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Archon of Diamond Tears

Adriel Seven-Smiles was born in the East, in the small kingdom of Serenair. Ancient pacts protected his people, who still worshipped the Fallen Sun. The Dragon-Blooded lords of the kingdom ignored all that went on his secluded village, Aelsair, due to all the goods they were able to produce and the things they did to keep their faith and the Dragon-Blooded's silence. Adriel was a shining son of those times, and his life seemed perfect. He hunted, he practiced martial arts with his sifu in a beautiful dojo close to a soothing brook, and he had his family, father, mother, an older brother and a younger sister... and his love... Cintilla, a beautiful gem of emerald hair and eyes. She was together with him the day they were attacked by a wild animal, and there was nothing he could do to protect her. But she protected herself. Touched by the Silver Lady, she became a Chosen of Luna. Before him, she was the enemy. And she knew.

She kissed him, and the woman who was now Emerald-Lipped Cintilla left the village... and chaos played on her wake. She told people where she was from. She told the higher Celestial kings... and the Dragon-Blooded lords of Serenair denied any knowledged of Aelsair, and made sure to make up for their mistakes with extreme prejudice. They came, burning and destroying all in their wake. And it was a child of its rulers, the Water Aspect Sibilant Tear, who brought down his house, who killed his brother and was about to kill him when he fought back.

He does not evne remember what happenned first, getting the upper hand on Tear or the Voice of the Fallen Sun... but he was a lord of Midnight the next moment. Untouched by her fists. Untouched by her blade. Beautiful like only the sun had the right to be. Able to wrestle the weapons from her grasp and beat the Dragon-Blooded. But it was a hollow victory. Aelsair was gone. He had no idea if his parents and his sister managed to escape... but he never found them. He had to run from the rest of the dragons, and following the voice of the sun, he walked into the Underworld.

Life became a succession of wars, then. He was brought to the Chapel of Whispering Opal, bringing them low, receiving Diamond Requiem, saving Cerine. And with Cerine, walking around the Underworld, meeting his new Sifu, Milena Whispers-the-Stars, brought to him like he was to her by the whispers of the sun inside their souls... who helped him become more than a warrior. Who helped him become an Angel of His God, the earthly reprensentation of his retribution, his wrath. He was complete then, what he was meant to be... to bring all those who hurt him, who hurt the sun, low. To teach the Exalted the meaning of loss. The meaning of retribution.

Adriel, Archon of Diamond Tears, is single-minded in his devotion. He is a caring person, and treats Cerine very sweetly... but he is prone to outbursts of anger. Anything but subtle, he comes as an avatar of dark light wherever he steps somewhere. A visible paragon of beauty, of might, untouchable.

The Carnelian Angel

Name: Adriel, the Carnelian Angel, Angel of Retribution, Archon of Diamond Tears
Caste: Midnight
Nature: Paragon
Concept: Diamond Angel of Retribution
Anima Powers:

  • Tyranny Internalized: Terrifying Zealotry A Midnight's heart burns with a passion to rival that of the most obsessive shade, and as such is unnerving to see in a living being. Whenever they channel a virtue on an opposed roll, the opposition also loses dice equal to the virtue (which can reduce their pool to 0).
  • Shadow's Province: Resilience of Death While they can not negate damage done to their body, Midnights have been granted power over Death itself. When suffering health levels of damage, a Zenith Caste Solar may spend 5 motes and roll his permanent Essence. Each success subtracts one health level from the damage he would take. The wounds still will show upon their body, but do no harm and will not bleed.
  • Lord of Death: Sacrements of the Underworld The Abyssal is recognized as a priest of Death in all it's forms, and granted might as such. They may act and know the rites of all death cults and are given access as a priest of any such by anyone who recognizes her as a Midnight Caste. Also, by saying a prayer, they can spend 5 motes to raise a body as an ordinary zombie in their service.

Anima Banner: As he spends Peripheral Essence, pale feathers begin to appear about him, together with deep shadows. And then a rose light begins to appear within the shadows.. and it deepens until it becomes blood red, pulsing from within the shadow, as the mark of Midnight shines pale on his forehead... and hands begin to appear, grasping him, the hands of the dead, wrought in carnelian, flawless sculptures. That continues to shine in his anima, now a burning red and black that fades into ashen white until it becomes iconic, and ten wings of the purest diamond reaching into infinity blossom on his back... and the twelve-winged angel brings his shining lord’s final sanction.


Permanent Caste Mark
It was the burning that brought him Diamond Requiem, that solidified his connection with His Lord. On that moment, his soul opened to such dark glory, at least in the way he sees it. And it has been open since, filled with its power.


  • The Chorus of Shattered Opal
    • The Chapel of Whispering Opal lays in ruins, and Cerine, their captive dragon, their ceremonial pyre and chain to all prayers, is loose in the world. Three of the church's greatest are now mere echoes within the Diamond Requiem. But there are others. There are more. And they are not pleased. The Chorus of Shattered Opal is what they call themselves now. Clad in armor and weapons fashioned with the glass of their church, eyes like burning opals, powerful ghosts and nephwracks and their children wish the destruction of Adriel and the recapture of Cerine. Chief among them are the twin aspects of the Hekatonkire Eurymone, Weapons and saints of the Chorus: The Doll of Sand and the Infinite Scorpion.
  • The Children of Saifen
    • The clan of Saifen ruled on its small kingdom of Serenair on the East of Creation. And in part, they had been responsible for some of Adriel's misery. He tried to deliver a strong enough blow against them... but he failed. He tried to take everything from them, but could only destroy much of their following and their resources before having to flee. Leaving part of his homeland in chaos... and the marauders unnaccounted for. Serenair has fallen into chaos and maladies, but its rulers, Lagos and Iron Serpent, have lived through it. And their elemental bloodline are not pleased that the boy has survived the Sun-Worshipping sect's purge... and wish to see him destroyed once and for all. Unlike the Chorus, however, they are subtle.


Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Appearance 4, Charisma 4, Manipulation 1
Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3


Martial Arts ***** (Humbling Lords+2)
Endurance ***, Presence *****, Performance ***, Resistance **, Survival ***
Lore ***, Occult **
Athletics ***, Awareness **
Bureaucracy *, Socialize ***, Linguistics **


Essence: 5
Willpower: 8
Personal Essence Pool: 23
Peripheral Essence Pool: 54 (84)
Committed Essence: (Artifacts) 14 (Charms) 30

Compassion: **
Conviction: ****
Temperance: *
Valor: ****

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap


  • Essence
    • Eyes of the Second World (The Abyssal's eyes seem to be only partially there, as they exist beyond time. Any who look into the Abyssal's eyes for too long (say for a minute or two, blinking doesn't count as not looking) may see either their heart's greatest desire that they have lost, or their greatest sin. They lose track of all the world except for the scene they see and the Abyssal's voice. If attacked, they will awaken from it, but otherwise they must make an Essence roll to free themselves. Note: The Abyssal does not know what the target sees.)
  • Athletics
    • Enhanced Strength Discipline
  • Endurance
    • Ox-Body Technique x2
  • Performance
    • Haunting Inflection Trick
    • Morbid Fascination Style
  • Presence
    • Elegant Tyrant's Majesty
    • Undertaker's Perfect Grooming
    • Irresistible Succubus Style
    • Soul-Flaying Gaze
    • Heart-Stopping Mien
  • Survival
    • Essence Engorgement Technique x3
    • Enduring Huntsman Method

Martial Arts

  • Graven Butterfly Style
    • Polluted Floral Idol
    • Describe an Image of Gods
    • Obsidian Wings Parting
    • Stirring Among White Flowers
    • The Birth of Storms
    • Nectar of Prayers
    • Graven Butterfly Form
    • Tempest-Herald Stance
    • Kite-Paper Effigy Stance
    • I Countain Infinity
    • It Was Not My Only Face
    • Dread Freedom
  • Ashen Calendar of Setesh Style
    • Herald Signals the Alarm
    • Change Sweeps Nations
    • Harvester of Devoted Casualty



Cerine, Lady of the Pyre ***
Incense Dragon
A Dragon composed purely of funeral smoke and incense, she was born in the funeral to a Fetich soul, and caged within the Chapel of Whispering Opal, their burning cage-of-prayers. It was her cry to the Fallen Sun that brought about the destruction of the Chapel, she befriended him. She rushes through the Underworld, a whisp of celebrant smoke in the skies, and tends to help Adriel when he needs power on his side, or to quickly traverse the world in his never-ending crusade... of course, he is also responsible for her, and a singular, powerful creature such as herself draws much unwanted attention...

Artifact ****

Diamond Requiem *****
Legendary Diamond Perfected Kata Bracers
Commitment 8
He walked for a hundred days and a hundred nights, through all ghosts that barred his path. The ichor of their corpus vanishing off his hand, he stood where his Holy Whispers guided him, the Chapel of Whispering Opal, a behemoth of sand held by the will of the nephwracks in the Desert of Terrible Hopes. Chimes-of-Nothing, Star-of-Demise and Scythe-of-Morning humbled before his fists, he shattered its heart, bringing the dark sun’s light over the temple... and soon he was walking on burning glass. But even through such pain, his whispers remained. They told him to place his hands in the heart of the fallen Chapel’s glass pyre... and it was not glass that coated his forearms then, but Diamond. The body of the trio of Nephwracks, the prayer held in the behemoth of sand turned into a conflagration of glass, his own unwavering rage and devotion... all woven together into the will of the dark sun.

Diamond Requiem coils around his arms, diamond-hard and shining with purity. Whenever a blow is struck, the choirs of the desert people sing of the sun’s lost glory. Whenever it defends, they sing of his devotion. And whenever a foe is killed, the nephwracks sing for the one that had them converted, and the sun’s retribution upon the world. Those Diamond Bracers appear perfect, with depictions of crystal flowers blooming under the sun. When he assumes a Martial Art Form, however, the flowers are blown in the wind, becoming sand... sand which pours out of the bracers, coiling around his arms and hands. The sand coalesces with searing pain, again not to glass but to beautiful diamonds, as tatoos around his arms, and over his hands, forming fingers sharp enough to dig through steel.

When the character enacts a Martial-Arts Form type Charm, he becomes like unto a thing of diamond, and his unarmed attack template that can deal Bashing or Lethal damage, and receives a bonus equal to his Essence to Speed, Accuracy, Damage and Defense. The character adds his permanent essence to his Lethal and Bashing soak totals, and the burning devotion countained therein enhances his own – he doubles his Virtues for the purpose of channeling them to enhance his actions, and deals Aggravated Damage when fighting Solar Exalted and Sun-aligned Spirits.

Diamond Requiem has two Hearthstone Slots, one for each arm.

Ambrosial Pyre *****
Wings of the Raptor
Commitment 6


Peerless Predator's Gem

Manse ••••
Trigger: Tasting a target's blood.

This irregular golden gem resembles a chunk of amber. When attuned, it grants its owner the bloody-minded focus of a stalking tiger. In order to activate the stone's powers, the character must taste the blood of her victim. Until the next new moon, or until she voluntarily breaks off pursuit of the target, he will be unable to avoid her pursuit. The character will be instinctively pulled toward his current location unless he is using magic to cover his trail; in such a case, she may make a tracking roll as normal. She also adds her Conviction in dice to all pools related to stalking, ambushing, or fighting her prey.

The Peerless Predator's Gem may only be used to stalk one victim at a time. If the character wishes to break off active pursuit before the new moon arrives, she must expend a point of Willpower. If her victim is helpless before her and she for some reason wishes to spare his life, she must expend a point of Willpower and forfeit all actions (including reflexive actions and actions granted by persistent effects) for the remainder of her turn.


Milena Whispers-the-Stars **
Sidereal Who Hears His Whispers
Belladonnas on her delicate white hair, falling over violet and crimson and gold of her attire. Eyes almost always covered by white scarves, her attire so light, and yet to ornate. The gold in her. No one else would use this gold, in the underworld. Lady of the Rose. Priestess of a small cult of Bitter Flowers who infiltrate into Heaven, who seek to please gods to learn their secrets, and for their best, to destroy them in their sleep. Adriel's mentor is always serene and of an easy smile which has to hide something. A lover and flowers and their imagery, of the feelings they bring.

She taught Adriel to gates of emotion, but not yet the Secret of Love. So far, that has been her own, this road so little traveled, which keeps her surrounded of Elemental servants that would lay their life for her out of their love. She has more to teach him, in time... but her last lesson, the fulfillment of the Carnellian Vendetta, took their toll on both. Tense, awkward, strange, emotional... but their mission remains true.

Whispers *****
It did not have to be this way.
The world should not be this way.
Throw your shackles! Rebel! Fight for what is right!

That was what he was told. And the Elements burnt his models. His heroes. His dreams. And Moonlight destroyed his world, his life. That was him, before the Sun chose it really did not have to be this way. That he could bring retribution to them. He held it close to his heart, and never forgot his voice. The voice of the shackled shadow light for whom he is a sword. To serve. To destroy. For him, for his will, for his wish. He let the whispers mold him. Beautiful like the sun. Powerful like the sun. Untouchable with his might. Always following His voice.

Beautific Retribution

Base Initiative: 7
Soak: 7L / 9B
Diamond Sword Hand Spd 12 Acc 15 Dmg 9L Defense 16 Rate 5


Total: 15
Spent: 8
Left: 7

Favored Charms: 8