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Bane of Sorrows Casteless Lunar Exalted

Tell: Teeth are always razor sharp

Totem Animal: Wolf

Strength 5 Dexterity 3 Stamina 4

Charisma 3 Manipulation 3 Appearance 2

Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 3

Abilities: Melee: 5 War: 3 Endurance: 3 Presence: 3 Survival 4 Resistance: 3 Athletics: 3 Awareness: 3 Dodge: 3 Stealth: 3 Lore: 1

Background: Abyssal Command: 5 Manse: 2 Arsenal: 3

Virtues: Compassion: 1 Conviction: 3 Temperance: 2 Valour: 3

Willpower: 6

Essence: 2 Personal Essence: 14 Peripheral Essence: 32


x2 Hybrid Form

Hunter Becomes the Prey

x2 Ox Body Technique

x1 Melee Excellency

Silver Claws

Hardened Paws

Blood Feasting Technique

Instantly Aware

Essence Engorgement Technique

An antagonist in one of my games, he's a Lunar who works for Mask of Winters. His essence is low because he Exalted only a few months ago, his cannibalistic gorging is intended to offset this small essence pool.

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How does a Lunar have Abyssal Charms? - Telgar

They're not actually Abyssal Charms so much as they're abilities that better reflect his nature. Sort of like in Blood and Salt some of the Lintha's God Blooded have Solar Charms.Enchantress