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When detailing Artifacts, the way to do it is in an Artifact Stats Block

  • Include Artifact rating, type and material
  • Note combat stats, requirements, and commitment
  • If the artifact is made of more than one material, or an unusual material, specify which material it attunes as.
  • As per the core books and to avoid confusion, The Five Magical Material bonus is always excluded unless specifically stated otherwise. This is despite any mention of the type of material used.


Axe of the Dawn</b>
Artifact <b>•••</b>
Orichalcum grimcleaver
Speed +0 Accuracy +1 Damage +12L Defense +0
Requires: Strength 3; Commitment: 8

This ornate golden axe was wielded by the Solar warrior Evander when he fought the Lion of Dusk. Its blade glows with a warm golden radiance, providing enough light to read by up to 10 feet away.
The Axe's statistics include the 5MM bonus for Orichalcum.

<b>Armor of Potence</b>
Artifact 2
Orichalcum breastplate
6L/4B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0
Commitment: 5

This breastplate is inlaid with the image of a mighty bull, with two hearthstone settings for eyes. When worn, it increases the wearer's Strength by 1.

<b>Esmessus' Dazzling Fan</b>
Artifact <b>•</b>
Jade, Orichalcum, and Moonsilver fan
Speed +1 Accuracy -1 Damage +0L Defense +4
Requires: Dexterity <b>•••</b>, MA <b>•••</b>; Commitment: 2 (Jade)

Dapper Dragon-Blooded courtier Peleps Esmessus had this mirrored fan made so that he could surreptitiously check his makeup during social gatherings, but he soon found that the fan's shiny surface could be put to more practical use. If the wielder wishes, he may (as a reflexive action) use the fan to "accidentally" reflect light into the eyes of someone with whom he is conversing, momentarily dazzling them and inflicting a -1 die penalty on the next social roll she makes during that turn. This ability can also be used overtly during combat; if the area is well-lit, the fan subtracts 1 die from any attempts to block it, and from any attacks made against the wielder.

<b>Infinite Wine Goblet</b>
Artifact 1
Black jade and crystal goblet
Commitment: 1 (regardless of type)

Cynis epicures are quite fond of these elegant crystal-and-jade goblets. When the goblet is first filled with wine, the drinker commits one mote. For the remainder of the scene, the goblet remains full no matter how much he drinks. If he empties it out through some means other than drinking (e.g., dumping it on the floor or hurling it in someone's face), it does not resume refilling until he places more wine in it normally. The goblet can only generate wine, not any other beverages.

A variant of this artifact, the <b>Bottomless Beer Stein, is popular among less "refined" Imperial officers.

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