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Session 4 took place on 10-20-2007. In attendance was Orani Mina, Arimus, Ta'lor, and Crys Gattz.

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Out of the Fish Bowl Part 4

As the work progresses on the submersible, Thousand-Hands begins taking suggestions as to who should get to go to the outside world first... And it becomes clear that the engine that Arimus is repairing is not the engine required to make the submarine move. It does something entirely different.

After the weeks spent watching Arimus and others repair the submarine, it is with an anxious pace that Orani Mina approaches Thousand Hands. Once he is available, she bows her head towards him and removes the hood from her cloak. "Lord.", she says quietly. "I have heard that you are looking for volunteers to leave with the outsider to the world outside. I ask that you would consider me for such an undertaking. I could be quite useful to those whom you send.", she says. She then takes a step back and awaits his response.

Crys takes a deep breath and she's got several arguments ready to try an get on the expdation team. "Profit i feel I'd be suited to this venture as I do have sailing skills enough to be of use on this mission and my departure would not overhinder the defenceof the manse and finally as a mortal there may be times when we need to do something unnoticed or get somewhere that a lawbringer might not be suited to as rar a case a that might be....."

Arimus wipes some engine grease off his forehead. He was happy, doing this, rebuilding such a wondrous machine. After handing a large wrench off to a helping hand, he'd stop for a moment.. Staring intently at the engine and muttering something. "..Wait a bloody minute.." Pushing his glasses back and following some copper wiring. "No, no.. Hang it all!.. Wait.." Leaning back and rubbing his oil-covered chin. "..What the hell does this do then?.. Where's the *submersible's* engine?"

Hammer approaches Lord Umari at some point while the work is still in progress, but after it becomes apparent that the effort will -probably- produce fruit. "My lord, the team will need an able leader if this venture is to succeed. While I may not be the most suitable for that job, I believe I -am- the most expendable qualified candidate."

Ta'lor has been, witht he time of the sub being fixed, doing research on those who built the sub, why it was here and what else may or may not be wrong and what else there could possibly be. SO to that end, he has spent time talking with the AI of the Sub and reading all that he could within the ships records and any personal libraries that may still be here.

Umari Thousand-Hands regards Orani, Crys, and Threefold Shadow with his blue eyes. "Fair enough. You three are definitely on the list then. If there are any relatives, close friends, or followers you wish to have accompany you, you may speak on their behalf now."

Hammer nods slightly in response, "Very well. I do, in fact, have a small group who might prove useful. As one of them is my student, it would be remiss of me to exclude him from such a... unique learning experience. The other four are certainly capable of, for instance, standing anchor watches or whatnot."

The conversations with the AI that Ta'lor has are over games of chess. It is intimated that the creator of the submarine was in one of the stasis tubes, but that seems to have disappeared during the submarine's last incursion into the Wyld. It also mentions that the engine that Arimus is fixing is the Tapestry Weaver. The implication is that the sub is capable of two considerable things.

  • 1- It can teleport limited distances.
  • 2- It can survive being in the Wyld with no real ill effects.

Arimus pulls his flask out to take a quick sip, listening to the AI for a moment. "..Tapestry Weaver.. Some manner of teleportation device, eh?" He'd lift a brow when it was revealed that this thing could handle deep incursions into the Wyld. "..!" Eyes widened for a moment, it dawned on him that they could bloody well be IN the Wyld! And not simply the Bordermarches! They could be in there very VERY deep! "..Hang it all.." Grumbling at the notion. If that was the truth, he had no idea if he could get everyone *out* of here.. But, for now... "Where's the drive? The engine that makes this craft move about normally?"

"My sister, Umari.", Orani Mina says quietly. "She is talented in more physical pursuits where mine lean towards history and magic. With no real knowledge of the outside world, other than the word of the outsider, it could not be detrimental to have more than one who could keep us safe. Not to undervalue the skills of Crys, of course.", she says, hurriedly adding the last part on. But the smile she offers Crys is genuine.

Ta'lor looks at the AI as he moves a chess piece, "So the engine, this Tapestry Weaver is what provides power to the sub for moving. And it can let the sub move by transporting it to another location and be in the Wyld without being harmed.. Fantastic," he says. "So once the engine is fixed, we could, in theory move the sub to someplace else, and so on. But, what is keeping people who may want to steal the sub and yourself?" he asks it.

Looking at Arimus he thinks, "lets find out whatelse maybe here," and he loosk at that AI as it moves a game piece. "So, the captain of the sub, Captain .... disappeared on one of your trips? Any idea who might have took him?" he asks. "And is there another engines that provides forward movement to the sub?"

Umari hmms and writes down the names that Orani and Threefold Shadow give him. "We're going to try and send largely a crew of one clan, to minimize inter-clan conflicts. It would not do to have our only exit destroyed by squabbling." He says confidently. "The Gattz clan has been selected due to the fact that they've kept some of the maritime traditions alive." He says, noting that Clan Gattz also has a disproportionate number of Water Aspects to deal with any water hazards they may encounter.

Ta'lor looks at the AI as he moves a chess piece, "So the engine, this Tapestry Weaver is what provides power to the sub for moving. And it can let the sub move by transporting it to another location and be in the Wyld without being harmed.. Fantastic," he says. "So once the engine is fixed, we could, in theory move the sub to someplace else, and so on. But, what is keeping people who may want to steal the sub and yourself?" he asks it.

Looking at Arimus he thinks, "lets find out whatelse maybe here," and he loosk at that AI as it moves a game piece. "So, the captain of the sub, Captain .... disappeared on one of your trips? Any idea who might have took him?" he asks. "And is there another engines that provides forward movement to the sub? <re>"

Hammer shrugs ever so slightly. "Seems good, m'lord. As far as I know, I've never had any problems with anyone of Clan Gattz." He glances around at the others present, one eyebrow sliding upward ever so slightly.

Crys has been quiet like a good mortal when she heard she was cleared to go yay. She's quite happy about that as she nods in agreement with hte leader whil th others are making their cases for subronates. She pauses at Mina an grins back. They are getting out of here!" she pauses as her clan's being selected woah this is like crasy but what an honor here!

"Neither have I.", Mina says, sharing a smile with Crys.

"Oh, the motive engines are on the outside. As for who... it was a Fair Folk Noble. Didn't catch her name, but she's the one who damaged the Tapestry Weaver and caused me to default to these coordinates... Hmm..." The AI moves a piece. Check. "The motive engines require minor repairs. They need the induction coils replaced." Says the AI.

Umari looks at the trio. "We don't know what's outside, and you might not return." He says this with a twinge of sadness. "So make your peace with those left behind and put your affairs in order." He glances at Threefold Shadow. "I'll make sure the shrine to the Unconquered Sun is built and maintained."

Ta'lor looks as he sees the check, "Hmmm," he says as he moves a piece and looks, "I should give the game to you, caus ein one more move you will win," he states. "However...." and he thinks for a moment, "I will wait and see what will happen next. So the Fair Folk noble did it?" he asks as he looks at the AI and thinks, "hmm, the Fair Folk Noble..." and he ponders as he loosk at Arimus, "Well, if oyu replace the induction coils, thant he sub will be moveable. Now if we cna fix thsoe coils, we could go and see if maybe the captain is still alive," he adds.

Arimus sighs, frowning for a moment.. Not at the AI or at anyone in specific, but just at the notions running through his head. ".. You." Pointing at one of the helpers. "Go tell your Lord Thousand Hands that I might have realized a problem in our departure from this place. Tell him I'll tell him about it as soon as I find and repair the *other* engine." Then looking over at the AI and Ta'lor. "Fixing the coils shouldn't be too difficult.. I believe you sir, may be better suited than I for ascertaining the safety and well being of the Captain."

The dragon-blood looks at Arimus. "What? You think this place is touched by the Wyld? Not a chance. The manse's power systems have been off for awhile. If we were in the Wyld, we'd all be raving mutants by now." He stalks off to get the parts for the induction coils.

Hammer bows slightly to Thousand-Hands. "Thank you, my lord. You honor me." He has little enough in the way of affairs to conclude, but that time might be put to use by taking certain objects to the vehicle which he'd rather others didn't know about just yet.

Arimus shakes his head. "No that's.. Oh I'll explain it later. Never mind."

Mina nods at Umari and pulls the hood of her cloak over her head and turns around to walk away and begin preparing her things and to let her sister know they have been allowed to go.

Ta'lor nods, "Oh I am sure we can find the Captain, he has only been missing for ....." and he looks at the AI, since he is not sure how long the captain has been missing. "And if he is still alive, than we can find out more information about whatese is here." he adds to what he was saying. "And since there are hardly anyone of us with the skill to navigate the Wyld with the sub. So we will have ot let the AI handle that for us." and he thinks.

"I think we should make sure all of our supplies are ready. WE will need food, water, cloths, medicine, ammo and the like for our trip. Since we may not be able to get items while out there." and he loosk around, "Plus we will need items to trade or barter with people who may live in the Wyld." and he smiels, "Beides this will be a *fantastic* voyage and one that we should keep a record of for those after us, since we are making history."

The AI hmmms? "Well, the captain has been gone since I arrived here, which was approximately... 1,800 years ago..."

Arimus would, once the coils arrived, install them with.. Zero difficulty. The mechanisms and devices were so simple (to him at least) that he could practically do this part of the job in his sleep. "There we are.. Right then. Should be everything, I do believe." Sliding down a ladder and moving back towards the AI. "...Say.. This lovely vessel wouldn't happen to have some sort of weapons systems on it, would it? Such craft are infamous for that."

The AI glares at Arimus. "No, they were ripped off by the Fair Folk Noble. It was quite the battle. Would you care to see a re-enactment?" He moves another piece, putting Ta'lor in check again.

Arimus blinks. "Oh.. Terribly sorry. I didn't know.. Meant no offense." Backing off, trying to respectfully apologize.

Ta'lor looks at this move, "I give," he says as he turns the king onto its side. "Good game," he states to the AI. "So, you are done with the repairs Arimus," he asks as he listens and nods. "So, shall we start the Sub to see if we cna go for a small jaunt and maybe see what is out there?" he asks those whoa re nearby.

The AI ohs... "Well, I think we need to wait, as some have yet to finish packing..." The AI gestures to the people who have been packing belongings in the berths of the submarine... "Give it a few days, I'm sure everybody will settle down. Just make sure there's somebody assigned to clean the privies... Ugh."

Arimus nods. "A wise idea. Let us stock up on our supplies, or at least ensure they're in order.. And I believe I've earned the right to avoid cleaning the privies."

Time passes...

Arimus is visited in his dreams by a cloaked figure with black veils, standing at a crossroads in the Scavenger Lands that Arimus knows well, the junction of two major rivers, on a boat being piloted by the said mysterious figure. Overhead it is night, with a new moon overhead. "You know you're clever." says the figure, steering the boat. "Too clever to be mortal anymore, really." THe figure lets the moment go silent for awhile. "And such quick thinking and nimbleness of the mind should be rewarded, don't you think?" The figure seems to be smiling behind the veil. "You didn't /have/ to tell them you fixed the submarine. You could have escaped on your own, without retaliation, without ever being caught." The stars dance dizzyingly for a moment across the black sky. Arimus may find he's glowing with a soft silver light now... "And I think your time has come, young Steward..." And the dream fades away.

Arimus stared out over the rivers he knew so well. It was home.. Beautiful, beautiful home. He could almost envision his father's ship going across the waves.. And then of course, he's visited by a strange figure. He opened his mouth to speak, yet, no words came out. He couldn't say anything. All he had time to do was stare with widened eyes, before passing out.

When he awoke.. Well, chances are good, he'd find himself surrounded. What appeared to be a Serval- basically a mid-to-large sized wild cat, would wake up in the middle of the Manse. "Oh.. What a dream.... What a.. What the bloody Hell?" He wasn't ACTUALLY talking of course. Something was wrong. He looked around and saw.. Paws. He felt something thump against the ground, seeing a tail behind him. ".. Clearly, I need to lay off the sauce." Slowly, shakily getting up and meandering out of his enclosure. "..Mercury but I'm 'ungry.." The appearance of such an animal would probably freak quite a few people out.

Somewhere, a pattern spider looks at Arimus' thread of fate, looks at the other pattern spiders. <Upgrade complete. Mortality 3.14 installed on Arimus 311189-7.>

<Segmentation Fault. Core dumped. System rebooting....>

Arimus's eyes went.. WIDE as the pattern spiders began 'system rebooting'. So many.. Memories. So.. Many.. Memories.. No doubt, if anyone was around, they'd be staring at the strange cat that was staring wide eyed and drooling.. Before it went completely crackers and started flailing around, as if having a seizure, howling and screeching and probably presenting itself as a danger to any poor sucker that got near it.

When the call for security is given, Mina is one of the first to respond to it as responsibility for Arimus was given to her by Umari Thousand-Hands. When she arrives, she looks at Arimus carefully before she acts.

People are screaming about an alien animal, and the Manse goes into lockdown mode where people stay in their barracks and lock the doors. Only security and Exalted are allowed out at the moment.

Arimus was still freaking out, his mind slowly coming to grips with what he was, trying to sort through all the old memories.. Betrayal, double-crosses, days of joy, days of pain, countless centuries of information all trying to be recognized at the same time. The feline was now trapped, and it didn't like it. Caterwauling and screeching, slamming itself into the doors, or pacing around and snapping at anyone that came near it threateningly.

Ta'lor looks, "Well hello now," he says to whoever is nearby. "What seems to be the alarm?" he asks as he listens. "There is some alien here? *FANTASTIC* he says with a big grin. "Well comeon, lets go and see what it is. Who knows, it might be something that is new, or form the past." and he stops running. "Or even better, something from the Wyld," and his grin just got bigger. "Think of all that this could lead to..." he says as he heads to see just what this creature is.

Still remaining a good distance away from the animal, Mina gets down on one knee. "Please calm down.", she says, "No one is going to harm you."

Crys has been waiting on things rallyy it's almost time to go right sh's unaware of what's happened to Arimus at leat for the moment. "A wild animal what the heck?" She had just come back and she sees the freaking out kitty! Okay this is no house cat as she heads slowly towwards it but keeping he weapos not drawn at least not yet.... "EAsy there kitty......"

Shadow actually does come to see what the commotion is all about... but then he steps back to the back of the crowd and waits. No sense getting too close, after all, since he has neither skills nor gifts to make him useful in the situation which apparently pertains currently.

Wild eyes stare at all the people surrounding the 'animal'.. Mina's attempts at Exalted sorcery fail, miserably. The animal hasn't attacked yet, it's simply backing away from the others right now.. It's outnumbered, but Gods know what happens when you corner a berserk animal.

Crys has no experiance with aniamls really other than the odd fish that got into the sub decks. So she's not sure other than no weapons, weapons are a bad thing with a critter the girl knows that much then she gets the sense to back off more people might make it nervous right?

Ta'lor looks as he comes up on the creature and blinks, "Will you look at that," he says as he put son a pair of glasses, and he activates his Excellent Emissary's Tounge charm as he looks at the creature. "Hello there. And how did you get into here huh? Can you tell me your name?" he asks the creature as he knelels down next to it, but a safe distance away.

The animal, cornered as it was.. Would, after a short while, seem to calm down. Arimus' brain was finally getting everything nice and neatly sorted, stored, and ready for use at the appropriate times. The beast panted heavily before looking at itself, then at the others, then laying down and.. Looking puzzled, if such is possible for a feline. One claw tapping on the floor, as if it was thinking. '.. Transform, transform, gotta remember how to transform.'

Crys says "hey hold up I think it' trying to do something give it some space." Commenss the mortal now the last mortal in the group. "I think its trying to do something...."

Once Crys says something, Mina stands up. She's rather pleased with herself inside, her charm seemed to have done the trick. Inside of the Manse, she hadn't had many opportunities to use her charms and to have it work in a real situation pleased her immensely. She nods at Crys and takes a couple of steps back, looking down at the animal with her hands visible and spread open.

After several more claw-taps, the beast slowly stands up and shakes itself out. With a most definitely strained look on its face, it slowly.. Grows.. Changing.. Melting into a larger, more familiar shape. A minute later, Arimus is standing there again, looking at himself and brushing his buff jacket off, with a rather impressive frown on his face. "..Hmph." Looking at his glasses for a moment, then throwing them away, and walking for the doors. "We're going to be late."

Orani Mina stands there with an awestruck impression on her face. "Would you care to explain what THIS just was?", she asks, an incredulous tone in her voice as she gestures wildly at where he was just sitting as an animal.

Crys stares at Arimus an says "What the heck? I'm not asking lets get going we are going to be late, however...."She pauses to go find an farmer she asks him to go get something..... and then rturns. "Enough catting around Arimus...."

Shadow steps forward out of the background. "Obviously, he is a Lunar. Since he seems not to have known about it beforehand, it would be a fair bet to say he just Exalted."

Arimus eyes Mina, stopping in place. A small, displeased look, formed on his face. ".. I remember, now. That will be sufficient." Then his head would snap over towards the man who spoke, narrowing his eyes for a moment. "...Hm, so I'm not forgotten after all.. Very good."

Shadow arches an eyebrow at the mechanic. "No more forgotten than the rest of us, Cousin." He pauses, eyes narrowing as well as he studies Arimus. "I wonder, though.... where did your loyalties lie when the Terrestrials murdered me and my kind?" He sighs, flicking a hand dismissively, not waiting for a reply. "Meh, it doesn't matter."

Mina eyes Arimus back carefully. She almost begins to say something when Shadow speaks up. The back of her neck twinges as the tension begins to rise in the area, and as Shadow flicks his hand dismissively, she speaks up again. "For the moment, we owe him our freedom. This shouldn't be forgotten. The past will have to remain in the past for now. For all of our sakes and the lives of the clans.", she says, pulling back her cloak's hood.

Arimus breathes in deep, then exhales. "..Being slain myself, unless my memories are but a lie.." Shaking his head slowly and adjusting his coat. He'd look at Mina for a moment.. Then at Shadow.. Then sigh, and continue walking onwards. "Yes, miss Mina is quite correct.. After you." Making a polite gesture for her to go after him.

Crys is a bit lost at this moment she looks to them for a moment and says "Wait what?" She's missed somthing here she now just well starts to look nervous at this point. but the farmer returns with a small bag and she seems to cheer up a bit at it as she heads to Arimus with it. "humm... All things considered...." She hands Arimu the small pouch.

Threefold Shadow offers a small bow. "Of course, you are correct, Mina. Please forgive me... Arimus." He pauses; the mortal name sits uneasily on his tongue in regard to the new Exalt. "Sometimes remembering so much of my past is as much a curse as a blessing."

Pausing to offer an apologetic smile to Crys, Mina turns back towards everyone. "My sister has prepared our things and placed them in the machine. I will be inside after I give my farewell to Umari Thousand-Hands. Do not worry. I will not be long.", she says, pulling the hood back over her head and turning. She proceeds quickly out of the area. Not a casual, but hurried pace.

Arimus looked at the pouch for a moment.. Offering a small smile to Crys and shaking his head. "Keep it." Then walking alongside Shadow for a moment. "I suddenly know the feeling quite well.. This should be.. Interesting, to say the least."