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Friday Night Fight!

I designed this as something to do to kill time and / or grow more familiar with Exalted. The premise is simple: Use Exalted like a 2D fighting game. Load it up, generate some characters, and kick each other's ass in an arena.

The rules are simple. Unless otherwise specified, create a normal starting character by the book. You roll on each chart below to determine what the parameters are, or you can just select them as fits your whims.

Each table is constructed so that you simply do a standard 1d10 dice roll.

Allowed Character Types

(Each type allows all types before it, unless otherwise specified)

  1. Mortals
  2. Heroic Mortals
  3. God-Blooded and Heroic Ghosts
  4. Dragon-Blooded
  5. Lunars
  6. Sidereals
  7. Abyssals
  8. Solars
  9. Roll again - ONLY that type is allowed. Ignore 10's. If 9 is rolled again, roll twice for the types allowed, and so on.
  10. Anything Goes, including Fair Folk and Alchemicals!


  1. The Imperial City.
  2. A clash of ships in the Skullstone Archipelago.
  3. Airships fighting high above the frozen wastes of Diamond Hearth.
  4. In the great tree villages of the Halta.
  5. Along the mountain statue of the Lap.
  6. In Yu-Shan during Calibration, for the great festival.
  7. The Well of the Void.
  8. Malfeas.
  9. Wyld Zone! Shifting terrain and mutations may occur. Alternately: On the back of a rampaging Behemoth!
  10. Surprise Setting! Create something on the spot.


(Consult page 237 for modifiers)

  1. Dawn
  2. Day
  3. Zenith
  4. Eclipse
  5. Dusk
  6. No Moon Night
  7. Full Moon Night
  8. Roll again, add fog (ignore results of 8)
  9. Roll again, add heavy snow or rain or sandstorm (ignore results of 9)
  10. Heavy Storm! Check Environment Damage on page 244 for effects. Tailor it to Locale (beware this result in a Wyld Zone!). Roll again for time, ignoring results of 8 or higher.


  1. Roll on the Bonuses table.
  2. No Hearthstones or Artifacts.
  3. No Helpers. (Cannot have Abyssal Command, Followers, Familiars and the like.)
  4. No Backgrounds above 3.
  5. No Martial Arts Charms.
  6. No Combos.
  7. No Merits or Flaws.
  8. Mad Madam Mim Mode! Sorcery attacks ONLY. May not attack in any other way, though other Charms and powers may be bought / activated as normal. Necromancy may be used to attack in Mad Madam Mim Mode. Mortals get all requisite Merits to allow purchasing of Terrestrial Circle Sorcery for free in MMMM.
  9. Roll twice on this table. Both Restrictions apply. Roll more if this result comes up again.
  10. Referee's choice.


(Do not roll on this chart unless directed here by the Restrictions chart.)

  1. Warstriders! Both combatants start with normal (non-Royal or Knight) Warstriders. Roll again if you're restricted to mortals.
  2. Each combatant gets +2 Permanent Essence.
  3. Preparation Allowance. Each combatant may have Sorcery spells cast or Scene-long #Charms active before the Initiative roll, but must pay for such activation normally.
  4. Tag Team! Each player is allowed two combatants.
  5. Demesne! You're in or passing through a very powerful Demesne. Regain Essence at the rate of one mote every round (at the beginning of the round).
  6. Demon! Each combatant has a Demon of the First Circle as an assistant (player's choice of demon).
  7. Experienced. Each combatant has 75 experience points.
  8. Very Experienced. Each combatant has 100 experience points.
  9. Seen it all. Each combatant has 150 experience points.
  10. Shake the Pillars of Heaven! Each combatant has 300 experience points!

-- by RedFox


I originally posted this on here:

Lots of good comments from there I'm still pondering incorporating. Including stuff that I mentioned at the end of that thread.

-- RedFox

Funny Thread! -- Darloth