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Aylith of the Emerald Blades

Know foolish mortal and proud Raksha alike, that I am Aylith of the Azure blades and that I was born from the dream of a grandchild of the Sun. Too close to bordermarches was his cradle left, and there he dreamed a dream of his Sire's glory.

There he dreamed a dream of himself as a proud warrior and there he dreamed the dream of his foe. Clad in the light and shadow of a sylvan glade, she strode across battlefields leaving a wake through the blood of the unworthy though not a drop marred her pale skin. At the gates of a great palace carved of crystal and rainbows, she stopped to call the king to single combat. Days and nights the battle raged until a coward among fools acted of misguided loyalty, his arrow flew swift from the bow but the foe stepped aside and the archer hit his lord. Curses fell from her lips even as she lept to heal the fallen Lord. "Come to me," She ordered the King, "When we may continue this without intrusion." Away she rode leaving the King without wounds and the archer with the little courage that was in his soul draining away through his open eyes. On she rode, upon the back of some great silver beast that the child had no name for. Now she flew and blood fell from the sky at her passing; where the beast trod gaping wounds in the earth spilled blood and wine upwards from depths. Again she approached a castle, this time the King would not walk forth. At this, the foe sheathed her blades and shed her battle raiment. Now her steps drew forth flowers and springs and those who watched shed tears at beauty instead of from fear. Into the court she danced and on into the throne room and as she danced the court sat to watch and even the King came from hiding. When all were enthralled she halted before the throne. "Coward you are and coward shalt ever be. All shall remember the face that stole the crown of this kingdom." With that she kissed the king and took his crown from his head. Voices stirred but none could say her nay. Away she danced, taking up her blades again and going on her way. She is interrupted by a figure barring her path, it is the child's sire and he will let her go no further. "So be it." She cries, and her voice is the clarion call of trumpets on the eve of battle. So once again she fought. Days and nights the combat rages until both halt for breath, essence spent and gossamer fading. "A King and a Kingdom have I claimed enemy this night. You shall be the third and only one of us shall see the end of this age in Creation."

The child awoke with a scream on his lips and I awoke with azure blades in my fists, dripping the blood of a King and a Kingdom. My wake still tears crimson furrows across the borders of Creation, the child's Sire was slain centuries ago by those of the Dragons.

Character Sheet

Name: Aylith (of the Emerald Blades)
Player: FaeWitch
Caste: Xia (warrior/entertainer)
Concept: Prince of a thousand enemies
Nature: Gallant
Court: Pearl

Strength  6         Charisma     5          Perception   5
Dexterity 7 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 4
Stamina 6 Appearance 6 Wits 5

Caste Abilities

Athletics 4
Melee 4
Presence 4
Medicine 1
Performance 4

Favored Abilities

Craft 4
Dodge 4
Linguistics 4

Other Abilities

Occult 3
Ride 1
Socialise X
Endurance 2
Lore 3
Stealth 1
Awareness 2
Resistance 2
Survival 1


Birth: 4
Artifact: 2
Gossamer: 2
Style: 3


Compassion 3
-Cup 2

Conviction 2
-Staff 3

Temperance 2
-Ring 1

Valor 3
-Sword 3

Willpower 7
Essence 2
Essence Pool 20
Committed 6



Charms And Mutations

Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air) 10m 1 gossamer
World-Angering Elemental Mastery 1 gossamer per story
Teeth of the World 1 gossamer per story

[Name] Imposition of Law 10m 1 wp 4 gossamer per story

Ravishing the Created Form 1 wp 0 gossamer
Banquet of Crumbs 0 gossamer

[World-Shaping] Heaven Rains Wisdom 1 gossamer per story

[Body-Strengthening] Ox-Body Technique (-2x1) N/A

Essence-Forging Art 3m
Awakened Dream Manufacture 3m

[Greater Glamour]
Forging the Heart Grace 10m 1 gossamer per story
Forging the Cup Grace 10m 1 gossamer per story
Forging the Ring Grace 10m 1 gossamer per story
Forging the Staff Grace 10m 1 gossamer per story
Forging the Sword Grace 10m 1 gossamer per story

[Sword Combat]
Host-Summoning Glory of Command 1m
Sundering the Gates of Death 3m

[Mutations] Hundred Hand Style 4 motes 2 gossamer per story

Normal Combat

Base Initiative 12
Base Dodge: 11


[Health Levels]
-0 ■
-1 ■ ■
-2 ■ ■ ■
-4 ■
In ■

Shaping Combat

-Cup 3

[Dice Pool] 2 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 3 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 9
[Health Levels] 6
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +2, Dmg +4, Def +5, Rate 1
Milieu - Spd +5, Acc +3, Dmg +2, Def +4, Rate 5
Prodigies - Spd +2, Acc +3, Dmg +5, Def -1, Rate 3

-Ring 1

[Dice Pool] 4 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 5 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 10
[Health Levels] 6
Raw Will - Spd +5, Acc +6, Def +0, Range 0, Rate 2, Max Per 3 Gossamer - Spd +5, Acc +7, Def +0, Range 0, Rate 2, Max Per 8

-Staff 1

[Dice Pool] 5 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 5 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 14
[Health Levels] 3
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +4, Dmg +9, Def +9, Rate 1 People - Spd +2, Acc +7, Dmg +10, Def +3, Rate 3 Society - Spd +5, Acc +7, Dmg +7, Def +8, Rate 5

-Sword 3

[Dice Pool] 7 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 6 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 14
[Health Levels] 6
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +4, Dmg +9, Def +9, Rate 1 Extras - Spd +6, Acc +6, Dmg +8, Def +6, Rate 3 Horror-Spd +7, Acc +2, Dmg +6, Def +1, Rate 2 Mutant Warleader - Spd +0, Acc +0, Dmg +2, Def +3, Rate 4 Nishkriya Mask - Spd +4, Acc +3, Dmg +3, Def +1, Rate 3 Personal Prowess - Spd +7, Acc +6, Dmg +8, Def +5, Rate 3