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Dragon-Blooded Melee Charms by CrownedSun

Raging Inferno Blade

 Cost:  3 motes
 Duration:  Melee in turns
 Type:  Supplemental
 Minimum Melee:  3
 Minimum Essence:  2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Dragon-Graced Weapon

The character with Raging Inferno Blade can imbue his blade with a crackling aura of elemental fire energy which corsucates around his weapon, inflicting hideous burns on anyone he injures. The flames even dance and flow over someone elses blade, on a parry. Anyone who is hit in combat or tries to parry the Dragon-Bloodeds attack has to soak 4L of fire damage, which is soaked separately from any damage the blade itself might inflict. This extra damage is ignored if you dodge the attack, or if the Dragon-Blood misses cleanly. In addition, this charm causes the targets blade to conduct heat exceptionally well, quickly becoming searing hot if used to parry the Dragon-Blooded's weapon. In addition to the extra damage, anyone who parries the blade must make a willpower roll to avoid dropping his blade as it sears his hand.

Blazing Flame Sheet Method

 Cost:  4 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration:  Instant
 Type:  Supplemental
 Minimum Melee:  4
 Minimum Essence:  3
 Prerequisite Charms:  Raging Inferno Blade

The character's blade flashes alight, covered in a thick layer of white hot flame. With a flick of his wrist, the blade slashes out at one of his opponents. This action fans the thick sheet of flames, which reaches out and engulfs the Dragon-Bloodeds targets and all of those in its path. The flame sheets effect is resolved separately from the normal dice attack, and inflicts a base (Essence + Melee)L of fire-based damage. This damage is resolved as a source of enviromental damage, ignoring most armor and allowing the target to roll Stamina + Resistance (difficulty of the Dragon-Bloodeds Essence) to lower the damage to 2L.

This sheet automatically affects the characters target, and usually starts a large natural flame as well. It can affect an additional number of targets equal to the Terrestrial's essence rating, or double this number if the Dragon-Blooded is tightly surrounded by enemies or otherwise in an enviroment rich in targets.


WHOA!!!! - You seriously need to consider rewording Blazing Flame Sheet. Currently, as an unspecified type of damage which is considered an environmental effect, it will be doing damage levels. Now, I can assume you mean dice, but that's still a very large amount of armour-ignoring damage.
-- Darloth