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Dragon-Blooded Craft Charms by Jiba

Now, as the Compendium is down, I'll post them here.

Catching the Fire’s Spirit

 Cost: 3 motes per firework
 Duration: Instand
 Type: Simple
 Element: Fire
 Minimum Craft: 3
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Shaping Hand Style

Fireworks are often part of the extensive parties or social events of the Dynasty.In that case, the children of Hesiesh are considered of making the most beautiful fireworks in all Creation. The powders they use paint pictures on the firmament (which sometimes even are able to move), that are almost impossible to create by ordinary mortals. Dragonblooded fireworks contain the very essence of the element fire itself, what make them near miricals.

To create such a gorgeous firework, the Dragonblooded has to work in some of the Essence, which flows through the patterns of the world and so blesses the firework, he is constructing with ordinary materials (a roll on Dexterity + Crafts could be necessary), in the name of the Elemental Dragon of Fire. He has to form the effects of the so constructed firework and the pictures it should show in his mind to complete the work. If the firework is used, it will behave in the way, the Dragonblooded wanted it to.

However, this Charm can not be used to create fireworks, that harm somebody in some way. It is not able to construct grenades or similar things.

Telling the Flame’s Story

 Cost: 3 motes per picture + 1 for each, to animate it
 Duration: Instand
 Type: Simple
 Element: Fire
 Minimum Craft: 5
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Catching the Fire's Spirit

By using that charm, the Dragonblooded is able to control the Essence around him, to create a firework without actually having the proper materials. He simply changes color an shape of the motes around him. By this, colorfull lights spread from the Dynasts hands to the sky to form a beautifull firework, that is even able to move. In this way he does never need to buy expensive firedust to build any fireworks.

He can show as many pictures as he wants (and has the motes for). A 'picture' is considered a single image made of the same strings of esscence and therefore seen as a whole; if a Dynast wants to create a picture of a Terrestial fighting a Zombie Dragon, he has to spend the motes for both the Hero and the Dragon. To animate them, he has to spend two aditional motes on them. A ship with the crew on it would count as one picture and would cost three motes then. Nevertheless, if the Dynast wants to show, that the captain on the ship is someone special, he has to make him an extra picture to emphasize this speciality.

As with Catching the Fire’s Spirit, this charm is not able to hurt someone.


Think I've got problems to define, what size a 'picture' could have. The rules of creating pictures and what a 'picture' actually means are not quite balanced I think. - Jiba