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Many Faces of Creation...

Sudoku Village

Harmonious Ivory
Gender: Male... far as Lunars go
Classification: Lunar Exalted of the Half-Moon Caste
Totem: Praying Mantis
Occupation: Unknown, presumably information-broker and socialite
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Known to have mastered Mantis and Wood Dragon Styles
Apparel: A Manse in the format of a glass butterfly, its wings forming training and party halls, its body living quarters, forming a Hearthstone that grantsh im the ability to see essence and greatly increases his awareness, silk scarves that act as Hearthstone Amulets and clinch enhancers, a white and green kimono that is as much armor as it is finery... and the Chained Heart.
Description: Harmonious Ivory usually dresses in a long, loose kimono of white and green, light as a feather and resilient as plate armor, with three flowing sashes of red that he holds on his arms. He walks over slippers black as night. His hair is just as black, his eyes purest emerald... serenity radiates from him, a calm of meditation and purpose, hiding great power. At one end of the scarfs, he fingers a hearthstone seemingly made of glass, of colors ever-shifting, each different angle in the glass showing a different scene, a different place... he closes his eyes for a moment, and then opens them again, made of the same glass. A blink, and they are the natural emerald once again. He seldom hides his Tell - all can see it behind his back, a long 'skirt' of sorts covering the back and sides of his legs, like long leaves... or a Mantis' wing-guards.
Ivory has summonned the Lunar Circle together to Guard the Chained Heart. Despite being a Lunar of considerable puissance, whose exploits date back to three hundred years past,he relied on the perception granted by his Manse, and ended up victim of an ambush when its hearthstone was broken, and Astrology weakened his every step. Killed by surprise, as it happens, even to a resilient Martial Artist such as he.
Dalia Shadowsong
Classification: Probably Abyssal Exalted, caste unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Apparent Age: 17
Hat Status: Gray or Black
Capabilities: Able to step into the air and jump up, weightless. Pehaps due to parasol.
Apparel: A dark-blue silken parasol with a haft of blue jade, ending on a twisted soulsteel speartip.
Description: A northener with fair, milky skin, make up applied flawlessly, a lady of civilized, proper places such as Whitewall. Her hair is the palest platinum blonde, and her big, round eyes - which make her look younger than she actually is - are a shining shade of gold. Her smile must be noted... it is joyful, inviting, beautiful... and yet, one cannot help but to feel something *sinister* coming from it. Usually, only her hands are left out of her dresses, long gowns whose skirts go down to her feet, which are covered in long, black, high-heeled boots. Lacy, prim and proper, it goes to her waist, where it is held by a corset, tightly, only opening in her puffy sleeves, high neck leaving only her fair face exposed to the wind... and her fair hands, on the occasion she is not wearing gloves.
She has mentioned to Fangs a prior connection to Ivory, but disappeared to the night in front of a suspcious Fangs-of-Winter...together with any truth that may be on her words.
Sahid Norima
Classification: Mortal, maybe Heroic
Occupation: Socialite
Apparent Age: 22
Hat Status: Gray
Capabilities: Able to be publically humilliated by high-appearance girls.
Description: A young man of auburn hair, his attire white and rose, with motiffs of Chayan Blooms
Red Ox
Classification: Mortal, probably an Extra
Occupation: Receptionist and Bouncer of the Laughing Yellow Fox Inn.
Apparent Age: 35
Hat Status: Gray
Capabilities: Clearly able to deal with shady people and probably kick any troublemakers out.
Description:A strong, bald black man with jet-black snake tatoos all over his body, and flawless white teeth.

Amaru River

Classification: Goddess
Occupation: Goddess of the First Age Bridge, Aquamarine Crossing.
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Hat Status: Gray
Capabilities: Known to have created quite an extorsion racket.
Description: From the game: And she was there, attended by few water sprites... a lady of stern eastern face, raven-black... no, dark, the darkest blue of waters at night in her hair... eyeshade of deep azure, same color as her lips... and her aquamarine eyes. Her skin was pale, but still retaining a relatively healthy complexion to it... and her dress was definetly eastern, wave patterns of darker blue on azure, and a corset of steel-gray like a bridge around her, tied up with thing string and clasp of green jade. She looked upon them... taking each of them in turn. The sleeves end on her forearms, connected to her dress, and melt in her skin, forming tatoos that swirl up her arms, shoulders and neck, in wave patterns of the clearest, strongest azure color.
Classification: Automata
Occupation: Statue-Protectors of the First Age Bridge, Aquamarine Crossing.
Apparent Age: Indeterminate 20s
Hat Status: Gray
Capabilities: Made of stone, known to be extremely resilient.
Description: From the game: On each end of the bridge, there are two pillars. The arcs come from them, and atop the arcs, a small pillar raises. Atop each and every one are statues of women, covered in scarves of flowing water that cover all of her parts, held in her hands like they grip a snake, a whirlwind, something that coils around them. It is all made of aquamarines, but their eyes actually show the crystalline mien of blue jade. They are automatons, living stone guarding the Aquamarine Crossing, under the orders of its goddess.
Gender: Female
Classification: God-Blooded, daughter of Aquamarine
Occupation: Princess married to Mirai Cynaran, Prince of Cynara
Apparent Age: 14
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Unknown
Description: Lily looks like a younger version of her mother, the same pale skin, the same black hair, the same clear blue-water eyes. She does not look as aloof, cold or wicked as her mother, but that is replaced by a jovial smile and a feel of... stability. She seems to always be shelter, even for older brother and older husbands, motherly before she is a mother, while still young, vibrant and so... moving.
Spinel Sun
Gender: Male
Classification: God-Blooded, son of Aquamarine
Occupation: Prince of Kashan
Apparent Age: 17
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Swordsman, Swimmer, Able to control River Waters
Description: Spinel is a handsome young man with lush red hair and eyes like his mother, clear blue-water eyes that seem to always hold some sorrow into them. He is usually dressed in the colors of Kashan, white and red and gold, a strong, dull red which is almost brown at times.
Mirai Cynaran
Gender: Male
Classification: Mortal, with faint Elemental Lineage in his features
Occupation: Prince of Cynara
Apparent Age: 16
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Decent swordfighter, decent administrator, pretty to look at!
Description: From the game: The prince was a beautiful individual. Prince Mirai Cynaran had hair that was like caramel under sunlight, and eyes of the most vibrant green. Gin knew, from what she studied from the local kingdoms for the wedding that those were traits of some lesser Wood Elemental far down their line. But still made for a... striking visual, especially clad as he was, in beautiful white and viridian... his voice was soft, but commanding... and now, full of admiration.

Amahl Farouk
Classification: Mortal, probably Heroic
Occupation: Merchant Prince of the Guild
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Hat Status: Gray
Capabilities: Known to be able to notice Snowy's well-concealed Tell.
Description:The merchant prince is color on a dull world. Each hand had a ring, and each ring had a gem. Every movement of his made them gleam in the air, all sorts of shining colors, sapphires and rubies and emeralds. His skin was tanned, and light colors fell over him.... but such astounding colors and designs like easterners have never seen before. Exotic fineries of deep south, colorful, the turban on his head, shining with a yellow gem, crowning him. Adorned by a thick black beard with a sharp end at his chin, over his tanned features... yet silky, unweathered by trips, even though the man had to have had many... and raven-black eyes drink on the sight of all around him, like a hawk's, always hunting. Around his neck hang multiple collars, pehaps a dozen, beds of little shells, semiprecious and precious rocks, and seeds adorning him with the image of goddesses for blessings. He is always looking for profit, with pleasure slaves, a scribe and a messenger always about him, and also his bodyguards...
Classification: Likely a Wyld-Tainted Mortal, or God-Blooded
Occupation: Bodyguard to Amahl Farouk
Apparent Age: Late teens
Hat Status: Gray
Description: A feline lady of tanned, bronze skin, sharp golden hair falling down her back and eyes to match, slitted irises like those of a cat, and not just that - fangs in her smile, proeminent feline ears, a cat's tail always swishing back and forth behind her and nails sharper than they have any right to be - quite proeminently feline. She dresses in skintight white leather, dyed bright and immaculately clean, a stark contrast to her bronze skin. Short, tight shorts, a top that does enough to cover her modesty, long high-heeled boots and long, fingerless gloves finish her attire. A leather belt hangs loosely around her waist, two finely-decorated knives sheathed on it.
Classification: Likely a Mortal
Occupation: Bodyguard to Amahl Farouk
Apparent Age: Somewhere in his 20s
Hat Status: Gray
Description: A tall, strong man of solid muscles that look hard as rocks, torso, legs and forearms clad in heavy, menacing obsidian metal, painted with elaborate draconian designs. His face is hidden by an iron mask at all times.
Burning Star of Demise
Gender: Male
Classification: Raksha
Apparent Age:
Hat Status:

Celadon Forest

Anja Silverclaws
Gender: Female
Classification: Lunar Exalted of the No-Moon Caste
Totem: White Cat
Occupation: Sorceress, Trickster and Information Broker
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Celestial Sorceress with access to a wide variety of spells.

Gender: Female
Classification: Beastgirl
Occupation: Maid Servant to Anja Silverclaws
Apparent Age: 17
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: Catgirl maid!

Gender: Male
Classification: Lunar Amalgam
Occupation: Anja's Majordomo
Apparent Age:
Hat Status: White
Capabilities: None Known