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Name:DarkPhoenix/B> Auron, Commander of Valiant Steel
<B>Caste:DarkPhoenix/B> Dawn
<B>Nature:DarkPhoenix/B> Survivor
<B>Anima:DarkPhoenix/B> Samurai
<B>Concept:DarkPhoenix/B> Wandering Ronin, Undefeated General

Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6
Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 5

3, Athletics 3, Awareness 5, Bureaucracy 3, Crafts 2, Dodge 2, Endurance 5, Linguistics 5, Lore 5, Martial Arts 5, Medicine 5, Melee 5, Performance 2, Presence 5, Resistance 2, Ride 1, Socialize 2, Survival 1, Thrown 2

Artifact N/A, Backing (Guild) 3, Manse N/A, Savant 5

Compassion 1, Temperance 2, Conviction 4, Valor 4
<B>Virtue Flaw:DarkPhoenix/B> Deliberate Cruelty (Conviction)

<B>Willpower:DarkPhoenix/B> 8
Essence:DarkPhoenix/B> 5
<B>Essence Pool:DarkPhoenix/B> 32/61(73)

Pain Tolerance (+3), Jack of All Trades (+4), Legendary Attribute (Stamina) (+3), Eternal Vow (+3), Tactical Instincts (+2), Well of Strength (+12), Legendary Artifact (+10), Legendary Manse (+10)

Known Anathema (-5), Disturbing (-2)
Auron has been healed of his lost eye and weakened right arm through Mother's Touch


<b>Melee: Golden Essence Block, Dipping Swallow Defense, Bulwark Stance, Invulnerable Redoubt Method, Heavenly Guardian Defence, Five-Fold Bulwark Stance, Solar Counterattack, Ready in Eight Directions Stance
Performance: Respect Commanding Attitude
Presence: Harmonious Presence Meditation, Trustworthy Companion Stance, Respected General's Stance
Medicine: Self-Healing Body, Grievous Injury Method, Bodily Regeneration Prana Endurance: Ox Body Technique x5, Radiant Essence Technique x5, Immaculate stamina Prana
Unleashed Inferno Style: Shoot From The Hip, Capricious Flames of Ruin, Caught With Both Barrels, Lick-Of-Flames Defence, Playing With Fire Kata, Unleashed Inferno Form, Docker's Clutch Method, Match to the Kindling, One Last Shot
Sol Invictus Style: Dawn's Cleansing Light, Shining Solar Pillar, Heavenly Arrow Meditation, Howl of the Iron Wolf


A mysterious man with an equally mysterious past, Auron awoke floating in an oasis in the middle of the Southern desert, an oasis with a massive sandstone pyramid in the centre of it. When he awoke, he had a sword, a wounded arm, a missing eye, an empty sake bottle, and no idea how any of it happened. He knew he was a Solar, but had no idea when, or how, he had reached his Exaltation. He set about rediscovering himself, travelling far and wide through the Southlands, even gaining favour with the Guild, but there was something calling him back to the Oasis and the pyramid-shaped building therein, so he rounded up a team and went back to where it all began...

Taking with him the allies he'd acquired through his services with the Guild - a fellow Dawn Caste he feels some deja vu about, a gun-slinging Lunar Swordsman with a penchant for summoning Demons, and a seemingly normal mortal guitarist, with knowledge no mortal should possess - he returned to where it all began, the Oasis which, through unknown magics, could be anywhere in the desert, appearing when he desired it. There, in the 'welcoming chamber' of the pyramid, they discovered a hidden passageway, openable only through an Old Realm sigil 'keypad', leading deep into the catacombs below. There, Auron found his origin's stretched back further than he could ever have imagined...

Deep under the sands, the unlikely group discovered vast caverns strwen with animated vines, creatures born of lava, a room made of white jade, with a single half-pillar in the centre, a flooded room with relics of forgotten ages, and rooms in which gravity did not always apply; things which did not fit with the Oasis outside. To add to this was a library with seemingly no end. It was here, as they restored the systems of the Manse catacombs, that Auron discovered that once, he was The Commander of Valiant Steel, Lord of Bikanel Fortress, the Supreme General of the Southlands. Unlike most Solars however, Auron wasn't reborn, he was still the same person he was when he first Exalted, over four thousand years ago...

As the power returned to the Manse, so too did Auron's memories return. The Manse he was working to repair was, in fact, Bikanel all along, hidden for the past two thousand years under the sands; hidden even from the Loom of Fate itself. The Manse contained areas aspected to all Exalts of the First Age, but, over the past two thousand years, as Creation shrank, the bottom level of the Manse had fallen to shadow, becoming a shadowlands. However, through the efforts of Cid, the AI of the Manse, and IDE, the guitarist he'd brought along, who turned out to be an Alchemical Exalted, the spread of the shadowlands had not only been halted, but contained, and harnessed. As well, a second level of the Manse, just above the shadowlands, was converted by IDE into an Alchemical vats. The end result: Bikanel now had access to all 10 Aspects...

As Auron's strength returned, so too did old allies, only in new bodies: his triumvirate of Sidereal advisors, his Eclipse-Caste herald (and First Age daughter to boot), and, most importantly, his Lunar mate, reborn. With them came the full story of his fall from grace. Mere months before the beginning of the Usurpation, Auron had a run-in with a Solar sorceress. While the reason behind the battle remains a mystery, the after effects were not. The cuse, lain upon his soul by the slain Primordials, began strengthening it's hold rapidly, and would soon consume him. With this in mind, Raihen, one of the three, a Sidereal who forsaw he would be needed in the future, took it upon himself to resolve the situation...

Through his Fate weaving and Martial Arts, Raihen tore the corrupted Essence from Auron's soul, and through this, Auron fell into a deep slumber. To ensure the General's survival, Raihen then hid Bikanel from Creation, through a combination of Fate weaving and Bikanel's own functions, with Auron's weakened body inside. Then, through Auron's mate's wishes, her soul was set with a destiny to be reborn when Auron arose, and she rode into battle to fight in his stead. Finally, Raihen assured that the three would be assembled once more when the great General arose, but all these weavings took their toll, and his body failed him; his work, however, was done for now...

Now, the fates intertwine once more, and Bikanel again rises from the sands, assuming its former glory. In the end, perhaps it was for the best Auron survived; it was said that if those three soul bound to Bikanel fell - Auron, his mate, and Raihen himself - then Bikanel would be destroyed. Now, the General lives once more, and begins amassing his army, to take back Creation from those who betrayed their masters...


Auron appears to be in his mind-twenties, despite being closer to four-and-a-half-thousand years old, and stands about six foot three. He has wavy black short hair, a fair tan, and a scar running along the left side of his face, across the eye; until recently, that self-same eye was useless.

At all times he wears a black tunic, with a collar that reaches his chin, and a matching pair of long black pants; the tunic is an artifact. Adorning his feet is a pair of metal-tipped fighting boots, not quite God-Kicking boots, but close.

Finally, he wears a long red coat, with the sleeves widening as they approach the wrist, where they become almost as wide as his waist. The coat is secured closed by a thick belt around his waist. He only ever keeps his right arm in the sleeve however, preferring to keep the left out, holding it in the coat as though it were in a sling; like the eye, this was, until recently, because the arm was weaker than normal, but it now just habit. When he goes into combat, he slips the coat off his left shoulder, freeing his arm, and leaving the coat dangling.

In the Age long past, the Age some savants dub 'the Zeroth Age', the Age in which the Primordials still lived, Auron gained vast power. So great was his strength, that he drew the attention of two of the great powers in the coming Primordial War: Autochthon, the Great Maker, and Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun. From Autochthon, he received two great gifts. The first, the Ultima Weapon, forged especially for use in the coming conflict, with power to rival the Primordials themselves. The second, Bikanel, the Flying Fortress, the largest Manse in all Creation, using all 6 Magical Materials, and with the strength of Exaltation itself.

From Sol, Auron received a special boon. Through the strength of his soul, Auron had forsaken the bindings of his Caste, becoming all Castes at once, and attaining true mastery over Sol invictus Style, and for his effort, he was greatly rewarded. Sol empowered Auron with a measure of his own power, moreso than any other Solar, and in return, Auron gained a body that would never age, and would never die unless killed, for as long as the sun itself still travelled the sky. This, in turn, changed Auron's Caste mark, becoming an amalgum meshing all five together. The boon also gave Auron special sway in the Celestial Bureaucracy, although the exact mechanics are, at this time, not specified.

<B>Expanded BackgroundsDarkPhoenix/B>


Auron has the following artifacts:


Auron has access to the full power of Bikanel, which has yielded the following Hearthstones:

  • Gemstone of Heart's Purity, Level 3, Solar Aspect
  • Formless Stone, Level 4, Lunar Aspect
  • Home's Hearth, Level 3, Sidereal Aspect
  • Gemstone of Murder, Level 2, Abyssal Aspect
  • Crystal of Plane Alignment, Level 3, Alchemical Aspect
  • Gust-Motion Rock, Level 1, Air Aspect
  • Stone of Earth's Fortitude, Level 2, Earth Aspect
  • Sphere of the Revolutionary Dog, Level 3, Fire Aspect
  • The Bloodstone, Level 2, Water Aspect
  • Gem of Many Roots, Level 2, Wood Aspect

This is his post-experience statistics. His starting stats can be found here. He was created using Sol Invictus