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Merciful Alric Crusader

Caste: Orichalcum ( Shining Ones; Archons; Flames of Autochton )
Nature : Caregiver
Concept: Techno-Knight
Anima Power: May spend 5 motes to cover himself golden lighting add 3 to the damage of all attacks.
Anima Banner: As Auric spends peripheral essence, he explodes in deeply golden light, bright and strong, massive, as distant from anything dark or pale as it can be. And amidst it, they rise, colored a machine orange and dark rose in the gold.. clockwork wings, closing about him, working like a living machine.


Caste Strength 4 Charisma 6 Intelligence 4
Farvored Dexterity 5 Stamina 4 Appearance 3
Neglected Manipulation 2 Perception 2 Wits 3


Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Martial Arts 4(Staff +3)
Craft( Magitech ) 3, Performance 3, Presence 3(Sympathy+1), Socialize 2, Survival 2
Lore 2 Occult 1


Clarity: 0
Essence: 3
Willpower: 7
Personal Essence Pool: 16 (8)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 59 (47)
Commited: 20

Compassion 4, Conviction 2, Temperance 2, Valor 3
Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap



  • Charisma
    • Sustained Augmentation of Charisma
    • Transitory Augmentation of Charisma
    • Synergy-Promoting Upgrade
    • Perfecton of Assembly
  • Dexterity
    • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity
    • Sustained Augmentation of Dexterity
    • Accelerated Response System
    • Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System
    • Celerity Enabling Module
  • Stamina
    • Sustained Augmentation of Stamina
    • Essence Shield Projector
    • Aegis Integration System
    • Strain Resistant Chassis Modification
  • Strength
    • Transitory Augmentation of Strength
    • Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh
    • Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus
    • Moonsilver Synthesis Wave Emitter
    • Adamant Synthesis Wave Emitter

Charm Slots

  • Dedicated (Total 5)
    • Sustained Augmentation of Charisma (1)
    • Synergy-Promoting Upgrade (1)
    • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity (1)
    • Sustained Augmentation of Stamina (1)
    • Aegis Integration System (1)
  • General ( Crusader – Total 9 )
    • Accelerated Response System (1)
    • Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System (1)
    • Celerity Enabling Module (1)
    • Sustained Augmentation of Dexterity (1)
    • Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus (1)
    • Essence Shield Projector (1)


Artifact 4

  • Aegis of Immaculate Conflagration ( Orichalcum Powered Armor Artifact **** )
    • Soak 13L / 13B Mobility Penalty -3 Fatigue Value 3
    • Commitment 7

Aegis was made specifically for Alric, to enhance his strengths to their fullest. Aegis was forged by Unrelenting Argent Artificer, during Alric’s hunt of the Soulsteel Alchemical rogue August Blood Onyx, after Alric saved Artificer’s community and herself from the gremlin-tainted Exalt. And it did serve him well, as thanks to it, he was able to stand against his elder, and destroy him in whispers of alien souls... Aegis looks as a great, armor of copper and pristine white metal, with bulky shoulders, chest, boots and manacles, all of clear Orichalcum and brass. The flaming gears of the Archons can be seen on the shoulders and the back of his hands, and the mask, which he seldom uses, covers all of his face in smooth white metal, a sharp golden cross being the only thing disturbing its smooth perfection. In contrast, the rest of the armor is uneven with many layers of metals and components, gears and pistons moving, and liquid gold pulsing through it.

    • Increases the wearer’s Strength by 4
    • Doubles the wearer’s ground speed
    • Expending 2 motes per turn, the armor flares, making all spirits in (Essence) yards visible to all.
    • Expending 2 motes per turn, the wearer may burst in light, adding half his Charisma in difficulty from all attempts to strike or disagree with him.
    • The armor harnesses the very essence of Orichalcum, better, perfect, unnassailable by its lessers. By expending 10 motes, the wearer can make all the Orichalcum in the armor more pure, more brilliant, and be completely immune by any non-magical source of damage for a scene.
    • Every 100 hours of use, it needs repair by someone with at least Lore ***, Occult ***, and Craft( Magitech ) ***. Each 20 hours of missed repair cuts the effectiveness of one of the powers by half.
  • Pillar of Noi ( Orichalcum Staff Artifact **** )
    • Speed +3 Accuracy +3 Damage +7L Defense +3 Rate 4
    • Commitment 6

This staff has an hexagonal shape, six sides to its length. One for every element within the Great maker. At its edge, those who look at it directly see, against all reason, a pentacle instead – a symbol of something else, from its other origin. But it is hard to see the edges, as the image of six phantasmal multicolored gears spins constantly over its ends. Pillar of Noi is said to have been constructed between the known reaches and somewhere else, where the very essence of gold and flame was harnessed, then tempered in a burning forge of the Great Maker. Alric received Pillar of Noi shortly after his debut, when he became the Tripartite’s golden boy, calming a revolt against regulator brutality, slaying Gremlins in its midst and inspiring the people while doing so – an Archon that cared and smiled as a child, a distant god and at the same time not so distant. His prestige earned him the Pillar, which he has used with all his faith and prowess so far...

    • Pillar of Noi has two sides. One of them Creates, the other Destroys.
    • The side of Creation can touch any damaged material, and the rotating gear images above it spread, making any mundane materials be completely restored in a space of a few seconds. To materials that usually require Lore and Occult, it negates these ability requirement, although it keeps the need for the Craft skill at the appropriate level, but not the exotic materials nessessary.
    • The side of Destruction has two uses. One, with a touch and 10 motes of Essence, acts like the Thaumaturgical Formula Maker’s Inertial Bile, instantly stopping any automaton, or exorcising any spirit within a machine. Also, for the same cost, when used to destroy objects, it ignores half their soak and doubles the wearer’s damage against them. Objects thus destroyed vanish on explosions of bright light and molten gold. It also acts as Piercing damage on armor at all times.

Backing 2

Auric receives the Tripartite’s Backing, which accounts for his high class and a standard of living that almost stretches the benefits of said Class. He lives atop a great tower, seeing the city and world he cheers so, fainly hearing his own elder and the Great Maker as he works..

He has no administrative duties, simply a token position, with servants who care for his vast dwelling and help him repair his vast panoply. Making his life easy, giving him no worries but one, that of receiving orders, and carrying them. That is deliberate. For the members of the Tripartite who back him, he is their golden boy, their public face. That is why he was assembled, souls of idealistic heroes, so idealistic they all died still young, trying to uphold their cause.

They keep his smile and his eyes pure, without worry, living in luxury and with instantaneous access to the Vats. His class and reputation actually places a fair degree of power in his hand, but one carefully manipulated so that he will never need to exert, as he has everything he could wish for. So he is there for them when the populace cries in outrage over brutality or work shifts, there to talk to them and smile, encourage them, and shne to destroy Gremlins for them, to show them how much this awesome golden being cares. To show that the Great Maker loves you. To show that the Tripartite cares for you. As he works for him and believes, so all must be well, right? Right?

Class 4

As above.

Vats 5

As above.

Golden Crusader

Base Initiative : 7
Natural Soak : 4B /2L
Armor Soak : 18B / 16L
Blazing Destroyer Soak : 25B / 23L ( Total Commitment 13 )
Pillar of Noi Spd 10 Acc 16 Dmg 15L(P) Def 16 Rate 5

Bonus Points

Good Stuff :

  • Specialty : Staffs +3 (3)
  • Specialty : Sympathy +1 (1)
  • Vats +2 (4)
  • Class +1 (2)
  • Compassion +1 (3)
  • Valor +1 (3)
  • Essence +1 (10)

Total : 26

Bad Stuff :

  • Rival (-3)
  • Debt (-2)

Total : 5 Negative

Grand Total : 21

Experience Points

  • Dedicated Slot (10)
  • Dedicated Slot (10)
  • Dedicated Slot (10)
  • Dexterity 4 (12)
  • Slot Upgrade x2 (4)
  • Performance +1 (4)