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God Relay

Basic Rules

  1. Five gods per relay. If you write the fifth god, archive the theme and post a new theme.
  2. Each god in a relay should adhere to the current theme.
  3. Background and description only; no stats. This is fluff, not crunch.
  4. Starting god is Essence 2 or 3 and each after is one higher until 6 or 7.


Ok, here we go with the format for this. Each person should come up with one god for the theme to be formed around the topic. Think BROAD ideas, nothing narrow. - (paraphrased from Miles by Dmccoy1693)

God Name Essence -Contributor Name

Type of God (Celestial or Terresterial, Elemental Alignment if applicible)
God of What


  • Note: Gods of Essence 2-5 should be lesser and not have a proper name. Essence 6 and 7 gods being a greater god, should have a proper name.

Theme: Gods of Pleasure

Thacus Essence •• - (Dmccoy1693)

Terresterial - Wood
God of Child's Tree House

This god lives in a child's tree house and watches over the children that play there. To good children they give a tiny gift and to bad children they give them an equal curse. They like to watch the children play. Sometimes they even manifest and play with the lonely children. They live in the wood of the Tree House and appear as a relatively featureless person. They never appear to parents. They are often called by parents the child's imaginary friend.

Peanut Gallery

Materialize is a 2/2 Charm. Keeping in mind how unbelievably weak Essence 1 gods are -- and considering that they tend to be gods of a single object with very narrow worldviews -- I would suggest that the Relay start at Essence 2 or even 3.
~ Shataina

I dunno. This god doesn't need to materialize. It just needs to be able to make itself barely visible. It doesn't actually need to move stuff. It's the small god of a treehouse. Looks good to me. Just needs the wording clarified. - Scrollreader
(Smacks self up along side of head) I couldn't remember if it was 1/1 or 2/2. Oh well. Stuff Fixed. Dmccoy1693

The term is manifest, and any immaterial spirit can do that for (as far as I can remember) no charge. Even ghosts.
-- Darloth