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Moxiane’s Dragon-Blooded Melee Charms

Dual-Wielding Charms

These Charms are designed to operate in conjunction with my dual-wielding house-rule (it can be found here, approximately ¾ of the way down) – the important part of which is summarised below:

Characters wielding two weapons at once get a bonus to one of Accuracy, Damage, Defence or Rate to one weapon, called the primary, equal to 50% (rounded up) of the same attribute of her other weapon, the secondary.

Smouldering Coal Caprice

 Cost: 1 mote
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Melee: 2
 Min. Essence:1
 Prerequisites: None

The glowing embers left from a pyre can spark into full flame with only the slightest disturbance, catching the unwary with a burst of heat. Upon using this Charm the character can change his weapon profile, switching primary & secondary weapons and/or altering which weapon attribute gets the bonus. Smouldering Coal Caprice can only be used when the Exalted is wielding two weapons.

Fire-of-the-Mind Stance

 Cost: 2 motes
 Type: Supplemental
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Melee: 3
 Min. Essence: 1
 Prerequisites: Smouldering Coal Caprice

Fighting with two weapons requires a conscious choice as to the method of combat on the part of the Exalted, a decision on what to focus their efforts on. The Dragon-Blood with this Charm can hedge her bets, or focus even more tightly on one aspect of combat. The character’s weapon profile gains another secondary weapon bonus that can be applied to the weapon attribute of her choice – if applicable these bonus dice do not count as Charm dice for the purpose of dice-adders. The use of this Charm must be declared prior to any roll being made, and it can only be used when the Exalted is wielding two weapons.

Guttering Flame Defence

 Cost: 1+ motes
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Melee: 3
 Min. Essence: 2
 Prerequisites: Smouldering Coal Caprice, Stoking Bonfire Style

Fire teaches us important lessons. A bonfire that appears burned-out and cold can be kindled back into temporary life by an errant wind, a painful surprise to the many children who have reached into the ashes for a piece of charcoal to draw with. So too does the character that uses this Charm conjure a defence from nothing, being able to make a parry attempt against any single attack he can see with a dice-pool equal to his Melee plus the Defence of his weapon profile. The cost of Guttering Flame Defence increases by 1 mote for each time that it is used in a single turn, and it can only be used when the Exalted is wielding two weapons.

Inferno Wall Technique

 Cost: 4 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Melee: 5
 Min. Essence: 3
 Prerequisites: Guttering Flame Defence, Portentous Comet Deflection Mode

Trapped in a burning building, those who wish to escape can find themselves trapped by a wall of flame that, though without substance, is impenetrable to those who wish to flee. The Exalted with this Charm learns to imbue some of that nature in himself and his weapons. The character makes a Dexterity + Melee test with against a difficulty of 3 when attacked. If this test is successful then the Dragon-Blood parries the attack, even if the attack is enhanced with Charms or sorcery (although it will not parry unblockable attacks). For the purposes of Rate this Charm counts as a standard attack or parry. Inferno Wall Technique can only be used when the Exalted is wielding two weapons.