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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Thoughts on The Black and White Treatise

For the extent of my exaltation and even before I have read these books, at first (prior to my exaltation) they seemed far more complicated than they really were. My exaltation cleared up some aspects of these books, as one without the ability to wield essence can only view the theory from a distance, but there remained far to many questions to work with the books in a practical manor. Those questions were answered when I gathered enough of my birthright from my Solar essence, by "streching" my essence and meditation, I gained the capacility to use my charms more often, but more than that it allowed me a great insight into the workings of essence in creation, thus unravilling key mysteries within the books, and allowing me to truely begin my studies. Put simply the Black and White Treatise are guides on how to shape creation. As I learned I realized that these books could not have been written by a terrestial exalt, the writing was from an unbiased distant view, an elemental exalt would have felt this magic on a very personal level and that would have been reflected in the writing, therefore these books were probably written by a Celestial exalt, most probably Solar, but that may be my vanity. The primer book contains the core of all sorcery within it, while the other contains examples. If one were to compair these books to poetry, the White Treatise would be a dictionary, providing all the tools but giving no center, the Black Treatise would be a book of haikus, providing a center, a foundation to build on. Theoreticall any spell could be constructed using these tools, its just a matter of getting the rythem and rhyme right.

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