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Dragon's Hunter Method
Cost: 2m; Mins: War 2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One turn
Prerequisite Charms: Any War Excellency

The Dragonblooded host often must go after dangers larger then any one of them. To that end it serves them well to work together in a fight to the best of their capabilities and to benifit the most they can from an allies assaults on a foe. When a Dragonblood uses this charm he can benifit from the onslaught penalty an ally has given to a target allready. A Terrestial can benifit from up to one half their permanent essence rounded up.

Example: Last tick a Water Immaculate Monk struck with his claws at a demon three times. The Monk's young apprentice has this charm and uses it. He has an essence of three so his attacks count as if his foe allready suffered -2 to his DV from onslaught penalties.

Flawless Training Protocol
Cost: 8m, 2wp, +1m/fang; Mins: Essence 3, War 4; Type: Simple(Dramatic Action, Speed 6)
Keywords: Obvious, Cooperative, Training
Duration: 2 months
Prerequisite Charms: Tireless Footfalls Cadence

The Lawgivers are not the only ones who can train armies. The children of Pasiap have skills of their own with which they build up their forces. Though the troops they make may be less skilled and the time taken is greater they can raise forces to threaten any mortal nation or with the right equipment delay and threaten the Exalted long enough for the sons and daughters of the Dragons to kill even Celestial Exalted. This charm trains soldiers. A dragonblood can train a number of fangs equal to their Permanent Essence. Additional Dragonblooded using this charm count as having an essence equal to the highest amongst the group training a paticular set of fangs for determining how many they can train.

When training starts the Dragonblood chooses 5 from Melee, Martial Arts, Archery, Dodge, Valor, Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. One option can be selected multiple times. Soldiers gain a number of dots in those skills, virtues or attributes equal to what the Terrestial picked after two months of training in which they get 10 hours of training a week for the two months. This can not raise any skill, virtue or attribute above 3 or above the Dragonblooded's own score in that. A Dragonblood must train themselves however and this charm can not be used to raise a Dragonblooded's own scores.

Pasiap's Enlightened Instruction
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 4, War 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: 2 Months
Prerequisite Charms: Flawless Training Protocol

Pasiap left more then just the secrets of construction and building to the Realm before he left. This charm attributed to him enhances Flawless Training Protocol. It expands the range of choices to include Thrown, War, Integrity, Resistance, Ride, Sail, Survival and Athletics. Furthermore the Dragonblood can now instruct her soldiers in Specialties. Each point of Specialty counts as one choice. Drill is also raised by 1 point to a maximum of three. The same limits applies in terms of how high a value can be raised. If a group are using Flawless Training Protocol only one Dragonblood need have this charm for all the troops to benifit from the increased selection.