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Dragon-Blooded Glory

Compassion: Magnanimity. This dictates a Dynast's compassion for his fellows and those beneath him in station, as well as the lengths he will go to for those who fall under his care due to the auspices of the Perfected Hierarchy. The Immaculate Dragon Sextes Jylis blesses those who show mercy. This is a virtue of the higher soul. The mirror of this virtue is Pride.

Conviction: Faith. This measures a Dynast's faith in the Immaculate Dragons and the Immaculate Faith, as well as her own place within the Perfected Hierarchy. The Immaculate Dragon Daana'd oversees the precincts of this attribute. This is a Virtue of faith, separate entirely from the higher and lower souls. The mirror of this virtue is Fanaticism.

Temperance: Discipline. This weighs the Dynast's self-control, as well as his spiritual center, that element that allows him to remain calm and resolute in the fact of temptation. The Immaculate Dragon Hesiesh watches those who evince Discipline in all matters. This is a virtue of both higher and lower souls. The mirror of this virtue is Cunning.

Valor: Courage. This attribute represents the Dynast's bravery, her fearlessness, and her skill in hunting and combat. The Immaculate Dragon Mela stands behind those who show courage, especially in the face of Anathema. This is the virtue of the lower soul. The mirror of this virtue is Ruthlessness.

There is a fifth element which does not contribute to one's Glory: Anima, which measures a Dynast's spiritual power. It is equally a measure of one's Breeding and one's Essence, although most within the Realm would point out that those of the best Breeding naturally reach the highest levels of Essence development. The Immaculate Dragon Pasiap oversees Anima. The mirror to Anima is Hubris.

In Play:

Glory, from what I've got so far, does the following:

1) It scales just like Renown, with basically 10 ranks. As far as how it interacts with stats like Reputation and the like, you simply divide Glory by 2, rounding down. If the stats match, Glory supercedes Reputation. As far as deference goes, a character who's got lots of Glory is more than just well-reputed, he's a capital "H" Hero or capital "V" Villain. If he's of equal rank with someone else in a situation, than he supercedes them due to his glory. If he's below somebody in rank, his superior should still accord him a modicum of respect, depending on how high his Glory is.

2) It represents just how important a person is as far as Fate and Destiny are concerned. Important events scheduled to occur in the same area as a person with high Glory by the Bureaus of Heaven naturally draw her in. She becomes central to the mythic storyline that occurs in certain areas of the Wyld, and she naturally attracts the attention of puissant beings nearby in the Threshold, if possible. If Exalts are able to carve out their own Destinies after they take the Second Breath, than Glory measures how well they're doing it. In addition, at really high levels of Glory, even minor encounters take on an almost mythic quality -- if the character's legend spreads, than these encounters become fodder for proverbs, homilies, myths, sutras, and passion-plays. The Five Immaculate Dragons, if they lived, had Glories of 10.

3) If a player generates more than 10 points of Glory in a Story, they get bonus XP.


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