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Gariths’ Vineyard
Wood Aspected
Manse •••
Trigger: Special

An seemingly unfinished Manse near Great Forks produced this dark, purple gem. The wood substructure grew with vines and sprouted leaves and bore fruit from the influence the demense and the creation of this Gem. When planted near a wooden structure it will take root and produce vines and grapes, which when harvested and fermented produces a legendary wine no other can match. The vines are rampant, growing at a rate of 200 square yards an hour only stopping when no support structure can be found or the gem is removed from the area, these vines having a base soak of 4B/2L before breaking but can continue to grow as long as the gem is still planted. When used in a socket, the gem sprouts it’s own vines covering the entirety of the warrior adding the soak to the armour or creating its own, mind that now the armour is covered with grapes and leaves giving the user a +1 bonus to stealth with its camouflage in the wild but not in a cityscape or places the natural growth would seem out of place (STs call). If the gem is removed from the ground of the vineyard, the vines stop growing and lose most of their strength, dieing within a week, if removed from a socket the grapevines die immediately.

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