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Animal Connection Enhancement DragonBloodedAwareness/B>DragonBloodedAwareness/I>

 <b>Cost:</b> 5 motes
 <b>Duration:</b> Until Disrupted
 <b>Type:</b> Simple
 <b>Minimum Awareness:</b> 3
 <b>Minimum Essence:</b> 2
 <b>Prerequisites:</b> Sight-riding Technique, Hearing and Touch-riding Technique

This charm strengthens the bond between an Exalted and his familiar, and so cannot be learned without a familiar. The familiar can share up to three senses with its owner up to a distance of Essence miles. If the familiar goes out of this range, its owner cannot share senses with it, but this does not disrupt the charm. It will work again if the familiar comes back in range. If someone who possesses this charm has a spirit-tied pet, the charm will work with it. Dragon-blooded cannot normally have a spirit-tied pet. Usually, this will be an Eclipse Caste who learned it.

<B><I> Disorientation Forcing Prana DragonBloodedAwareness/B>DragonBloodedAwareness/I>

 <b>Cost:</b> 6 motes, 1 Willpower
 <b>Duration:</b> Two turns per dot of Permanent Essence
 <b>Type:</b> Supplemental
 <b>Minimum Awareness:</b> 5
 <b>Minimum Essence:</b> 3
 <b>Prerequisites:</b> (Sense)-destroying Technique

This charm allows the Dragon-blooded to override one of a target's senses so that the target sees, feels, etc. only what the Dragon-blooded does. As the name suggests, it is primarily used to disorient a foe, as this sharing of senses does not work perfectly. If a Dragon-blooded shook his head rapidly, a target might see the world shaking, but not feel it, causing extreme nausea. The Dragon-blooded makes a Perception + Awareness test, and the target does the same. If the Dragon-blooded ties or rolls more, the target senses the same as the Dragon-blooded does. If he loses by one, the target can mostly shake off the effects, allowing him to operate at a -1 penalty for all tests involving the sense overridden. If the Dragon-blooded loses by two or more, the effect is resisted completely. The Dragon-blooded may only override a sense that he has purchased the corresponding (Sense)-destroying Technique. This charm may only be used against those with an Essence less than the Dragon-blooded's.


I thought this one up relatively quickly, so let me know if it looks balanced. It's basically a combination of Sight-riding Technique and Hearing and Touch-riding Technique that only works with a familiar, and for half as far. - HeridFel

I'd make the Sense-Riding Charms a pre-req for this and remove the note about Familiars in pre-reqs. You have to have one or else the charm is pointless, so why mention it there? Also you may just want to put those clarifications into the Charms themselves so it doesn't look so strange. - Telgar

Yeah, those two charms should be prerequisites, though if they are, the charm should do more for the motes. Changed the range to be Essence miles, same as the two pre-reqs. Clarified the spirit-tied pet within the main charm description. - HeridFel

New charm - this one seemed interesting, and appropriate to Dragon-blooded. I was going to make it Solar, but their Awareness charms typically enhance, while this is pretty close to destroying the senses. It also allows some other possibilities beyond the obvious, such as overriding someone's sense of taste and poisoning him, or overriding hearing to enhance stealth. Should it be Essence less than or less than or equal to Dragon-blooded's? - HeridFel

Yes, it should, just like any other magical control effect (I think you can argue that this is one). At the very least, an Exalted subject should be able to resist the effect. - willows