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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

This series of entries best read after Sigilistic Hero's of Chaos summeries.

A Tiny Town with Big Problems

I landed my Stormwind Rider a mile or two away from town, it was only polite, plus I don't know if their pallicade could have taken the winds, half less their houses. That spell is so useful, almost worth the trouble sorcery gives me, speaking of which I'm just going to have to deal with the drawbacks for now, there isn't a drug besides ale within a league of here, damn poor planning on my part. At any rate, I walked the last strech and was um... welcomed... into town, the peasents were quite paranoid, I suppose with good reason, that damned annoying pirate and his crew of misfits, minus the breath of fresh air Jasala, had been telling them how deep a hole they'ed dug themselves in with dealing with Dynasts. Well the whole town thinks I'm here to cause trouble and it doesn't take long for that walking belt and his crew to see whats the commotion about, no problem we hit the eatery, thats right the only bloody one, and start talking. Aparently the only reason something got done was because of Kaiju, the braggart had yet to do anything useful with the possable exception of nearly getting burnt at the stake by the townsfolk but he couldn't even do that right. So Kaiju had convinced Vudra the leader of the hawk spirits to attend a meeting, and Jasala had convinced Mia to attend the meeting, and Mako the mentaly challenged tried to get Mia to love Vudra, and Mia the Mayor and a reasonable person kicked Mako into the street with his retarded idea. Later that day the meeting was held, the pair couldn't negotiate their way out of a open courtyard, so a little push to bend their demands, and it was good. Now we had to deal with the problem, that is the dragon of tight-asses coming, and the tresurer. Sigh I should have seen it coming, but one discussion with Vudra and I learned that fish face and Kaiju were Lunar exalts, useful knowlege to say the least. I aranged for the women and children to be up in the mountains while the town had guests, just in case. Our guests will be here tomorrow and I can't get to sleep, I have a bad feeling about this Mnemon Rafel, he's a fanatic and a trained Immaculate, if something goes down meat-shield and Kaiju may not be able to deal with him and his companions.

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