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Vandaar, The Windlord's Domain

In these times, to speak of Vandaar is to speak of the Most Honoured Scion of the East Wind, known to most simply as the Windlord. As long as anyone can remember, the patron god of Vandaar has been the God of the east Wind, but for the last twenty years, increasing numbers of prayers born of fear, anger, and awe have been directed at that god's self-proclaimed son, the Windlord. Twenty years ago the Windlord usurped the throne of Vandaar in a display of Sorcerous might (slaying all of the royal family that he could find), and since then Vandaar has been little more than an over-sized bandit camp. The populace serves the Windlord out of fear of his power, and of his elemental servants (the Windlord refuses to summon demons out of pride, and sensible caution), apart from a few who truly believe him worthy of worship.

The Windlord is on good terms with the Court of Air, and shares their disdain for the other elements. As a consequence of this, and of the Windlord's careless and arrogant draining of the country's dragon-lines to fuel his own personal power, Vandaar is becoming a wasteland where little will grow. The Windlord does not care about this, valuing the land solely for the power he can drain from it; thus, his solution to the problems of failing crops and a dying peasantry is to look for other lands to conquer. Thus far he has made forays against Lyndanisse and Belarn; both have resisted him so far, though at great cost. The Windlord bears an especial enmity for Lyndanisse for revering the elemental dragons, and yet still rejecting his rule.

The Windlord is an air-aspected Dragonblood, but prefers to believe that his powers descend from his father. He is a skilled Thaumaturge and Sorcerer, knowing many spells of the Terrestrial Circle. He possesses a few artifacts of moderate power, his most significant possession being a reagent-powered Light Implosion Bow. Besides that, his armies consist of purely mortal troops, augmented when needed by elementals or spells such as the Hound of the Five Winds. The Windlord resents the fact that the country he rules is devoid of significant First Age ruins, and is always alert for rumours of possible First Age relics. The Windlord knows how to awaken the Essence of mortals, but has so far refused to do so for fear of creating possible threats to his own power.