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The Armour Standards

When detailing armor, the best way to do it is in an Armor Statistics Block. Include:

  1. All relevant stats, either written out or abbreviated; these are Soak (bashing and lethal), Mobility Penalty, and Fatigue Value.
  2. The Resources cost.
  3. Any Ability / Attribute requirements.
  4. If an Artifact, note that it's an Artifact, the commitment value, and whether or not your statistics include the Magical Material bonus.


Some people like to do armour stat blocks in monospace (using the "tt" tag).

Armour Name Here</b>
(if necessary) Artifact X; Commitment X
+XL / +XB; Mobility -X; Fatigue X
Resources X


<b>Lamellar Armor
+6L / +8B; Mobility -2; Fatigue 1
Resources 3 [or •••]

Jade Chain Shirt
Artifact 2 [or ••]; Commitment 2
+5L / +3B; Mobility 0; Fatigue 1 (0 with material bonus)
Resources 4 [or ••••] (largely dependent on the market)


I can't actually remember the stats for jade chain, so if I got them wrong, sorry.
~ Shataina