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A small country, Tsingtao is most noted for the quality of its beer, and indeed, it is said beverage which is the source of Tsingtao's wealth. Tsingtao has but one city, the capitol, known officially as Tsingtao City, but simply as "The City" to those who live there. The state religion is a weak form of the Immaculate doctrine, but the goddess Burning Feather also receives more than her due quantity of prayers. Tsingtao has no standing army, relying for its defence instead on mercenaries (who regard this place as a very cushy posting), and on its neighbours having no wish to destroy the source of much of their own wealth. Tsingtao is noted for its famous beer festival, held in the early months of Spring, and for the recent discovery of a powerful Manse underneath the village of Prideful Mountain after it was temporarily occupied by the forces of the Windlord.