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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Thoughts on House Cynis

Ask any non-Cynis Dynast what they think of house Cynis and they'll tell you we're decadent hedonists, with no political amitions, who's only goal is to be nice and rich so we can spend all our time doing drugs and having sex. Ask a Cynis what she thinks about that and she'll just smile. My family care deeply about the Realm, with out us the whole island falls into chaos. We have it all, man power in the form of our slaves, military might in the form of the ever effective "Red Piss Legion", we are the sole source for your Dynastic medicines, we're the people to talk to about the scavenger lands, we've got our fingers in all the pies, and we are set up to win. If only the three old women would take action, still convinced they can remain neutral in event of a war, they have a full board, yet refuse to move half the pieces. So another Cynis must take their place and lead the underdog to victory in the race against chaos.

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