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Vital Point Blow
Cost: 3 motes
Type: Supplemenal
Duration: Instant
Min. Medecine: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereqs: Dread Infection Strike

Building off the Dread Infection Strike and their own understanding of the flow of Essence through a mortal shell, the Dragonblooded becomes capable of redirecting those energies against the taret's own self, greatly weakening it without ever crossing that fatal threshold.

The Vital Point Blow is not soaked, although defenses which perfectly soak attacks will negate it. Instead, roll the entire damage pool. Each success is the equivelent of a wound penelty that inflicts the target. If the target's total wound penelties (from both injury and the Charm) rise to greater than their Stamina + Resistance, they will fall into a death like trance for the rest of the scene. These phantom penelties will disappear at a rate of 3 per scene.

The Vital Point Blow may be freely comboed with the Charms of other Abilities.

Damn if Haku isn't totally sweet :) DS


Does this apply to armour soak as well? Seems weird for medicine charms... however, if it didn't affect armour soak, then the charm becomes a little naff. Just asking for clarification.
-- Darloth isn't sure if DB charms are supposed to be that naff... but it's rather good if it ignores armour

Yeah, this was a little too buff for Essence 3. So, now it's Essence 4. :) DS