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Zenluasticoroolisun, The Flickering Star

Demon of the Third Circle, Unknown Soul

In Malfeas there is a single sky and it is light by the Green Sun Ligier. In that vastness there are many little stars. These stars are the bodies of demon's who wished to know too much and were cast into the sky by Orabilis and burn until they are snuffed out. However there is another star that flickers bright and dark in the sky. Not enough to cast its own light to challange Ligier just bright enough to be noticed. This star are the twin dragons Zenluasticoroolisun. One the as dark as one can be without being the Ebon Dragon while another is as white as the purest of earth jade the two constantly fly around chasing each others tails and glowing softly in the night sky. Even with two bodies they are a single demon.

In the demon cities there are many mysteries and the Flickering Star is one of them. They did not exist during the Primordial War nor did they exist through much of the First Age. Those who are wise place their existance somewhere near to the Ursupation. Those who wish to know more about them find themselves having to deal with Orabilis. What souls they have is unknown and no demon has admitted to being one of their souls but many demon has a theory. Though they have never been compelled to enter Creation they would not answer whose soul they were even if they were asked. Some things not even Sorcery can force from a demon.

Since they started to exist in Malfeas they sometimes have been seen travelling in other shapes through the Realm. When they travel they travel as a pair of four winged dragons, or a pair of humans or sometimes as two dear. The one that is dark is always male and the one that is light is always female. They refer to each other as husband or wife, brother or sister or coworkers or friends. They refer to each other using a single syllable from their name. The name they use is not connected to any form though it will be constant through a meeting with them as will how they refer to themselves. No matter what they call each other though they are friendly, helpful, supportive and even intimate with each other. In fact the one thing they can be said to is helpful. They help everyone though who they choose to help seems to have no grand purpose to it. Of the Green Sun Princes they have offered not special aid to yet.

Summoning: (Obscurity 5/5) No sorcerer has ever called up Zenluasticoroolisun. By the time it was known to anyone in Creation there was none left to summon it. A large enough group effort might bring them into Creation though.

Motivation: To be helpful. Their intimacies seem to be related to those who work together and they have a spot in their hearts for the Dragonblooded and to the Stars own children.

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 4, Valor 2

Traits: 21 dice for all rolls.

Sample Powers:
Wise Hearted Unity: - Their support is the bane of spies and traitors everywhere. Those in a social group they are helping must fail a conviction roll to work against the group. They also will roll at least three dice for this roll and without a perfect mental defense can not spend willpower to ignore a successful roll.
Beautiful Genisis - The Neomah make strange patchwork children from the flesh of others but the Flickering Star can give birth to more wonderous life then their limited abilities. A sorcerer can demand they lay with each other in which case they will birth a behemoth more or less to the summoner's requests though such creatures are never bound. Laying with a Dragonblood can ensure the birth of another dragonblood of the purist bloodlines. Sharing themselves with other powerful entities can produce unique and potent children .
Terrible Breath - As dragons they can unleash a terrible brilliance when they combine the white and black light they can breath out. Such an attack they will only use during Calibration outside the Demon Realm but it can be likened in potency to the Godspear of the Five-Metal Shrike.

Willpower: 10 Essence: 10

Other Notes: In the face of Abyssals and Deathlords they will shirk off any sorcerous binding and attack with all the fury and power they can muster. To everyone else they are suspiciously helpful for the soul of a Yozi. Presumably whatever help they give serves their master more in the long term but how it does so doesn't seem revealed yet.


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