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A listing of the canonical and non-canonical elements by World type. By BrilliantRain

Canon Elements

Gaian Elements

Air - It's air. Associations - north, cold, the color blue, blue jade, the virtue of temperance, the mind

Earth - This includes rock, stone, metal, and crystals in addition to just earth. Assocations - center, hardness, the color white, white jade, willpower, balance

Fire - Fire! Assocations - south, heat, the color red, red jade, the virtue of valor, emotion

Water - Water. Assocations - west, liquids, the color black, black jade, the virtue of conviction, change

Wood - Wood and all plants. Also associated with life and living things in general. Assocations - east, growth, the color green, green jade, the virtue of compassion, life

Malfean Elements

Vitriol - Acid, or theion to. Assocations - corruption. Its elementals are the metody, progeny of Gervesin and thence Ligier and thence of Malfeas him/itself.

Underworld Elements

Ash - The underworld counterpart to Air (Second Edition).

Blood - The underworld counterpart to Water. Assocations - Change is only driven by spilling it.

Bone - The underworld counterpart to Wood. Assocations - The simple perversion of life.

Ghost Flame - The underworld counterpart to Fire (First Edition). Assocations - The withered passions of the dead.

Jade - The underworld counterpart to Earth (First Edition). Assocations - The rigid morbidity of those who only have tradition left.

Prayer - The underworld counterpart to Air (First Edition). Assocations - Air is no longer needed save as fuel for prayer.

Pyre Flame - The underworld counterpart to Fire (Second Edition).

Void - The underworld counterpart to Earth (Second Edition).

Autochthonian Elements

Crystal - The autochthonian counterpart to Wood. Assocations - Enlightenment, serenity, knowledge, divination, inspiration (Scholars)

Lightning - The autochthonian counterpart to Fire. Assocations - Power, drive, authority, divine might, illumination, noble endeavors (Luminors)

Metal - The autochthonian counterpart to Earth. Assocations - War, strength, resolve, resilience, self-improvement, stubbornness (Conductors)

Oil - The autochthonian counterpart to Water. Assocations - Diplomacy, cooperation, discovery, friendship, recreation (Harvesters)

Smoke - The autochthonian counterpart to Vitrol. Assocations - Ignorance, desolation, wickedness, inefficiency, laziness (Lumpen)

Steam - The autochthonian counterpart to Air. Assocations - Health, atonement, domestic life, procreation (Surgeons)

Non-Canonical Elements

Cool - The element that allows stunts to happen. Assocations -

Energon - The meta-element attached to all other elements within Autochthon, making them different from their Gaian counterparts.

Gloom - The Neverborn version of Energon.

SHINY!!! - The element of the Unconquered Sun and his Chosen. Also known by the uneducated as 'light'. When mixed with air and fire, produces sunlight. When forced into a metallic shape via alloying with earth and trace quantities of air and fire, produces orichalcum. Prevalent in Yu-Shan.


I created this page to serve as a listing of all the existant elements and as a place to add new ones that people might think exist and stuff. Feel free to expand the entries and add more assocations and other useful notes about the elements (and if I'm not spelling that word right, would someone please fix it)