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Eclypse Permanent Charms

Illuminated Shadow of the Shielded Sun

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Required Caste: Eclipse
Minimum Bureaucracy: 3
Minimum Linguistics: 3
Minimum Ride: 3
Minimum Sail: 3
Minimum Socialize: 3
Minimum Essence: 3
Pre-Requisite Charms: None

The Quills of Heaven have the talents required to manipulate essence in the same ways as other Exalt types. Their versatility is a great advantage, though the cost to learn and use these Charms is great. With Illuminated Shadow of the Shielded Sun, their powers become a bit easier to utilize. Once the charms are learned, an Eclipse may use the powers of the other Exalts and Sprits almost as well as those the charms belong to. They may activate any of these charms at double their normal cost minus one mote per point of Permanent Essence the Eclipse has, Though this cannot reduce the cost of the charm to below its normal cost. This does not reduce the double willpower cost for out of type charms. This ability superscedes the Eclypse's normal Anima Ability. The cost to activate remains unchanged.