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Designed for a Campaign Set in the Southern Pole of Fire, Independantly Deviant Examiner was bourne through the madded ideals of El Mariachi from the Movies, El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Where in the beginning of the Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico the abilities and weapons of El Mariachi are greatly exagerated, the rumours of Independantly Deviant Examiner (IDE) and his exploits were all true. The campaign set by our Story Teller DeadManSeven was to be a little more higher power than the norm, so we all started at Essence 2, and the Class back ground for Alchemical exalted works as the Liege background (The Abyssals) while they are in Creation.

Independantly Deviant Examiner - El Mariachi

The young children were playing in the dusty street, a small town like most out in the south lands, small enough that a strangers entrance is always easy to notice. Most of the children stopped to stare at the man, skinny, oddly pale despite the sun, and sweating profously. This town was not small enough to escape the grasp of the Guilds.

Upon entering the inn the stranger had all eyes set on him, the soft creak of leather and the soft rasp of a sword being drawn was all that could be heard over his foot steps as he sat at the bar and ordered a glass of hard liquor. The bartender gave the man his drink and asked why he looked so ragged.

He began to relate his tale, about a Man, the tallest man he'd ever seen, carrying a Guitar case filled with weapons. A fight broke out for some reason, and he defeated them all in short order, how arrows and blades glanced off of his skin like his skin was metal! That He weilded fire in his hands! He finished his drink and scrambled away telling them all to beware.

The others inside the bar started laughing at this wild tale after the man left. That was, untill the doors slowly opend and another man entered, wearing black, smiling softly to himself, and carrying a guitar case in his hand.

After a short while trying to convince the bartender for a job, he found himself unlucky once again, but not before, also again being asked with a good deal of tension to reveal the contents of his case. Which was his guitar and play, despite their uncare as to his actual performance. Perhaps the rumors had spread here too. It was an odd thing, that such a backwards place such as Creation, without long range communication relays or Courior Drones, to be able to spread information in such a way. A facinating Detail, one he would need to report back before the day was done, but he had much further to go yet, it was a lonely existance to be a Mariachi.

History and Description

Independantly Deviant Examiner was constructed in Yugash and was sent into creation after the Seal of Eight Divinites was broken in order to scout, survey and report on Creation, the land from which Autochthon imposed his self exile. Independantly Deviant Examiner is more than aware of the political risks taken to open the seals, but that wasn't his concern, not now. His mission was initialy Three-fold. To successfuly infriltrate the human masses of creation and evade detection, which he has succeeded in thus far. To locate and map various points of population, military structures, and locales of possible resistance should Yugash chose to invade. Last and far from least, to locate and mark areas where deposits of the Five Magical Materials can be found for later extraction. A new directive has come about since his time in creation, upon hearing, and reporting on rumors concerning an artifact of immense power, called the Eye of Autochthon. He is to learn more of this artifact, and if it exists either come in contact or retrieve it if entirely possible.

Independantly Deviant Examiner while acting under directives of stealth and infriltration acts upon his own macinations. As his name suggests he deviates from mission criteria as he see fits to better accomodate efficeny in most areas. Taking the guise as a musician, or Mariachi, he travels from town to town, tavern to inn to brothel and other dens of iniquity to offer his services as a musician. This role allows him to be in the presence of many and therefore able to move otherwise unnoticed in the bacgrounds of other peoples private conversations.

Independantly Deviant Examiner is a polite and usually easy going individual, sociable, and first to make a quip in most circumstances. He loves to be the centre of attention at most times, capturing audeinces with songs sung in Old Realm to mystify and amaze them, but more often than not taking most requests given to him. In battle he is a fast acting, and lethal foe able to draw and fire from his arsenal before most opponents can react to his presence.

Independantly Deviant Examiner benefits from a compact frame structure limiting his height to that of a slightly taller than average human, despite his higher essence. Taking advantage of this and his array of disguise charms, his usually clay-like skin and slightly alien appearance has been altered to suit a man of the South, with Dark skin and Black hair. Using the Omnimodal wardobe unit of his fibre-weave bodysuit to wear an outfit befitting of his assumed position, black trousers, white shirt, and a baggy black short-coat, the sleeves of which help aid in hiding his repeating pneumatic bow, which many assume, incorrectly, that he hides up his sleeve.

Independantly Deviant Examiner is slightly hindered in his attempts at fitting into society by sufficently appearing somewhat odd compared to the others in the southlands, due firstly to his ever present Diamond Soulgem, which can be passed off as unusual jewelry, but due to his mechanical nature, he does not present the same mortal reactions to weather, and as such, does not sweat, which sits oddly with some individuals who cannot seem to put a finger on what makes Independantly Deviant Examiner so different. Aside from the small physical oddities, his mannerisms also play a hand in making him stand out, more than once or twice proclaiming that surfaces are not properly marked as being unstable, or unasafe, and that railings are wasteful.

Name: Independantly Deviant Examiner
Caste: Moonsilver
Nature: Explorer
Anima: Clouds of Steam, in early stages appears as a light mist, which grows denser as he spends more motes, at its highest form a Perfect Crystal is seen behind him from where the Steam comes.
Concept: Scout, explorer and musician

Strength: 4{5}, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 3
Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 2, <b>Appearance: 3
Perception: 3 {4}, Intelligence: 4, Wits: 4
Numbers in parentheses are increased by Augmentation charms, or artifacts.

Archery 3, Athletics 1, Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Martial Arts 2, Craft 2, Linguistics 1, Performance 3, Socialise 2, Stealth 2, Investigation 2, Lore 1, Occult 1

Artifact 5, Class(liege) 5, Vats 5

Compassion 2, Temperance 4, Conviction 2, Valour 3
Clarity: 1

Willpower: 7
Health: -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -4 Incapacitated
Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 19 motes personal (8 commited, 11 remaining) 49 Periphial (11 commited, 38 remaining)


  • General

Sustained Augmentation of Perception

  • Ranged Combat

Aim Calibrating Sensors

  • Stealth and Disguise

Optical Shroud
Essence Veil

Charms in Panoply:

  • Ranged Combat

Essence Pulse Cannon
Protosynthetic Ammunition Replicator
Repeating Pneumatic Bow

  • Stealth and Disguise

Intergrated Artifact Transmogrifier
Essence Dormancy Mode
Aura-Dampening Component
Dynamic Cloaking Module

  • Essence and Weaving

Man-Machine Weaving Engine
-Essence Reallocation Protocol
-Phlogiston Web

Arc Protectors - Resources 1
Essence Capacitor - Artifact 5
Mechanically Augmented Omnimodal Fiberweave Hazard Suit - Artifact 3 Link
Void Crossing Support Module - Portal of Divinity - Artifact 5 Link

Merits: Compact Structure Link [3]
Flaws: Permanent Caste Mark: Soul Gem [-2], Unusual Appearance: Doesn't Sweat [-1], Wanted [-2], Secrets: Autocthon Related [-5]

Base Initiative: 9
Soak: 7L/7L/6A
Dodge: 12
Repeating Pneumeatic Bow (broadhead): Acc: 12, Dmg: 7L rate:-, Range: 400
Repeating Pneumeatic Bow (fowling): Acc: 12, Dmg 7B, Rate:-, Range: 400
Repeating Pneumeatic Bow (frog crotch): Acc: 12, Dmg: 9L*, Rate:-, Range: 400
Repeating Pneumeatic Bow (target): Acc: 12, Dmg: 5L(p), Rate:-, Range: 400
Essence Pulse Cannon: Acc: 9, Dmg: 2-16L, Rate: 4, Range: 200
* Frog crotch arrows double the target's armour values for determining soak.


Our benevolent ST allowed me to swap some charm for some starting protocols, and all stealth charms are part of the same array. Any inconsistencies in the totals can be left to house ruling and a fairly lax gaming environment.


Ha, I like it when you say "the El Mariachi" cuz you're saying, "the The Musician." And two the's is teh funny! --UncleChu

  • Yeah I noticed that inconsistency, cause its hard to refer to him as otherwise, and its somthing I pick on when other players call him "the El Mariachi". I forgot to mention, that in creation, no-one knows his real name and thus refer to him as El Mariachi. - ArabianNinja