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Dragon-Blooded Lore Charms

Sky-Darkening Storm Of The (Element) Dragon</b>

 <b>Cost: 15 motes
 Duration: Scene
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Lore: 6
 Minimum Essence: 6
 Prerequisite Charms: Dragon Vortex Attack

By extending his ability to summon forth his own element, a Terrestrial scholar may eventually learn to call forth a great storm that rapidly boils across the sky for half a mile per point of his Essence in every direction. This storm takes approximately a minute to build, then unleashes a heavy rain of glass, wooden splinters, embers, stone chips or freezing sleet and hail. This mighty ability borders on sorcery.

Life in the area of the storm becomes... difficult. Crops will be damaged, animals of all kinds will bolt for shelter, buildings will suffer, and anyone caught out in it suffers one lethal health level of damage per minute of exposure. This damage can be soaked to nothing, but non-magical armour will rapidly degrade, losing one point of bashing and lethal soak each minute until it falls off in pieces. Survivors have their visibility sharply reduced (+2 diff to Perception checks) and their movement reduced to one quarter normal. Finding food and shelter in the area is also very difficult (+4 diff to all Survival rolls, or +2 diff is the survivor uses magic).

Finally, while the storm is raging, once per turn the Exalt who summoned it may reflexively cause it to manifest a blast of power identical in effect to an Elemental Bolt Attack or Elemental Burst Technique for the normal essence cost. This attack can be targeted anywhere under the storm, and strikes downwards from the clouds rather than across from the Dragon-Blood.

(Oh yes, and two of these storms cannot coexist in one area. They will sort of 'bunch up' where they meet in the middle, but no other effects accrue.)

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Sky-Darkening Storm is a nice idea, although too close to sorcery for me. It's seriously underpowered though, especially considering purely elemental stuff is what DBs should be good at, and considering its high requirements. Resplendence

Okay, I removed the Willpower cost to further differentiate from sorcery, added a Survival penalty which I always meant to put in, and made blowing things up much easier. And now you take damage per minute rather than per five minutes. And it destroys armour. End result: a DB with this charm and a little time can single-handedly puree an army. Or a town.

I know it's still just like sorcery, but it really is just an extension of the DB Lore chain: blast of element, explosion of element, storm of element, really big storm of element. - Falcon