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Solar Charms, yay!

Cause, really, there just aren't enough broken Solar Charms yet... ;)

To My Players - The Willpower, Melee and Lore Charms are available to gank as though wilt. The Permanent ones are not- I'm not confident enough in my Charminess. :)

DariusSolluman/Willpower - Willpower based Charms. Charms that use Willpower in place of an Ability, focusing around enhancing Willpower use and Virtue channeling.

DariusSolluman/PermanentCharms - Permanent Character Enhancers. These Charms are more fundamental improvements on the nature of the Solar Exalt than the earlier ones- more akin to Ox-Body Technique and Suprise Anticipation Method

Charms/DariusSollumanSolarMelee - Some Melee charms of mine, focusing on actually connecting with your foe.

Charms/DariusSollumanSolarLore - Some Lore charms, focusing on breaking persistant magics during a fight

MartialArts/HourglassStyle - The Hourglass Style, the only martial arts style I've ever made. Had some positive feedback :)