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Su Chi

Character Description

From the book "Tales of a Troubled Time".

"Su Chi was a fearsome and despotic Anathema whom lorded over the mighty city of Shu Zhou. Su Chi demanded the worship of his heretical sun god and blasphemed against the Immaculate Dragons.

Each day, at the rising of the sun, Su Chi would sacrifice a virgin woman to placate his 'god'. He showed nothing but neglect and contempt for the people around him including the other Anathema that lived in the city.

Eventually Su Chi and Eight Times Dreaming, as was inherent in their destructive nature, came to blows after an argument over whom should rule the city. After their engagement, in their weakend state, the two were overpowered by the mighty Dragon Blooded and killed for their crimes, but not before Eight Times Dreaming could wreak his terrible magics upon the city casting it Elsewhere."

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No relation to Ma-Ha-Suchi I hope! :) - nikink

None what-so-ever (that you know about ;) ) - Bencyclopedia
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