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Lunar Concerns

I get confused, from time to time, with the Lunar charm trees. I mean, I get that certain oddball charms get thrown into somewhat related trees to avoid making tiny and very specific charm trees all over the place. But it just seems so wrong! I mean, look at Serpent Eye Defense. Yes, it is a dodge enhancer (and a very cool one, but that's not the point!), and I totally see why it's been placed in the dodge charm tree, but it's just so different from all the other charms. They all use some form of movement to enhance or create dodge opportunities, while Serpent Eye Defense lets you look at someone and disrupt their attack. I strongly believe that this charm should require Unspeaking Aura of Dread as it's prerequisite, but then that would defeat the whole purpose of organizing the Lunar charms by what they accomplish, rather than how they accomplish it.

And don't even get me started on the Ranged Combat trees.