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Okay, where to start.

I created some rules to run a campaign of Naruto under the Exalted system, and to properly do Naruto there were certain changes and additions to be made.

1. Naruto does not have Castes. 2. Chakra(Essence) pools in Naruto seem to be at least somewhat influenced by the characters virtues. 3. A ninja doesnt have 7 dots worth of backgrounds. 4. Ninja use lots of chakra, but dont glow quite like exalted do, certainly not for several scenes.

1. Clearly this is fixed by removing the caste mechanic from the system, and I replaced it with a standard caste of Ninja. Ninja Caste favoured: Athletics, Awareness, Stealth, Martial Arts, Dodge.

2. So far, I have given the characters an additional pool of chakra, which is made up of the sum of their virtues, this additional pool is the chakra which is calculated only from the sum of your virtues. Gaining limit reduces this pool, and if you use the last mote from this pool, it will cause death. This one is still in progress.

3. I reduced the backgrounds to 3, as most PC's start off as Genin or Academy students.

4. I revised the anima rules to take effects over one turn as opposed to one scene. ie, spend 18 chakra in one turn, and you go totemic level glowy for that turn. Also, since ninja dont have caste marks, that is a localised glow in the area where the chakra is being spent ( awareness charm = eyes, MA charm = hands/feet depending on charm, etc ) The downside to this rule i have found is that in this setting, the players are much more free to spend a large amount of their pool at one time, so many high cost charms are reasonably easy to pull off ( I had the misfortune to be unfamiliar with Knockout Blow, and have now seen an entire 50 essence spent, roll 1 die..."Is he dead yet?"...roll another die..."Is he dead yet?"...continue ad infinitum.

5. I have made a few new charms for the techniques used in the series, Diamond/NarutoCharms

Comments / Suggestions

One thing you might wanna consider are the alternate rules to the Aura glow I wrote up a while back. They're over at AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateAura - DS

Thanks for the suggestion, but one of the things I had yet to put up was the slightly revised anima rules I had made, and whilst your system would look right for some anime ( DragonBall and its ilk ) in Naruto the only powerup required is the handseals used to do a technique, and that already kindof works like exalted (reflexive + simple charms). Diamond
Mm. I'm kinda thinking of Naruto himself, and his use of the Fox's chi vs his own. These do actively make him glow differently, in a percievably different way. That, and fights /end/ with people glowing (which is my only real problem with Exalted- Glow is something that should get dimmer, IMO, not stronger as the fight goes on) OTOH, if it worked for your group, excellent. :) DS
On the Other Hand DS