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About Me

Hi! This is, like, my user page. I can't get enough of Exalted, but maybe that's because I haven't had many chances to play it.


After receiving the "Exalted is like Anime!" speech from a friend, I gave in to my curiosity and watched some. Not only did I discover that anime wasn't completely lame, but now I've started seeing inspiration for Exalted EVERYWHERE. It's terrifying.

If you want to see Exalted in anime form, go watch Claymore. I'm not even joking. It's not just similar to Exalted; it IS Exalted.

The characters in Claymore could either be dark Solars or Abyssals on the path of redemption. I have to stop myself from calling out things like "Solar Counterattack!" and "Seven Shadow Evasion!" during the fight scenes. It's a fantastic visual reference for what high-Essence Exalted combat should look like. Especially high-Essence, grand daiklave, Solar or Abyssal combat, if you're into that kind of thing.

Exalted Offerings

Mostly Lunar charms here.

I should mention that all of this stuff is First Edition, because the last time I played Exalted, there was nothing other than First Edition!

As if Lunars needed more awesomeness. They don't, but you'll find it here anyway. CJayEnd/LunarBoneShaping

A few higher essence healing charms to complete your ultimate regenerating cheerlead- I mean, Lunar. CJayEnd/LunarSurvivalandHealing

Things about canon Lunars that actually bother me. CJayEnd/LunarConcerns

You may have noticed that I'm a fan of the Lunars. DEAL WITH IT.

Wiki-ed Links

Myriad's excellent essay on charm theory and construction can be found here: TheMyriadOfShades/CharmTheory

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