrelated reasons, his current occupation, to steal from the wicked, making them at odds with each other…

Will of the Father-Dragon
The two eyes of the Glass Dragon are the Father and the Mother Aspect. Within the Father Dragon Eye, there is great power… but there is also will. A will that his bounds hold fast in check, a will that struggles against Ravi’s, in some level, at all times. It comes to the surface on its desire to return to Sarawasti, to ascend, to become one. On its hatred towards the beings not of Creation, of the chaos of twisted Wyld and stale undeath. On its desire to dominate those around him, holding them in sweet golden chains, exacerbating all such desires in Ravi himself. It is an elemental force without mind, instead twisting and overloading his own wishes and desires into its own. Whenever Ravi finds himself upon one of those triggers, he must succeed on a willpower roll at difficulty 4 to overcome it, or act in a single impulse with the Dragon’s will instead of his own. Should he botch, the Dragon takes over for the remainder of the scene instead.

Unusual Feature
Sarawasti Surya – Dragon Eyes of Endless Order
The Glass Dragon’s right eye is sealed on his body, his right eye appearing as a crystalline globe that shimmer with opaline light, shot through with a diamond’s rainbow fire, reflecting past, present and future for all who gaze within. This makes it hard for him to disguise himself, as few who gaze upon his eyes forget what they have seen, or the beautiful boy sporting such strange, unearthly eye.


Strength 9 Dexterity 8 Stamina 9 *
Charisma 4 Manipulation 1 Appearance 5
Perception 5 Intelligence 2 Wits 4

  • Enhanced by Unlimited Mirror Gate, which gives +3 to all Physical Attributes


Brawl 5
Integrity 3, Performance 5, Presence 5, Resistance 3, Survival 3
Lore 3, Occult 3, Medicine 1
Athletics 5, Awareness 3, Dodge 3, Stealth 3
Bureaucracy 3, Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, High Holy Speech, Forest Tongue), Ride 3, Sail 1, Socialize 3


Essence: 3
Willpower: 8
Personal Essence 17
Peripheral Essence 44

Compassion 4
Conviction 5
Temperance 1
Valor 5

Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4GoldenCat/Incap


Allies *****' Asura Rashmi
Waxing Moon Lunar Exalted with her own Unlimited Mirror Gate - Ally **

Flower of Eternal Springtime
Dawn Caste Solar Exalted scion of Nefloridia, Goddess of All Flowers - Ally **'

Daughter of of Fertility God of the Sickle and the Plow from Renulda - Ally *

Amy Tachi
Fire Aspect Terrestrial Exalted Gladiatrix-Queen - Ally *

Unlimited Mirror Gate
Bounding Jewels ****
Commitment 10 (Or 2 Willpower)
The Dragon is power. The Dragon is Fate. The Dragon is too powerful for a mortal soul to handle. It needs to be within the Asura family, to be nurtured, hidden and prepared for its ascension within their blood. When one dies, the eye swims through the hereditary ocean, attaching itself to the blood of the next in line, blossoming in their coming of age with power and light! And with a power that could rend their soul asunder. To prevent that and keep the eye nurtured and hidden within the Asura, the Glass Maker, Pandora, created the Unlimited Mirrror Gate. A set of jewelry crafted in crystal and gold around the Asura, very much Dragon King in design, the Unlimited Mirror Gate comprises a torque, a bracer, and rings that hold the arms and legs of the Asura. Those hold his flesh tight, bondage of the body which harkens to how their soul is so tightly bond. To maintain the harmony with the Unlimited Mirror Gate uses much of the Asura’s will; this leads many of the Asura to break down on other areas, while struggling so hard to maintain their holds upon their very souls.

The Unlimited Mirror Gate holds the soul of the Asura in a perfectly ordered harmony, and nothing is capable of breaking this conjunction; any effect that would drain, alter or otherwise affect the Asura’s mind, soul and Essence is negated. His Essence, willpower and virtues cannot be drained or corrupted in any way, and he cannot be possessed or fall prey to spiritual diseases. Effects that simply confuse the mind externally, such as Beguilement or Undetectable Lies work as usual, however, as do those that would affect the body.

However, even though the body can be affected, that does not mean it is easy to do so; the Asura are the caretakers, the nurturers, the guardians of the Myriah’s eyes. To fulfill this function, the Unlimited Mirror Gate makes sure that they will not fall easily, and that their bodies are able and perfect, strong and supple as the dragon, for better survive all calamities and protect Sarawasti. Mechanically, the users of this artifact increase all of their physical attributes by 3 dots, and their Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated Soak and Hardness by 5. Unlimited Mirror Gate has three Hearthstone Slots, and allows a Mortal to attune to a Manse and make use of Hearthstones as if he was Exalted.

Virage Eternal
Former Familiar Diamond Chains ****
Ravi was running from the forbidden palaces, all forces of Sarawasti hot on his trail! … but he did not expect his sister to be the one who caught up with him. They fought, and she wounded him… making him fall a few stores from their crystal dome, bleeding, into one of the great draconic statues of the city. As Ravi lay, bleeding and hurt, over the statue of crystal and glass… came to life. Breaking its bounds, flying him far away!

The dragon is a majestic crystal sculpture, eleven feet tall when standing on its hind legs, in the image of a winged lizard, eyes of prism and wings of leather, paws having four long, powerful grasping talons, and a back big enough for five people to travel over. Behind his horns lay crystalline chains which go all the way to his back, which can be used as reins for one riding him.

He would come to know the Dragon as Virage, an intelligent and erudite piece of crystal who decided, by the circumstances of his awakening and Ravi’s possession of the eye, that Ravi was his master. A sentient guardian of Sarawasti, made in the image of the prismatic dragon who reflected Wyld’s light and created fate. He walked together with Ravi, advising him, transporting him, and giving him the power required to fight the good fight against those he deemed villainous enough to be stolen from…

Attributes: Strength 9, Dexterity 2, Stamina 8, Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 4
Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Linguistics 2, Presence 4, Stealth 2, Survival 4, Lore 3
Base Initiative: 5
Bite: Speed 6 Accuracy 8 Damage 16L Defense 6
Claw: Speed 9 Accuracy 10 Damage 13L Defense 10
Wing Buffet: Speed 8 Accuracy 8 Damage 17L Defense 6
Dodge Pool: 10 Soak: 10L/14B (Made of Crystal, 6L/6B)
Willpower: 6 Health Levels: -0x3/-1x3/-2x3/-4GoldenCat/Incap
Essence: 2 Essence Pool: 20
Other Notes: Reflective, his soak is doubled against attacks of raw Essence. He has wings which allow him to fly at twice his running speed, and is fully cognizant and able to speak the High Holy Speech of Dragon Kings, as well as High Realm.

Virage Eternal
Commitment 6
Upon Virage’s demise, under duress of his dying words, Ravi touched his chains and pulled them out, ripping the shattered corpse’s neck, finding out how the chains stretched all the way to his heart. Virage Eternal was the name given to this chain, a masterful fighting chain tipped with the dragon’s chained golden-veined diamond heart. This chain represents the power of the dragon, the reflection of the wyld’s light and the creation of a protective fate that sheltered Creation, once, and Sarawasti, as long as the Dragon remained there, and the bound nature of his heart, his existence, and of all Creation, if Myriah has her way.

It has the statistics of a perfect Fighting Chain – Speed +6, Accuracy +1, Damage +5L, Defense +2, Rate 3 – but that is the barest of its capabilities. When placed around a person’s body, neck or arms – someone willing or clinched – Ravi may spend 10 motes to attempt to force that person’s soul into servitude. This requires a Willpower contest – if Ravi is successful, he may extract as many favors as he had successes from the one so held. Those tasks may not require the target to do anything suicidal or anything that would last more than their corresponding virtue in days (one could not ask a Conviction 3 person to go and deliver a message that would take him more than 3 days to deliver). Once one is caught under Eternal Virage’s duress, he may never be so ensorcelled again for the remainder of his lifetime.

Further, when a character wears Eternal Virage, its protection radiates, giving him the protective wings of a dragon! Ravi may apply his defensive actions, whatever their source, to anyone within his compassion x5 yards, as light races from his to defend them! Moreover, all 10s rolled by him count as three successes whenever he acts to defend another. (As directly as parrying for them or as indirectly as fighting a monster who intends to destroy a village, or acting to rescue another from a fortress; Its definition is intentionally broad.)

Spoils of a Hundred Villains
Resources ***
Ravi is a prince. He is used to fineries and opulence. As a scion of one of the Asura, the 3rd Great House of Sarawasti, even if one who spent so much of his time running around the jungle and the broken palaces, dodging Jungle Stalkers and running for it, he is still not used to being haggard. And it is thus that Asura Ravi, who should be laying low to avoid pursuit, has become a thief, stealing from the rich to give to himself. And sometimes, the poor. He tracks down those who would harm others and exploit the poor and brings down his justice to them, confiscating their goods… many of those have, clearly, been of the Guild. And already, Ravi’s list of enemies grows… and grows…

Ravi was attuned to the Manses of Sarawasti, and even had one of their stones with him… but his attunement to them was severed by the city, and now, he only has the Manses he managed to get with the sweat of his brow on the outside world!

The Theatre of Dancing Flames
Fire Aspected Manse ****
This theatre serves as both a hideout for Ravi and an important part of Jades’ nightlife, even though it is a few ways away and incrusted upon a mountain range, as well as a temple to several gods of dance and drama. Inside, the floors are of polished ebony and the walls figured in ivory and gold; heavy drapes in shades of wine and flame curtain off stages and display alcoves not presently in use. The building, an immense pagoda shining with pillars of quartz on the outside, is windowless, but all public rooms are lit by torches that float in mid-air and burn with flames of Essence; they may be commanded by those attuned to the Manse to move, to burn brighter or dimmer or to change hue. Ravi hides here after every strike against his perceived villains, helping fund the theater and helped by his artist friends, even going on stage at times! The Manse breaches in three secluded mountain gardens that are only accessible by hidden doors on the highest floors, and he has one of them for himself, the most hidden of the three gardens, where he lives among hot springs.

The theatre is run, day to day, by Kavita Durai, God-Blooded of the God of Plays, who will arrange for proper lighting for those unable to control the flames themselves. A small central room, almost impossible to find behind draping and the labyrinthine architecture of the building, holds a small shrine upon which is a bronze figure of a woman, masked and seductively draped; her beckoning hand holds the hearthstone of the Manse…

Orb of Animal Magnetism

Manse ••••
Trigger: Concentration (reflexive).

This polished sphere is filled with dark, swirling colors, and vibrates almost imperceptibly. When attuned, it imbues the wearer with a dangerous, feral allure. He receives a three-die bonus to any rolls involving seduction or other sexually-charged interaction; skin-to-skin contact with the target raises this bonus to six dice. He also finds that he can literally smell arousal; he will automatically sense if someone is attracted to him, unless that person's scent is somehow being completely suppressed.

The character's magically-enhanced charisma is so powerful that it is nearly palpable. Anyone within ten yards who is of the appropriate sexual alignment will find their composure threatened by the constant intrusion of lustful thoughts. Mechanically, any person who is normally attracted to individuals of the character's gender must make a Temperance check or suffer a 2-die penalty to all Intelligence and Wits pools (not including combat initiative) for the remainder of the scene. This check is made only once, when the character first comes into range; he need not actually be seen for his aura of animal magnetism to take effect.

Kavita Durai
God-Blooded Contact *
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 5, Manipulation 4, Appearance 3, Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 2
Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 1, Bureaucracy 4, Dodge 3, Endurance 2, Larceny 2, Linguistics 3, Lore 3, Martial Arts 3, Performance 5, Presence 4, Occult 1
Backgrounds: Manse 4, Patron 2, Contacts 5, Resources 4, Influence 3, Followers 4
Base Initiative: 6
Dodge Pool: 8
Willpower: 8 Health Levels: -0x1/-1x2/-2x4/-4GoldenCat/Incap
Essence: 2 Essence Pool: 37
Other Notes: Kavita has her Essence awakened and is fully able to attune to Artifacts and Manses. She is also able to see the Essence of any being who walks within her theater(and only within her theater), knowing what kind of being they are, and what kind of play, comfort and drinks they would prefer(which she uses to direct those who come simply for the nightlife in the common rooms to the right desserts or plays). She is able to shift details about an actor if she so wishes, creating perfect stage make-ups. She helps on only a few plays in important days, and those are very costly. Finally, her last ability is to surround one in a dreamscape of infinite possibility… which she is very adept at shaping. For an exorbitant cost, she might give one a private play, taken from her memories and legends, wherein one sees things as if one stood in the front row of legend and wonder…

The Three Priesesses
Religious Contact *
Priestesses of Stone and Vase, the Sickle and Plow, and the Mule and Bear. A blonde, a brunette, a redhead. Equals and do everything together.

The Mother Superior of Flowers
Religious Contact *
Lilian is the High Priestess of the Flower Sect in the nameless city of Yye. She has aquamarine hair.

Fallen Flowers
Religious Contact *
Flower-Priestesses lost in the day Ravi came to their temple. All bound to him.


  • Athletics
    • Immaculate Strength Prana
    • Immaculate Stamina Prana
  • Awareness
    • Sensory Acuity Prana
    • Surprise Anticipation Method
  • Brawl
    • Ferocious Jab
    • Unerring Fists
    • Stonefist Meditation
    • Golden Fist Meditation
    • Wall of Fists Method
    • Irresistible Force Fist
    • Violent Symphony Stance
    • Dragon Coil Technique
    • Pouncing Tiger Strike
  • Endurance
    • Armored Scout’s Invigoration
    • Front-Line Warrior’s Stamina
    • Tiger-Warrior’s Endurance
    • Dragon’s Toughness
  • Performance
    • Masterful Performance Exercise
    • Respect Commanding Attitude
  • Presence
    • Harmonious Presence Meditation
    • Listener-Swaying Argument
    • Rose-Lipped Seduction Method
  • Occult
    • Spirit-Detecting Glance
    • Spirit-Cutting Attack
    • Ghost-Eating Technique

Martial Arts

Treading-On-Diamonds Style

    • Celestial Cadence Mantra
    • Silver Conjunction Palm
    • Constraint of Celestial Plan
    • Auspicious Ember Movement
    • Starlight Fugue Fascination
    • Treading-on-Diamonds Form


Sarawasti Surya

Dragon Eyes of Endless Order

The Eyes are part of the Triatna, the Three Treasures of Myriah – together with its Soul, and its Heart.

Sealed within his eye is a piece of the Glass Dragon, 6th Third Circle Soul of Gaia, he who filtered the endless Wyld into a myriad of colors at the world’s very dawn, the side of Gaia who wishes control through bondage in a perfectly ordered world. He has one of her two eyes, the Father Dragon Eye. The Dragon Eyes of Endless Order, also known as Father Dragon Eye and Dragon Eyes of Kaleidoscopic Fate is a mighty boon, and Ravi is only learning its many uses, each justifying one of its many names…

Dragon Eyes of Kaleidoscopic Fate
With the eye, Ravi is able to see the threads of Fate. Every time he lays his eyes upon someone, he sees Fate, their place on the tapestry, their connections with destiny, with heaven, with the Incarna, with the Primordials, their connection to Creation or lack thereof. Whenever Ravi lays his eyes upon a person, he can clearly see the Caste Marks, Tells or Aspect Markings of Exalted, the nature of Spirits and whether a Shapeshifter is on his true form or a person is possessed. He also knows the Name, Nature and any ratings of Luck, Unlucky, Destiny, Dark Fate or Astrological Effects of any being he lays his eyes upon, as well as getting a vague impression of what is their Destiny or Dark Fate.

No mundane disguise may fool him, but magical disguises, such as that of Charms or Hearthstones, may force him to roll his Perception+Awareness as a reflexive action(normally with a difficulty equal to the disguise roll, the Essence of his opponent or the rating of an Artifact or Hearthstone, whichever is more appropriate) to perceive them.

He sees those beings so entwined in the tapestry as great lights, their destinies making an impression in the world as it moves with them. This makes them easier for him to spot, however, telegraphing each of their movements with foreimages in the myriad colors of Fate. Due to this perception, Ravi receives a number of bonus dice in all actions taken in opposition to one such being – including attacks, defenses and social attacks – equal to their Destiny, Dark Fate, Luck or Unluck ratings, or the power of any Astrological Effects placed upon them. Exalted always count as Destiny 3 beings.

Crystal Eyes of Total Control
His eyes are beautiful, shimmering opaline prisms, shot through with a diamond’s rainbow fire. It inspires respect and wonder, granting him three additional dice to all Presence rolls, and allowing him to see dematerialized spirits and gain one automatic successes on all Perception rolls. However, the distinctive appearance of his jeweled eye gives him a three-die penalty on all Larceny, Performance or Stealth rolls to conceal his nature or identity.

Those same crystal eyes give him a preternatural understanding of Fate… he is simply able to control it. The Father and the Mother are Myriah, and Myriah is control. Ever vigilant. As an Eclipse, he is able to learn and use Sidereal Charms, but thanks to the eyes, at no surcharge to Experience or Motes. In the same token, he is able to attune to Starmetal or Crystalline Technology artifacts at normal cost.

In the Wake of a Dragon
Ravi is a Dragon of Destiny in a world of order. Those who see his Essence pattern can see a mess of tangled diamond threads forming a pillar of light great as the bonfire of an Exalted Anima, pulling the destinies of all around them to himself, dragged in the wake of the Father Eye. Although Ravi is not outside of Fate, he may as well be; the patterns of destiny around him criss-cross and tangle so thoroughly that any attempt to read or influence it is invariably unsuccessful, as the oracles come just a tangled mess. As long as he is within one mile of another living thing which is part of fate, he count as being outside of fate, and any effects that target him and do not affect beings outside of Fate are just dispersed harmlessly in the landscape (however, Prayer Strip Charms or Solar Circle Sorcery may not do so harmlessly).

Creatures that spend long periods of time near Ravi tend to find their destinies bizarrely tangled with his’. This has no mechanical effect, but may be used as a justification for purchasing certain backgrounds, such as Familiar and Allies, with Experience Points.

Glass Dragon

Base Initiative: 12
Soak: 10L/14B (Unlimited Mirror Gate, 5L/5B)
Dodge: 14
Bare Hands
Spd +1 Acc +4 Dmg +4L Def +5 Rate 6
Bare Hands
Spd 13 Acc 17 Dmg 13L Def 18 Rate 6


  • Perception +1 - 8
  • Awareness +2 - 6
  • Dodge +2 - 6
  • Ride +1 - 4
  • Presence +1 - 4
  • Luck +5 - 10
  • Presence +2 - 14
  • Performance +3 - 18
  • Stamina +1 - 12
  • Perception +1 - 12
  • Manipulation +1 - 4
  • Charms x3 - 32
  • Allies +4 - 12
  • Contacts +4 - 12
  • Followers +1 - 3

Experience Total: 159
Experience Spent: 153