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With each of the Yozi, there will be a short paragraph noting what their plans for Creation and methods of operation are. This will be followed by a list of who the Yozi considers to be their allies and why, and who they hate. This will not always be a two-directional list. Note also that most Yozi do not consider each other to be either allies or enemies.


The Silent Wind is among the most twisted and destructive of the Yozi. In her current form, Adorjan's primary goal is nothing less than the razing of Creation, destroying humanity and erasing her mistake from the world forever. To this end, she will work even with the Dead, having one of the closest relationships with the deceased Neverborn.

ALLIES: Cytherea, Ghroth, Kimbery

ENEMIES: Cecelyne, Malfeas, She Who Lives In Her Name, Wesmaken


The goals of the Mask In The Mirror are manifold and mysterious. Ultimately, exactly what it wishes are unknown, and its methods are concealed behind layers of confusion and deceit. It is possible that Birasza Haisz exists only to further confuse the plots of Creation and of the Yozi; its demons and cultists lay down plans that should come from others, and do so well.

ALLIES: Kagami, Sadagaris, Thari

ENEMIES: He Who Follows In His Wake, Sacheverell


The Endless Desert no longer seeks freedom. Instead, she hopes to bind all of Creation to the torment that she herself feels. Because of this, she is a frequent combatant with the other Yozi, as she tries to keep demons from escaping Malfeas and reaching Creation. Ideally, Cecelyne would like to see all of Creation drawn within her desert.

ALLIES: Chorifa, Gatanaris

ENEMIES: Adorjan, The Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, Oramus


Chorifa does not plot, precisely. He is patient and cold, and is content to wait for the ages to turn of their own accord. Ultimately, he believes in his heart that his time will come, and is, if not content, at least willing to wait. Because of this, he has the fewest plans in Creation, and the least desire to reach it.

ALLIES: Sacheverell, Wesmaken

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Kimbery, Szoreny, Isidoros


The Mother of Creation seeks out passion and destruction. Burned by the betrayal of Gaia, she wishes to engulf Creation in flames, to hear the final melody of their destruction before she births a new world. Only the best and most loyal fragments of the world will survive her wrath.

ALLIES: Adorjan, Hegra

ENEMIES: Sacheverell, Wesmaken


The Ebon Dragon seeks freedom at any cost. He is unconcerned with the damage that he causes, although he would very much like to have a Creation to rule after his release. In particular, he considers himself to be charged with discovering a loophole that will allow him to escape his eternal prison.

ALLIES: Ghrath, Malfeas, Isidoros, Oramus, She Who Lives In Her Name

ENEMIES: Cecelyne, Sacheverell


The Sable Oasis knows only her eternal pain. Gatanaris enjoys spreading his pain to others, finding that inflicting agony helps him to forget his own. For now, he inflicts this pain on minor demons, but he would be just as happy to inflict it upon Creation in retaliation for his unjust imprisonment, and will work with any plan that causes pain. He is not in favour of widespread destruction, however, as death brings an end to suffering.

ALLIES: Cecelyne

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Chorifa, Isidoros, Kimbery, She Who Lives In Her Name, Wesmaken


The Moon Enfleshed dreams of the laying low of all who trapped him. His desire is for the freedom to once again do as he pleases, torn from the skies of Malfeas and set back in Creation. The people will bow their heads once more, and any who displease him will die. To that end, Ghroth considers himself a strong ally of those who seek freedom, and an enemy of the forces of stasis.

ALLIES: Adorjan, The Ebon Dragon, Oramus, Wesmaken

ENEMIES: Cecelyne, Chorifa, He Who Follows In His Wake, She Who Lives In Her Name, Talavos, Thari


The Typhoon of Nightmares is the ultimate horror, and she has long since given up on any goal save sending that terror to Creation. To her, the most beautiful sound is the sound of madness and terror, and she seeks to bring that to anyone she can find. Her allies are few, for even the Yozi wish to have servants, but her desire is infinite.

ALLIES: Gatanaris, Talavos

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Cecelyne


He Who Follows In His Wake is a creature of patterns and consistancy, and seeks a return to a predictable, easily-understood Creation. To that end, he seeks to remove anything that smacks of random elements, reducing all things to their natural order. He Who Follows is an ally to Yozi who are stable, and an enemy to chaos.

ALLIES: Cecelyne, She Who Lives In Her Name

ENEMIES: Hegra, Talavos, Zuratha


The Mirror City seeks to create an infinite reflection, finding truth through the lies of the self. His plans center around forcing Creation to recognize itself as the betrayer and murderer that it is, that it will bow its knee to him and call him Master once more.

ALLIES: Birasza Haisz, He Who Follows In His Wake, Thari

ENEMIES: Isidoros, Sacheverall, Sadagaris, Talavos


The Sea That Marches Against The Flame seeks destruction and conquest. Those who serve Her must rend those who do not, washing the world in wave after wave of dominance. The world must be broken into three parts: those who rule, those who surrender, and those who die.

ALLIES: Gatanaris, Ghroth, Wesmaken

ENEMIES: Biraszha Haiz, Cecelyne, Chorifa


The Black Boar That Twists The Skies seeks to transform Creation until none can recognize it. By taking hold of the Loom, he believes he can bring the destiny of Creation in line with Malfeas, and return the Yozi to their rightful place in the heavens.

ALLIES: He Who Follows In His Wake, Sacheverell

ENEMIES: She Who Lives In Her Name, Talavos


The Demon City is among the most straightforward of the Yozi. He seeks dominance, purely and simply. He does not care how humans come to serve him again. They may surrender, or be forced into compliance, give themselves to him for power or glory or any number of other reasons. But he will stretch his arm across the world, and it will be as one nation, calling him Master.

ALLIES: The Ebon Dragon, Ghrath, Oramus

ENEMIES: Cecelyne, Cytheria, Kimbery, She Who Lives In Her Name


Oramus doesn't care about Creation anymore. All that he wishes is to be freed from his horrible prison. Creation, Elsewhere... in his darkest moments, even his own Oblivion seems preferable. To this end, he will worry about seeking freedom primarily, and leave thoughts of conquest and revenge for a later day.

ALLIES: The Ebon Dragon, Ghrath, Hegra, Kimbery, Malfeas, She Who Lives In Her Name

ENEMIES: Biraszha Haisz, Cecelyne, Talavos, Zuratha


He Who Knows The Shape Of Things To Come spends little time seeking his freedom. Instead, he seeks to impart his knowledge to Creation. Maddened by imprisonment, he wishes to see despair and hopelessness descend upon Creation - a living death, for all eternity, that will consume them as he was consumed.

ALLIES: Adorjan, He Who Follows In His Wake, Hegra, Isidoros

ENEMIES: Cytherea, Sadagaris, Wesmaken


The Celestial Worm has blinded itself to the truth. Now, changing and weakened by his stars, he seeks to undo fates and destiny, so that there will be no more people chained to the evil of the Mandate of Heaven. The laws of the world will crumble and fall, so that only the thinnest edge seperates it from the Wyld.

ALLIES: Hegra, Kagami, Talavos

ENEMIES: Isidoros, He Who Follows In His Wake, She Who Lives In Her Name


The Hundred-Thousand Spheres seeks perfect harmony; a Creation where everyone and everything has a place, and that place is serving her. There will be no conflict, no pain, no fear or free will in her perfect world. Only all things singing the glories of Her Name.

ALLIES: He Who Follows In His Wake, Isidoros, Kagami, Zuratha

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Kimbery, Malfeas


The inverted forest seeks a balance. Szoreny wishes to conquer the world, as do his brethern, but he wishes to keep the world changing and different. His world will be an endless struggle as Creation tries, time and again, to throw off the shackles of the Yozi, only to fail again and again, and each time be punished anew, in punishment for the one time that they bound him.

ALLIES: He Who Follows In His Wake, Hegra, Kagami

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Cytherea, Biraszha Haisz, She Who Lives In Her Name


Madness follows the dream, and madness is the dream of Talavos. When all of Creation has their fears and desires brought forth to plague them, when dream and reality are one, he will be free to walk amongst Creation through their minds. Talavos does not seek chaos; he seeks a world where the mind is the only attribute that matters.

ALLIES: Biraszha Haisz, Kagami, Thari

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ghrath


The Word Serpent revels in puzzles and knowledge, and would remake the world so that only the clever might survive, transforming it into a tangled nightmare of double meaning and mistranslation. Under her guidance, strange ciphers take root, and even her own servants must constantly work to understand her.

ALLIES: He Who Follows In His Wake, Kagami, Sacheverell

ENEMIES: Birasza Haisz, Talavos, Zuratha


The Father of Creation wishes to create anew, and that is the desire that drives him. However, his creations will overrun the world, and most will die. This is good. Only the strongest will survive. The world that he seeks is a riot of natural selection, evolution made twisted and evil, and he longs for freedom to unleash it.

ALLIES: The Ebon Dragon, She Who Lives In Her Name, Szoreny

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Cecelyne, Cytherea, Sacheverell


The Caverns That Whisper does not know what he plans. His only grand design is to relearn his grand design, and he is as lost as those who serve him. Zuratha seeks to draw ever-more souls into searching for his purpose, little realizing that this is a purpose of its own; given his way, all of Creation would be fragmented and lost within him.

ALLIES: Kagami, Malfeas, She Who Lives In Her Name, Thari

ENEMIES: Adorjan, Birasza Haisz, Talavos, Sacheverell


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For advance clarification: The Allies and Enemies are those Yozi that the Yozi in question considers to be the same. This is frequently not a two-way street, because Yozi don't see each other in the same light. - FrivYeti

Thanks for producing this. It's helpful, and just reading over it has brought all sorts of ideas for what sort of things Infernals might actually be -doing- in creation, let alone concepts for the sorts of Infernal doing them. I very much appreciate your hard work!
-- Darloth

Not sure if this is useful, but some quick Perl parsing and messing with graphviz produced this:

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Wow, awesome! However, I made a terrible mistake - Thari is meant to consider He Who Follows In His Wake an ally, not He Who Holds In Thrall. I blame the name. ^^;;. Regardless, that's a bloody great chart. :) - FrivYeti
If you do a refesh, chart now has the correction. Also found some misnamed nodes, which are also fixed. The original dot file is here, Probably could be cleaned up some. A command like neato -s -n2 -o yozi.png -Tpng will generate the graph. -- Wordman