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Hidden in the mountains between Gem and Paragon, there is a manse. This manse is the base of a group of bandits who call themselves the Crimson Brotherhood for the red scarves they wear when they go to raid caravans and travellers passing through the area. The manse, a building cut into the side of the mountains, is a level 3 manse that produces the Hearth's Fire stone. It is actually level 4 fire manse but could not be completely capped. Several eternally burning flames are found throughout the manse as its excess energies are directed into something harmless.

The Crimson Brotherhood has always been around, even if it wasn't always the same group. Often times they would be killed to the man, but some other group would take up the name and the Brotherhood would raid once more. Now though they are famous, their name known thoughout the wide south.

The current group is a small group of about 20. However, they have been greatly successful due to two things. There current leader, Crimson Glass is an outcaste from the Blessed Isle and his leadership has made them a force to worry about. The second factor is that this brotherhood has a large number of exalted in it. These members are...

Crimson Glass, Fire Aspect outcaste member of house Tepet. In his bitterness he took over the band when it was ran by a mortal but since then he has enjoyed his life as a bandit for the last 8 years.

Water Orchid, a water aspect sorceress who comes from the Lap. She keeps her past to herself and for some reason always has a red scarf on. She has been with the group 4 years now.

Excellent Rain, a casteless lunar. She was saved from a small and poorly lead hunt by the two Dragonbloods 2 years ago and has happily worked with them since. Though the details of why they did it remain a mystery it is known that Water Orchid was the one who pushed Crimson Glass to do it.

Versai Canos is a young boy of maybe 15 summers. Quick, nimble and with a smart mouth he is the cousin to one of the mortal members of the group. He came to the group one year ago, having ran from his home after his exaltation as a night caste.

Arra joined up shortly after Versai Canos did. One of the Delzahn she fled her tribe after she exalted as a dawn caste during her trip to choose what sex she wanted to be. Since then she has completely abandoned her old cultural ways and is one of the bands strongest arms on the battlefield.

Finally there is the sometimes seen mystic who advises or teaches them. His name is Day Moon Shadow and he is one of the Sidereals. Assigned to watch the group by the Gold faction and lead them to be something more then just bandits he has found himself with a little too much exalt for him to handle and mostly tries to keep them all from getting killed while he waits for the Gold Faction to do something since his last report he sent in on the matter.

This group could easily be used as a foe to be dealt with, or perhaps characters could be new members of this organization. As time passes, Crimson Glass will look to expand his powerbase, perhaps even becoming his kingdom in his own right. Unless something serious happens to show him unfit to lead, the others wont see any need for a change in leadership.