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And All Was Shadow

By Impressario Glosa Divier

The Players

  • The Wounded Soldier... (Part to be Determined)
  • The Deathlord... Glosa Divier
  • The Anathema... (Part to be Determined)
  • The Maiden... (Part to be Determined)
  • The Prince of the Earth... (Part to be Determined)

Act I

The curtain rises on a homely setting. The wounded soldier is smoking a pipe and appearing to enjoy a solitary meal, when a knock is heard…

Wounded Soldier: Hark, by what hour does this knocking come? Nearly three of the clock! Can not a man rest his weary bones without trouble?

A Voice At The Door: Sir, you must answer, for trouble comes and all able men must answer.

Wounded Soldier: Oh, is it not enough that I gave my life once to service? (The solider rises from his chair, moving with a care to the door; such care is given due to the brace upon his left leg.) Is it not enough that my gait is slow and ragged, not enough that my wife was buried whilst I was away? I am well known to sorrow, sirrah, and fear you ask for only more. (The soldier opens the door)

The Town Crier enters, shaking snow from his collar and looking very hurried and haggard. He manages a small, sad smile to the wounded soldier.

Town Crier: I would not trouble if I had not been forced, sir. But the call has come down, and all men who may yet walk and hold a blade or bow must come. The anathema stand at the very gates of the Realm, and even mortal men may help in their way.

Wounded soldier: The anathema…

The Lights Dim, and a new set is wheeled in. Town Crier leaves the stage. The Anathema enters from stage right. The Wounded Soldier draws his sword.

Wounded soldier: I remember my first sight of them, those who glow with blasphemy and tainted power.

Aimed Lanterns illuminate the anathema who is holding his sword to the wounded soldier’s throat.

Anathema: Yield or die, warrior. You have fought well on this day, and honor your country and your people. But my quest cannot be stopped, by you nor anyone else. You call me. You call me Forsaken, and that I may be, but you will join me in that fate if you do not yield.

Wounded Soldier: I will not yield, monster! Earn your name, and kill me if you may! (The Wounded solider pulls back, bringing his sword towards The Anathema’s own, trying to deflect it. The Anathema easily avoids the parry, bringing his sword down, biting deep into the soldier’s leg. The Soldier screams.)

Wounded Soldier: You… you cannot… (The Soldier falls, gripping his knee. The anathema advances on him, smiling wickedly.

Anathema: Cannot what? I am a God, warrior, and may do as I please.

The prince of the earth enters from stage left. Blue-hooded aimed lanterns illuminate him as he draws his sword.

Prince: Your blasphemous existence ends today, Anathema. The Immaculate teachings tell us the truth to your lies.

The anathema looks surprised as he adjusts his aim. The Prince and the Anathema rush towards another, and fight while the Soldier limps away. The Anathema at first appears to be winning, but hoofbeats sound, and several more dragon-blooded appear, with hooded aimed lanterns illuminating them in all the colors of the elements.

The Anathema: I see you call for reinforcements, whelp. The time comes to say goodbye. I will return!

The Anathema salutes with his blade, and then exits stage left. A green illuminated dragon-blood helps the soldier to his feet. The lights dim, and the dragon-blood and prince exit stage right.

The soldier sheaths his sword, and turns. Town crier reenters as the stage is wheeled back to the home scene. Lights come back up.

Soldier: I owe my life to my land, and will spend it against the anathema if the Dragons claim it to be so.

The town crier and the wounded soldier exit, stage right. Lights dim. Curtain falls.