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(Element) Dragon's Breath Awareness
Cost: Generally none; Mins: Lore 2, Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Elemental
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

The breath of the Dragon's is all around in Creation. The 5 elemental energies flow everywhere and through all things including the Dragonblooded. It is natural that they can harness this breath and manipulate in minor ways the power of Creation and the Draconic parent. This charm lets a Terrestial manipulate, create and diminish elemental expressions around them. Their manipulations are never quick or dangerous but can be impressive feats of legerdemein and expressions of their power. Knowing this charm lets one make sculptures of fire or to stir water in a cup or make some small plants grow or twine around you. This charm does not have combat applications as the things it makes move far too slowly to be an effective form of attack. This charm is always considered favoured and while it is 5 charms generally one is only ever able to learn your element. Those who master a Celestial Elemental style are believed able to learn additional forms of this charm. As a small minor bonus any action that does use the element in question gets a 1 die bonus to it due to this characters familiarity with their element. Though this generally costs nothing sufficiently large uses of the charm may require motes to maintain. A fountain sized fire sculpture for example that goes out when you stop putting motes into it.

Elemental Expression Technique
Cost: -; Mins: Lore 4, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Bolt Technique

It is the nature of the elements to express themselves in the world. They are manifest and physical and so when the Dragonblooded have wrapped themselves in a cloak of their elements they can direct this excess of energy. This charm lets a Dragonblooded perform a single free Elemental Bolt Attack as if they had spent their Stamina in motes. This only permits regular Elemental Bolt Attacks not the additional setting allowed by Elemental Burst Technique or Elemental Storm Method. This free use of the charm can not be combined with other such attacks however. Note that this charm only works when the anima banner of the Terrestial is at the 11m or higher level.

Elemental Storm Method
Cost: -(1wp); Lore 4, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Bolt Attack

Sometimes this charm is called "the Dragon's Rage" this charm allows for an additional setting to Elemental Bolt Attack. By spending a point of Willpower when activating Elemental Bolt Attack in addition to the regular mote cost instead of attacking a single target she makes a localized elemental storm above herself. Once every 6 ticks the storm, and on the tick the Storm was created, it unleashes an Elemental Bolt Attack at one of the Dragonblooded's enemies using the same stats that the Dragonblood would have used on that normal attack. Creating this storm attunes the motes spent on the Elemental Bolt Attack for the duration of the scene after which the Storm dissapates. Multiple storms can exist in one area but a single target is only ever attacked once by them with additional storms merely allowing any storm to attack any target within range of any of the storms so long as the two storms themselves are within range of each other or within range of a chain of storms.