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Before the Realm Defense Grid had been constructed and before the Solars forced order and reality upon the Wyld another technique was used to protect Creation. Great obelisks, swirls and mystical patterns of moonsilver inlaid upon them barred both Wyld and Fair Folk alike from entering Creation. They did this task wonderfully. In time though they were pulled down. With the Defense Grid and the constant pushing back of the Wyld they were no longer needed and the metal could be used for more important things.

The Lunars though remembered how to craft them. Their No Moons kept the lore. In time the Solars were pulled down by the Dragon Blooded and the Grid went silent. The Contagion struck and the Wyld charged in. To be sure this act took the Lunars by surprise as anyone else. Still the Fae were thrown back by the Grid when a young soldier of the Shogunate entered the Imperial Manse and threw them back with the ancient devices of the Solars.

Since then the Lunars have not been idle. Though their early efforts were ruined by the invasion their work is faster now with less Creation to worry about. New obelisks have been created and burried along the middlemarches along the borders of Creation. The plan is a simple one. A plan that requires and calls upon heros to make it work. A plan that sings to the Lunar spirit. Their new wall is almost complete. All that remains is to invade and crush the Realm. There are No Moons left who know how to use what will be found within.

Taking ahold of the Imperial Manse they will burn the shadowlands and Deathlords away. Then with that done they will use the Grid for one final act. To draw up and activate the obelisks burried about Creation. It is fitting to the Lunar minds that the great device of civilization past, that caused the removal long ago of Lunar's invention will as its last great use will be in rendering the need of it useless. Creation will be safely bordered off. The Deathlords gone and the Realm removed Creation will be able to enjoy a true utopia under the guiding ways of the Silver Way.

The elders know of the fullness of the plan. There is a role for all Lunars in it. From the warlords such as Ma-Ha-Suchi who will bring down the Realm's Legions to Raksi who kept the lore for the great stones that will be the new walls of Creation to those like Seven Devils Clever who will help to remove the stains of the corrupt civilizations such as Nexus. Creation of course must stand until this great Plan can be completed and there is work for all of Luna's children in this plan whether they know it or not.


Interesting idea. Very, very interesting. I would note that the Solar Exalted, while probably happy to assist in Steps One and Two (throw down the Realm, assist in powering the obelisks), aren't going to lay down and play dead for Step Three (Lunar rule). With (hopefully) greater wisdom, the Solars can probably build societies that aren't as dysfunctional as those that currently exist, without lapsing into the savagery the Silver Pact promotes. A very interesting backdrop for a campaign. - MoonSword

Well without a cure for the Great Curse all the plans of the Solars setting themselves up as leaders and building societies will be for not. At least lunars becoming isolationist will not affect their way to promote the safety of Creation. This isn't about wether the barbarism or civilized ways are better but a way the Lunars have devised to fulfill their duty to protect Creation. -BogMod
It depends on the nature of the Great Curse, frankly. There remains the fact that the Solars retain the Mandate of Heaven and aren't likely to play along for Step Three. My perception of the matter is that I'm not terribly fond of the Silver Pact as presented in the Storyteller's Companion. Also, I'm relatively optimistic regarding the Solars and think they can hopefully overcome the curse of their past, at least with competent advisers (the Lunars, who remember the old days, could be a good choice).
The idea itself is very interesting. I'm pretty likely to incorporate it into a campaign. It's the endgame that I'm not sure of how it goes (and the part most likely to depend on PCs, frankly). - MoonSword