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Harnessing the Pure Blood Technique

Cost: 15m, 2wp; Mins: Medicine 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Duration: Special
Prerequiste Charms: Jade Crucible Method

A rare and wonderful Charm, this power grants its effect by confering a powerful Elemental charge of Essence to the character's seed or egg. When they next copulate their child is almost gauranteed to Exalt and be blessed with an excellent bloodline. A mix of two Exalted will make the strongest offspring but even a mortal lover can produce a potent bloodline. With the lifeforce of the Dragons in them the mother and child are gauranteed to survive childbirth. The roll to determine if the child will Exalt adds one half the user's Essence to the roll, rounded up. Exalted or not, the Breeding of the new child will be equal to the highest of the two, or if they are both equal in Breeding one higher. In the First Age knowledge of this charm was forbidden and illegal as it still mingled the Dragon's blood with that of mortals.

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