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Twilight Permanent Charms

Luminescence of the Evening Sky

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Required Caste: Twilight
Minimum Craft: 3
Minimum Investigation: 3
Minimum Lore: 3
Minimum Medicine: 3
Minimum Occult: 3
Minimum Essence: 3
Pre-Requisite Charms: None

The Descending Suns Anima can, if they are lucky, save them from considerable pain if they are prepared to use it in defense. Unfortunately, this effect is hardly constant, and at times it does not work at all. With Luminescence of the Evening Sky, this is less so. When activating their Anima, the Twilight reduces the damage by their Permanent Essence withour rolling. This can typically reduce a crippling attack to a mere scratch. This ability superscedes the Twilight's normal Anima Ability, replacing it entirely. The cost to activate remains unchanged.