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Gardens of Emerald and Jade

Character Creation

  • Dragon-Blooded
    • Dragon-Blooded begin with 14 Charms.
    • Dragon-Blooded begin with 10 Backgrounds.
    • Dragon-Blooded begin with 30 Bonus Points.
    • All other rules in the Dragon-Blooded Book apply normally.
    • Dragon-Blooded Celestial Martial Artists begin with only 10 Charms, but no other restrictions.
  • God-Blooded
    • Children of Gods and Demons begin with 10 Charms.
    • Children of Ghosts and Faeries begin with 14 Charms.
    • All begin with a total of Inheritance + Knowledge or Experience of 5.
    • They posses all Merits that jump them to Exalted level, as well as Essence 2
      Awakened Essence
      Magical Attunement
      Exalted-Standard God-Body

  • Raksha
    • Raksha get 13 Charms.
    • Nobles get 13 Backgrounds.
    • Just as Dragon-Blooded, They get 30 Bonus Points.
    • And that is as much as they will get! Scary enough already!
  • The Artifacts background counts double, giving two dots for every one the character has.
  • Children of the Fair Folk receive free Graces as their parents, major at virtue, minor at 1.
  • God-Blooded may freely buy the Mutation Merits up to twice their Inheritance, to reflect their mystical parentage, better than even most charms do. Those children of strong demons get sturdier, larger bodies, children of elemental dragons have elementally-touched bodies with draconic features... and suchlike. Exception is made for the Ghost-Blooded.
  • God-Blooded might, depending on their parentage and perks, apply for some Material Resonance. Children of spirits of the right type of Celestines or of Elementals might be naturals with a certain class of magical material. Demon-Blooded may take the Resonance for Malfean versions of Magical Materials and an Infernal Animas, as per FourWillowsWeeping Infernal Exalted rules.
  • The rules for the God-Blooded assume those are Player Character or Antagonist-Level characters. They are not common children of the supernatural, they are the Vampire Hunter D or the evil, scary child of Ligier. There are many lesser god-blooded who are barely different from humans. Think of the differentiation between Heroic and normal Commoners in Fair Folk.


Does the starting 10 charms for Terrestrial Martial Artists include the initiation charms, or must the character purchase those out of the starting 10? -- GregLink