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Name:Vengeful Orchid
Motivation:To create a martial arts organisation to rival the Immaculate Order
Anima:Coiled snake ready to strike
XP Left/Spent: 000/334

2, Charisma 3, Perception 3
Dexterity 5, Manipulation 2, Intelligence 4
Stamina 2, Appearance 4, Wits 4

Caste Abilities- Larceny 5 (+ 2 Organised Crime) Dodge 5 Awareness 4 Athletics 3 (Climb + 1, Urban Areas +1)Stealth 5
Favoured Abilities- Martial Arts 5 (Unarmed + 2, Terrestrial Martial Artists + 1) Lore 4 War 2 (Gang Warfare + 2) Bureaucracy 2 Socialise 2
Other Abilities- Presence 3 Resistance 1 Integrity 2 Investigation 1 Survival 1 Sail 1 Linguistics 2 (Seatongue, Old Realm)

Resources (3) Henchmen (3) Allies (1) Contacts (1)

3, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 3

Willpower 7
Essence 5
Personal 22
Peripheral 54


First Larceny Excellency, Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise
Essence Lending Method, Soul Enlightening Beniface
Ox Body Technique (3l version)
<b>Martial Arts</b>
Infinite Martial Arts Mastery, First Martial Arts Excellency, Second Martial Arts Excellency, Martial Arts Essence Flow
<b>Ill Lilly </b>
False Shell Emollient Attack, Veins of Wood, Attractive Floor Greasing Posture, Stem Branch and Log Approach, Ill Lilly Form, Capability Enhancing Potion Meditation, World Focus Attunement
<b> Ebon Shadow</b>
Image of Death Technique, Wall Climbing Technique, Distracting Finger Gesture Attack, Ebon Shadow Form, Seven Points of Weakness Strike, Limb Immobilising Method, Paralysing Touch Attack, Elusive Flicker Evasion,Blow Concealing Gesture Attack, Shadow Body Style and Shadow Stepping Motion
<b>Tiger and Bear Initiation </b>
Tiger and Bear Awareness, Tiger and Bear Unity
Second Dodge Excellency, Shadow Over Water, Seven Shadow Evasion (Conviction Flaw), Reflex Sidestep Technique
Strength Enhancing Exercise
First Presence Excellency

Integrity Protecting Prana

<b>Charms Combos</b>
"No-One Suspects the White Dove!"
Blow Concealing Gesture Attack, Reflex Sidestep Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion

Buff Jacket 3L/4B soak, -1 mobility, various plant toxins and a variety of wooden weapons (many of which are improvised) including knuckle dusters for close quaters.

Dodge DV- 8 (7 with mobility penalty) Parry DV- 7 (with knuckle dusters) Dodge MDV- 7

Weapons: JadeEnchantress/Ori Tonfa speed 4, damage +6B, acc+1, def +3, rate 3

Orchid is a tall athletic woman in her late 30s, she dresses in a manner decidedly upper class. She has dark brown eyes and long black hair that she keeps tied back, while many would guess from her formal mannerisms and aura confidence that she was in some way a professional, few would guess what that profession was!

<b>Character Background</b>

<b>Early Life and Exaltation</b>
Orchid started out life in Port Calin she was an abandoned orphan who never knew her mother. The only family she ever knew was the White Dove a crime syndicate with designs upon the Shogun’s Throne and a willingness to “bring peace” to those who resisted their attempts at choosing who the next Shogun would be.

Like many of the children Orchid was taught the martial arts and indoctrinated in the White Dove’s right to determine the fate of Calin. As time passed she came to the personal attention of the syndicate’s leader Timon, a powerful Wood Aspected Dragon-Blooded who intended to one-day sit upon the Shogun’s throne.

Timon decreed that her and a handful of other young martial artists would receive essence siphoning directly from his destructive anima. The resultant surge of power would result in their enlightenment or their mercifully swift death, while there were safer methods of bringing enlightenment to their students the White Dove favoured swiftness and despised weakness.

Orchid was not given a moment’s reprieve, as the world around her seemed to expand outward into new possibilities and was quickly thrust back into training. This time the techniques she learnt were those of the forbidden Ill Lily style.

Though she knew she would never master it in the way the Dragon-Blooded could, she persisted with a fierce determination to be the very best that she could be in the hopes that the Dragons would smile favourably upon her and that her next life would be as one of the Dragon-Blooded host.

In the meantime she persisted as the White Dove’s instrument of “silencing” their rivals, Orchid’s icy demeanour made her ill suited towards seduction instead her chosen form of attack was infiltration through various disguises and false personas.

Eventually however, Orchid’s luck ran out on what was otherwise a routine assassination- her target lay prone upon the ground as the paralytic poison of the Scarlet Caldera Lily worked it’s way through his body.

Drawing her knife Orchid bowed respectfully and told her victim that it wasn’t anything personal. As the final blow was about to be struck, his blazing crimson anima flared up, in horror she pulled her burnt hand back the knife falling from her limp fingers.

The man rose to his feet as she desperately attempted to retreat, but quickly realised that this whole thing had been a trap and that now her only chance of escape lay through defeating one of the Dragon-Blooded host with her limited essence and a wounded hand.

Entering into the Ill Lily form she knew she was going to give it her all, she knew little of politics but much of the nature of the Game. There would be no mercy from this man and she would be foolish to give him the satisfaction of an easy kill.

Mortal and Dragon-Blooded locked horns, he was strong and his body burnt everything it touched as he tried to pin down his much faster opponent for a swift decisive blow. She was having none of that, even as the flames started to lap around her feet she was still on the offensive. Her wooden batons now since burnt to ash she continued the onslaught with improvised weapons, a table leg, a serving tray and even a fork which she took grim satisfaction in stabbing him with before it too became red hot and unusable.

Every muscle in her body now ached, that was a comfort compared to her hand and a few places on her legs where a lick of flame had caught her skin. She couldn’t keep fighting but it was all she had ever really known, thus she assumed the Ill Lily posture for what should’ve been the final time when golden light flowed from her body.

Terrified by this new development, her opponent resumed the attack but while he had seemed unwieldy before now he felt outright sluggish. The burns didn’t trouble her so much anymore as her burnt hand now moved freely.

“What are you?” he cried in terror, Orchid’s retort was short but memorable “Vengeance!” she cried as a flurry of attacks brought the Dragon-Blooded low.

Carako (girlfriend), The Circle (jerks I know), Crescent Paws (wife)

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