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DB Craft Charms By Han'ya

Iron-Coiled Dragon Meditation

Cost: 2m
Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK
Minima: Craft 3, Essence 1
Prerequisites: Any Craft Excellency

Calling into her muscles the iron strength of Pasiap's majestic coils, the Terrestrial smith can overcome the weaknesses of her own frame to complete her work. This Charm supplements a Craft roll, eliminating up to (caster's permanent Essence score) points of internal penalties.

Serpent-Strangling Attitude

Cost: 4m, 3wp
Type: Supplemental
Duration: One artifact creation attempt
Keywords: Combo-OK
Minima: Craft 4, Essence 2
Prerequisites: Iron-Coiled Dragon Meditation

During the Primordial War, the Primordials sent a great behemoth in the form of a serpent to destroy Pasiap. The mighty Dragon of Earth wrestled with the beast for a full year. The beast had a secret weakness, but this weakness was ever-changing, so that one second it could only be slain by the tears of a garda bird and the next only by a sword that had never tasted blood. At last mighty Pasiap won over it when its weakness became simple suffocation. In the same way, the Terrestrial smith emulates his unyielding will and perseverance to conquer the inherent difficulties of artifact creation. This Charm negates up to (Essence/2) points of penalties to any rolls for the creation of a single artifact due to difficulties with the materials, such as poor quality, Wyld taint, danger or instability, or working with a magical material other than jade. A craftsman with this charm could weave live serpents into a robe or pour unstable and explosive demon venom without spillage. The Essence cost of this charm must remain committed for the duration of its effects.

Craftsman's Summoning Song

Cost: 3m (5m)
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Duration: Variable
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Minima: Craft 4, Essence 3
Prerequisites: Serpent-Strangling Attitude

The Terrestrial sings, chants, or softly hums, and the raw materials assembled before her heed the majesty of the Elemental Masters and rid themselves of impurities, shedding them as blackish grime or smoke. This Charm is a dramatic action taken to purify some form of raw material. Wood cannot, for the purposes of this Charm, be purified. As long as the Dragon-Blood can speak or sing, it obviates the need for mundane tools. Normally, this charm only works on mundane materials, but for an additional 2m, it can be used on supernatural ingredients as well. N.B. that this charm only obviates the need for mundane tools. Any form of occult instrument must still be provided, including the repeatedly-sanctified tools for forging starmetal.

Mastersmith's Mandala Mind

Cost: --
Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: None
Minima: Craft 5, Essence 4
Prerequisites: Serpent-Strangling Attitude, Describe The Dragons' Glory

This Charm permanently enhances Serpent-Strangling Attitude. It increases the maximum amount of penalties removed to the caster's (Essence-1).

Describe The Dragons' Glory

Cost: 3m (4m)
Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK
Minima: Craft 4, Essence 3
Prerequisites: Iron-Coiled Dragon Meditation

Turning her gaze inward, the Terrestrial sees the patterns of Essence within her. Looking out again, she sees them reflected in jade. Guided by enlightened self-understanding, she shapes the jade as if it was an extension of herself. Mechanically, this Charm supplements a Craft roll to work with jade. It decreases the difficulty of the roll by 1, to a minimum of 1. For an extra mote, the Dragon-Blood may lower the difficulty by one more if she is working with jade appropriate to her elemental aspect. The minimum difficulty, however, is still 1.

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