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This theme is Ice Walkers.

Jaida Cutting Wind

A rugged woman, standing almost impossibly tall at 7'2, calling herself "cutting wind", wielding a grand daiklave made of Orichalcum. Would you argue with her? This tall Dawn Cast Solar Exalt has taken the position of Tribal Leader of a group of Northern Barbarians. She scoffs at the idea of that lousy Bull of the North and sticks to her own agenda, War. She and her smallish barbarian horde raid the towns they want, taking only what they need to survive and then leave traveling onward 'til the next time they run out of their supplies. Ever challenging the wimpy Wyld Hunt to 'come and get her' she awaits the day she is bested in combat by the lousy Dragon Blooded. Her life prior to exaltation was one that was boring. Stagnant. Wake up, do farm-yard chores, pray, sleep, repeat. Her parents were poor farmers in the south-east and when she was little she would aways dream of being something better, going places she didn't think possible, ruling small regions... then the sun exalted her. The awkward little girl the sun exalted, with her feet too big, she was too tall, her hair too pale blonde, she was utterly unnoticeable, and not very talented at wielding a sword. But she exalted as a Dawn none the less and was forced to flee everything she ever knew. She was found by a raiding barbarian party and was taken back to their 'mystic' a no moon lunar. This Lunar could see her exaltation, so the old Lunar shook her head and told the small girl that she was not really a demon, as everyone may think. Just a poor misunderstood child. And she had to go home. Jaida refused and lived among the barbarians. Training with them she filled into her role beautifully. She grew tall, and mastered the sword, among other skills. And found herself to be a natural leader. When she was old enough she went to the Lunar and told the old Lunar that she wanted to be the leader of the barbarians. The Lunar laughed and they had a co-leadership for a time. But the old lunar truly was old and died in the dead of winter. Leaving Jaida to rule in her wake.



Chukk's only real memory is the smile of a woman that had been close to him. When he thinks about that, he almost remembers what it felt like to be alive. It was such a smile that allowed him to break free from the abyssal who raised him as an exquisite undead aide. He'd been ordered to kill Mira, but her smile was so like his memory that he couldn't bring himself to do it. His rebellion so surprised his master that killing him instead had been easy. He could never tell if his love for Mira was real or some kind of necromantic control that had transferred to her, but he loved her just the same. She loved him as well, in her way, moving north with him.

In the frozen north, you see, he need never decay.

Life, if such it can be called, was hard in the tundra, more for Mira than him. During a blizzard, Mira vanished, whether by accident or with a purpose, Chukk doesn't know. He still searches for her, though, seeking her out among the tribes and hunting parties scratching out an existence in the ice.

- Wordman

Cold of the Cold Cold

Cold was born of the cold and that is almost all that he has known. Born of things wyld in the far North, Cold has known what it means to have frozen over, his bones and essence are made of the ices of the North and his temperment is as cold as his skin. Cold leads a small group of deformed Ice Walkers that live on the very edge of the wyld, and sometimes unknowingly within parts of the wyld, except to Cold himself. Each of the adult Icewalkers in the tribe has lost a limb to frostburn, and many have been touched by the wyld in such a way as to have grown an extra one. Cold leads this ruthless group of deformed barbarians in many raids, both against the fair folk and against other barbarian tribes. He is ruthless in his vengence and thus so are the barbarians he leads.



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